Your wishlist of busts for the new Movie, TV series and Videogames?

Aug 13, 2015
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As the final chapter of the Skywalker saga is near and we (or you, we germans must wait til march 2020 to see it via D+ 🤬) also got the Mandalorian today and the Fallen Order video game this week, whats your hope for new busts?

To keep it simple, it would be cool, to only post your top choice of each event, maybe that help GG/DS to notice the top tier demanded bust?

mine would be:
TROS: Zorii Bliss (edit.Sith Trooper replaced because purple fem with cool helmet! 🔯 tool fear innoculum inspired emoi, no religious/political intension! just danny 'drumkit lookalike)🐿
TM: The Mando
Fallen Order: Second Sister

Too bad, that DS seem to continue the legacy of GG to sleep over the actual events, as it would be very important to have some new stuff ready when the demand is awakening... but likely we have some busts from these, in two years from now and the new hot cake is also allready eaten...wake up DS!

only looking forward to the teased Mando statue now..
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