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Fun thread

My son has been pestering me to get a new diorama going and he just saw these Endor photos...thanks a lot man lol
Here is an overview. I will take some better close-ups another time. I count my Indiana Jones and Jurassic park section as part of my Star wars 3.75 collection.
166FE79D-FA6D-4A98-8EC8-11AD4D4FEF5B by Comedian Horseman, on Flickr
C72E6890-4835-4112-BC54-7F7D662A9672 by Comedian Horseman, on Flickr
C27CE22D-0EE9-436F-91B1-B8C40EA1415A by Comedian Horseman, on Flickr
1732A48A-C277-4E82-A2C9-CFED8F20423D by Comedian Horseman, on Flickr
97E42F6F-5C2C-4FC4-A554-EA656BC3652E by Comedian Horseman, on Flickr
Its not too bad of a figure though. Would be great with a photo real face


Oh yeah I think it's a great figure. Just with the recent Clone Wars S7 design and her Rebels look I think a new figure is due. If they would re-purpose TBS sculpt for TVC it be nice.

The Rebels headsculpt fits this TVC figure with no mods.