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Jul 15, 2006
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Charlotte, NC Area
(Unsure how to edit the subject field above, some items needed loose or boxed)

I need
these few items please;

1978 Darth Vader Tie Fighter: wing release
1995 POTF Landspeeder: middle engine pod only
1995 POTF Millennium Falcon: cockpit canopy, boarding ramp with both struts, the seat/window/laser cannons assembly, gaming table.
2007 AT-RT Assault Squad Battle Pack: need one AT-RT leg, and front cannon.
2007 Battle of Endor Ultimate Battle Pack
2009 TRU Excl The Clone Wars Republic Gunship (Crumb Bomber): right side entry door (looking at the toy from the front), both laser cannon projectiles, both front projectiles, 1 tail gun projectile.
2010 The Clone Wars Trade Federation AAT: rotating turret with hatch, both adjustable side cannon assemblies, 4 missiles.
Any ARC-170 Fighter wing cannon X2.
Loose Ewoks and Jawas (or carded but I plan to open them)
Playmates Star Trek; Borg Drones and Target exclusive Locutus & Borg Drone 2 pack.
1993 Jurassic Park; windshield for the red jeep
1993 GI Joe Battle Corps Manta Ray Attack Boat MIB

Here is what I have for trade (if you are interested in something but don't have any of my wants, let me know what you do have and I may be interested);



-Death Star Droid card back, 20-back, “Free Boba Fett” version

-15 inch Chewbacca 1978, arms are not attached but included (band broke)

-Millennium Falcon top cover

-Hoth Radar Laser Cannon

-Rebel Armored Snowspeeder; laser harpoon gun

-Rebel Transport; gunner’s seat base, gun turret base

-Imperial Shuttle Wing Laser Cannon X2

-Vintage IG-88 Bounty Hunter rifle


-Loose 1998 Expanded Universe Spacetrooper

-Episode One Mace Windu carded

-Episode One Yoda carded

-Episode One Senator Palpatine carded

-Episode One Darth Sidious carded

-Episode One Tatooine Accessory Set carded

-ROTS ARC-170 Fighter front and rear cockpit cover

-Loose 2005 ROTS Jedi Master Shaak Ti with stand & lightsaber

-MOC 2006 TAC Canadian Airborne Trooper

-Loose 2006 30th Annv Han Solo as Stormtrooper from Marvel Comic Pack #3

-Loose 2007 30th Anniv Stormtrooper from Marvel Comic Pack #2

-Loose 2007 30th Annv R2D2 from Marvel Comic Pack #6

-Loose 2007 The Saga Collection Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear), no helmet

-Loose 2008 The Clone Wars Captain Rex, no helmet and shoulder pauldron

-Parts from 2008 The Legacy Collection Obi-Wan Kenobi; table with holographic Leia, Droid Factory piece R2-L3 left leg.

-Loose 2010 The Vintage Collection VC15 Clone Trooper, no helmet

-Loose 2011 The Clone Wars Aqua Droid

-Loose from 2012 “Royal Starship Droids Battle Pack”: Droid Power Harnesses (X4); unopened 3D Glasses; Black Six-Sided Die; Games Cards (X4)

-MIB 2017 Wal Mart exclusive, The Last Jedi – First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter, with First Order Tie Fighter Pilot.

-MIB 2017 “TLJ” Kylo Ren’s Tie Silencer, with exclusive Kylo Ren pilot figure.

-AT-ST laser cannon from The Black Series version; this also fits The Clone Wars, The Legacy Collection, and the K-Mart Exclusive Scout Walker versions.

-Star Wars Saga Playing Cards, comes brand new in metal storage box, includes 2 decks of cards covering the prequels and the classic movies.

*** GI JOE:

*Loose Figures:

1987 Taurus, Sgt Slaughter Renegade

-1988 Shockwave, SWAT Specialist

-1991 Cobra Snow Serpent, missing middle O-ring

-1993 Armor Tech Star Brigade Heavy Duty

-1993 Battle Corps Frostbite (missing middle O-ring, basically 2 halves of the figure)

-1993 Battle Corps Cobra Flak-Viper

-1994 Battle Corps Lifeline Rescue Trooper

*Vehicle Parts:

1985 AWE Striker: steering wheel

1986 Tomahawk: 1 rear landing gear, machine gun X2, exhaust port, lower windshield co-pilot side

1986 Dreadnok Thunder Machine: engine exhaust piece, front ammo belt.

1988 Rolling Thunder: small yellow cluster bombs X5.

1989 Python Patrol Conquest: engine cover

1990 Avalanche: mine launchers X2, missile rack, cockpit cover, front bumper tips X2.

1991 Attack Cruiser: green missile

1992 Headquarters: green rapid fire missile for cannon, green rockets X2

*Figure Accessories:

1990 Ambush’s backpack

1991 Eco-Warriors Clean Sweep’s Robot sludge sucking machine

1993 Battle Corps Col. Courage’s green missile

1993 Battle Corps Cobra Night Creeper Leader’s Shock Gun & missile

1993 Battle Corps Wet-Suit version 4, missile

1993 Battle Corps Mace’s Stealth Gun

1993 Battle Corps Keel-Haul’s anti-aircraft launcher

1993 Battle Corps Duke missile cannon OR 1994 Star Brigade Payload’s Quasar Gun

1994 Battle Corps Metal Head’s missile

1994 Battle Corps Dial-Tone’s sonic launcher

1994 30th Anniversary (single box) Action Soldier, missile launcher and missile


1982 VAMP blueprint, slight yellowing

1985 Wolverine blueprint, small tear

1986 Dreadnok Thunder Machine blueprints

1989 Cobra HISS II

1990 Cobra Hurricane

***2009 STAR TREK Movie: Kellogg's cereal badges, Sciences, Engineering, Romulan (all unopened in original baggie).

*** Loose misc. action figures:

-1986 Kenner Super Powers Collection Robin, missing cape

-1989 Toybiz Batman, missing cape

-1990 Toybiz Spiderman

-1991 Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Kevin Costner)

-1993 Jurassic Park, series 1 Robert Muldoon

-1995 Congo, Peter Elliot

-1999 Jurassic Park Dinosaurs, Pachycephalosaurus Dino Trainer

-2007 Indiana Jones (X2)
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Updated 5/9/21, and added 1997 Mail-Away Mos Eisley Cantina POP-UP Action Diorama Playset as a want.
Basically I am wanting to trade for something as a Mos Eisley diorama background, as I am working on a diorama of the ANH scene on Tatooine (Sandtrooper blockade) where Ben says, "These aren't the droids you're looking for."