WTT/WTB: CIV Medallions

Mar 25, 2002
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Thanks to collectors here, I've managed to get lined up for a Vader, Jawa, Chewbacca and possibly a Death Squad Commander. I'm looking for the others though. I'm hoping someone might be willing to help me out on these as a favor to a fellow collector, as I don't have the cash to fork out $60-$100 that these are fetching.

I do, however, have some items to offer for trade:

CIV Badge Set
CIII Badge Set + Convention Center "Badge ID" Cards (for CC security to use in identifying badges)
CI Badge Set

If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate the help. Im blown away that I've got three medallions lined up already from some very generous collectors. If you all can help me finish my set, it'd mean a lot to me to have a full set of these.