WTB/Trade for: Modern figs (Comic Packs, VC, Saga) Have: all eras

Oct 23, 2015
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Welcome to my wants/haves thread.
Prices based on eBay rates, so
I am open to offers, shoot me a PM!
Payments via PayPal please!

After the following figures, preferably in good condition with accessories.
Listed in order or importance per category, vital items highlighted.

Comic Pack figures (don't need comics)
Exar Kun + Droma

Rogue One
Galen Erso
Astromech Droids 4-pack

Legacy Collection
Ugnaut (grey)

Dark Trooper Phase 1
Dark Trooper Phase 3
Anakin Skywalker (Droid Factory)
Ben Kenobi

R3-PO (Droid Factory)
Anakin (Order 66 - Series 2 - #2)
Obi Wan (Order 66 - Series 2 - #1)

Clone Wars
Kit Fitso cold weather gear


Vandor Heist
Astromech Droids 4-pack

Vintage Collection
Cave of Evil pack

Sith Troopers
R1 Stormtroopers
Battle Droids
AT-RT Drivers
Mimban Stormtroopers
212th Clone Troopers

TVC Luke X-Wing
TVC Poe X-Wing

TVC TIE Fighter
Ecliptic Evader TIE Fighter

TVC Republic Gunship
TCW Republic Gunship (Lucky Lekku variant)

Misc Accessories

1x TCW tripod stand for Droid turret
3x AT-ST Driver goggles
2x BFII Droid head (Engineer/Heavy, Sniper)
2x BFII Heavy Clone skirts
2x Grievous left chest plate
2x TCW 501st Jet Trooper jetpack
2x TSC Kashyyyk Scout left glove
3x BFII Galactic Marine right hands
3x BFII Heavy Clone launchers
3x Galactic Marine helmets (TAC trooper )
3x Galactic Marine pauldrons (red trooper versions)
3x Gelagrub Clone blaster pistols
6x Lancer Droid Arms
4x RotS Magnaguard head
3x Scout Trooper left glove
4x RotS aerial Clone Troper left forearm
4x Security Battle Droid heads
6x TCW Geonosian Drone blaster (black and gold)
Assaj Ventress right arm+hand (Jedi v Sith)
AT-TE Gunner/RotS Tac Ops arms (or resin casts)
327th Star Corps ball joint helmet
Blue Commander Bacara pauldron
Bly helmet
Build a Droid parts (see other post)
Can-Cell wing
Clone hands
Clone Lieutenant removable helmet (tin)
TVC Dengar head
EVO Trooper chest box and pipes
Hoth AT-ST cannons (grenade launcher and forward)
Imperial Navy Commando helmet
Jabba Throne bottom bowl half
Jodo Kast jetpack
Left speeder flap (non clip modern version)
LIN Droid antenna
LIN droid forearm
Llats Ward cape x2
Naboo Security helmet (yellow)
PotF Treadwell droid top part (from Beru figure)
Saga AotC C-3PO Blue Crate lid
Scout Trooper/Imperial gloves
Sev backpack
Shadow Stormtrooper hands (or resin casts)
Shira Brie helmet
Small Clone Fighter Tank side turret dome
TCW 501st speeder front bar part
TCW Assaj Ventress pink belt buckle
TCW Bly pauldron
TCW Colt pauldron armour
TCW Geonosian wings
TCW Gree helmet
TCW Hailfire Droid missiles (brownish)
TCW Mandalorian jetpacks
TCW Mandalorian speeder front flaps
TCW Movie Heroes Battle Droid backpack (different colour to normal)
TCW Space Droid backpack
TCW Thire pauldron
TCW Training Super Battle Droid missile launcher
TCW Turbo Speeder gun both their brackets that attach to the insideof the flaps
TCW Turbo Tank support squad missiles
TCW Turbo Tank turret dish
TCW White Magnaguard staff
TLC Probe Droid missile
TLC AT-ST legs+body+neck
TSC Death Star Gunner left hand
Tusken right arm and hand
TVC AT-AT Commander chestplate
V-Wing (black) top left astromech panel/flap
V-Wing (black) top right wing
V-Wing (red) engine flaps
X-Wing missile hatch (modern trench run set/VC)
X-Wing Pilot gloves

Tsum Tsums
D23 Expo Clone Trooper (Phase II)
D23 Expo Clone Trooper Commander Appo



Kit Fisto (Geonosis Arena Showdown packs) x2 £20 each
Commander Ponds £18
Mace Windu (VC) £25
Major Mianda £16
Wicket (VC) £20
Darth Vader VC18 £18
Legacy Geonosis Arena Count Dooku £35
R5-F7 £10
Luke Skywalker (Death Star II, Legacy, only 'open' shirt part glued in) £15
TCW Fordo (no antennae) £35
ARC Troopers Rex x2 £25 each
CW44 Ahsoka £40
Jodo Kast (complete) £20
Que Mars Redath £50
Commando Boss (Saga) £22
Terr Taneel x2 £14e
Luke (Bespin, OTC) £25
TCW Padme Adventure Gear £18

5x Solo Range Troopers
4x Solo Molochs
1x TLJ Palpatine
1x TVC Rey
6x TBS Old Republic Trooper (US cardback) £30e
2x TBS Old Republic Trooper (UK cardback) £20e
10x TBS Stormtroopers (damaged packaging) £100
4x TBS Neyo (damaged packaging) £9e
4x TBS Coruscant 41st Clone Trooper (damaged packaging) £10e

Black Series 6"

TIE Pilot (blue) £35
Captain Phasma £18
First Order Stormtrooper x2 £12 each or both for £21
or all for £35



Action Fleet A-Wing pilot
Agen Kolar capes/sleeves
Anakin burnt arms
Anakin sabers
ARC Commander (TVC) accessories
ARC Heavy cannons
ARC Heavy Gunner helmet
ARC Trooper skirts (TAC)
ARC-170 missile launcher black
Astromech Droid planet holograms x3
Astromech white periscopes (EE.Ex)
AT-TE side hatch
B'Arin Apma jetpack and helmet
Bastila Shan hilt
Boba jetpack (launcher, slot-on version)
Bodo Bass holograms (TLC)
Bubo chain
Build a Droid parts
Cantina Band instruments
Clone DC-15 blasters and rifles
Clone Sniper rifles
Clone Turret missiles (Saga, RotS)
Cloud Car missile
Commander Gree backpack
Concept Boba flame
Concept Chewie rifle
Concept Rebel helmet bottom half
Concept Snowtrooper armour
Crab Droid middle leg
Crab Droid small leg
Darh Plagieus lightsaber staff
Dark Trooper jetpack (TAC Fans Choice)
Darth Bane capes
Darth Revan hilt
Darth Revan saber
Daultay Dofine hats (TVC) x5
Death Star holograms (red, large with clear stand)
Deliah Blue blaster
Dengar backpack (TVC)
Droideka missiles
E-Web turrets (old and new)
Elite shark ARC-170 s-foil
Endor remote explosives (non suckpad version)
Endor Throne parts
Ephant Mon knife
Ephant Mon walking stick
EpI Obi Wan and Qui Gon sabers
EpII Jedi SF missiles
Evan Piell capes
Ewok skull helmet (small with horns/tusks)
Exploding Grievous front body and guts
Ezra lightsaber
Falcon breather masks
Falcon glass (blue tint)
Famba ball missiles
Farmboy Luke hats
Galen Marek Jedi hood x2
Galen Marek Jedi lightsaber
Gen. Kenobi white vibrolance
Geonosis war table set
Glossy brown Jedi capes (RotS)
Greedo blasters
Greedo/M’iiyoom Onith blaster
Grievous capes
Gungan heavy missile launchers
Han stentronic sensor pack
Hem Dazon blaster
HK-47 blasters
HK-47 torsos
Hoth Rebel Tank missiles
Jaina Solo lightsaber
Kanan lightsaber
Kithaba drum pipes
Kithaba headdresses
Koffi Arana backpack
Legacy Falcon bottom launcher
Legacy Falcon front missiles
Lott Dodd hats
Luke farmboy rifles
Luke Sandstorm scarf x2
Luke training helmet
Luminara headdress TBS
Mace Windu sabers
Major Panno goggles and blaster
Mandalorian jetpack missiles
Mandalorian jetpack missiles
Mara Jade (TLC) headdress
Mara Jade hilt
Mass Amedda tongue
Maul sabers
Maul's binocs
McQuarrie Han capes
McQuarrie Vader helms
Metallic Saga lightsabers
Momaw Nadon staff x2
Naboo cleaner droid
Naboo Fighter controls x3
Naboo Soldier blasters
Nho'Apakk staff
Obi Wan Jedi Armour wih cape x4
Obi Wan Jedi radar stations x5
Obi Wan masked heads (Comic Pack)
Obi-Wan Leia hologram tables (no holograms)
Obi-Wan sabers
OTC Lando cape
Owen Lars blaster rifle
Padme white headress (Evolutions)
Phantom Missiles
PotF accessories
Potf Boba braid
PotF Boba capes
PotF sabers
Pre-cyborg Grievous rifle
Prince Xizor staff
Probe droid (TLC lower body)
Qui Gon ponchos
Rep Commando rifles
Rep Gunship Crumb Bomber long missile
Rep Gunship greyish white ARC long missiles
Republic Gunship tail gun
Rey's staff TBS
Rise of Boba Fett bomb
Ronto left ears
RotS Sidious melted face andhands
RotS Super Battle Droid rubble
Saesee Tinn helmet and breather
Saga Assassin Droids
Saga Force effects
Saga Geonosis arena extending balconies
Saga Gunship missile launcher
Saga Jango flame
Saga Padme holsters
Saga Podracer wreckage
Saga Spider Droid legs x2
Saga Yoda pillar and force effect with rubble
Sail Barge cannon parts
Senate Droids
Shae Vizsla helmet
Sharad Hett mask
Sharad Hett saber
Sidious sabers
Slave I bombs and missiles
Speeder cannons (modern)
T'raa Saa saber
TAC Derlin stand
TAC Gree stand
TAC Hailfire Droid missiles
TAC Maris Brood stands
TBS Galen Marek accessoires
TBS Mara Jade stub pistol
TCW Aayla jetpack, armour, breather
TCW Ahsoka astromech middle leg
TCW Aurra blasters
TCW AV-7 cannon missiles x4
TCW Cad Bane blasters/rifles
TCW Cad Bane hat
TCW Captain Rex helmet (little mouth) x7
TCW Cody propulsion pack
TCW Droid Finger necklace
TCW Droid Scout Tank cannons
TCW Droideka shield generators
TCW Fisto heads
TCW Fitso jetpacks
TCW Grievous chestplate
TCW Grievous damaged head
TCW Hardcase helmet
TCW Jango bomb helmets
TCW Jedi Starfighter small missile (yellowish brown -Anakin's?)
TCW Obi Wan helmet and jetpack/missile
TCW Plo Koon cold weather gear
TCW Plo Koon hoods
TCW Pre Vizsla cape
TCW R2 boosters
TCW Rotta
TCW Saesee Tinn helmet
TCW Savage axes
TCW Scout Speeder parts
TCW Space Clone chest covers
TCW Turbo Speeder missiles x2
TCW Ventress belt/drapes
TCW Windu armour
Teebo helmet and staff
Ten Nunb white suit helmet
TLC Concept Anakin Skywalker cape
TLC Falcon landing gear x1
TLC Han Solo (DS Escape) stormtrooper helmet
TLC Luke cape (Dark Empire)
TLC Palpatine hood
TLC Typho hats and blaster
TLC Wioslea cape
TPM Naboo fighter tail
TPM Naboo SF missiles
TSC Cody stand
TSC Momaw Nadon hood
TVC Anakin Padawan hilt
TVC Leia neck chains
TVC Maul hilt
TVC Prune Face rifle and blaster
TVC RotS Sidious hood
TVC Shae Vizsla flames
TVC Snowspeeder missiles and launchers
V-Wing missiles (black)
Vader sabers
Vader's Secret Apprentice red lightsaber
VC Royal Guard training helmets x7
Vintage Ewok catapult
Vintage Rebel transport cannon
Watto datapad
WED treadwell droid head + torso + 3 arms
Windu cape (hoodless) x3
Wookiee Flyer missiles
Wookiee heavy cannons/turret x4
Wookiee turret missiles
Y-Wing cockpit (TVC red)
Y-Wing engine parts (no struts)
Yoda JSF missile
Yoda's floating chair
Young Boba black cape x3
Zam Wessel insects
Zam Wessel masks/arms
Lots of other misc small blasters, rifles, missiles, helmets (modern/animated), jet/backpacks,
and capes - just ask and I might have what you're after!

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Oct 23, 2015
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Bump - list updated.

I have Vintage Collection VC102 Ahsoka Tano mint on punched card as well as mint loose Darth Talon, and lots of other figures you can check out on my eBay page - if anyone would prefer to trade.
Oct 23, 2015
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Red camo ARF Trooper sold!
List updated, couple more 'haves' and 'wants' added.
Oct 23, 2015
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Meant to say, shoot me reasonable offers for the more expensive items like the AT-AT, Kylo Exclusive, Ahsoka and the LEGO polybags.
I trust they'll be going to good homes of fellow collectors if I sell them here instead of feeBay :)

Kylo SWCE Exclusive reduced!
Two rare LEGO Star Wars polybags added!
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Oct 23, 2015
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[SUB]All Build a Droid parts sold, Ahsoka sold, and a few other figures in red text. Wants and haves updated! :)

Oct 23, 2015
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Build a Droid parts added, all new accessories section, and more figures added.
Wants updated.
Oct 23, 2015
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Lists updated!

Important trade wanted-
Have: B'Arin Apma jetpack
Want: Dred Priest's or Mig Gilamar's jetpack
Oct 23, 2015
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Have: MISB 30th Anniversary Darth Revan
Want 2 loose figures in return out of (in order of preference): Darth Revan (loose w/ lightsaber), Lord Maleval (with lightsaber and whip), K'Kruhk, Galen Marek (Sith Robes with lightsaber)
Oct 23, 2015
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There have been lots of updates, including rarities like Revan+Malak lightsabers, Legacy TIE Interceptor, and SotD Delta Squad Republic Commando lots, as well as a massive Clone Wars bundle featuring the AT-TE vehicle (complete) and 16 figures, and much more!

Updated my wants as well. The accessories would be great to have, let me know if there is anything specific you are looking to trade for as I might have a spare (though I'm just as happy to buy what I'm after if you have them).

Also have some Vintage weapons, and I am pretty confident they are original. Will be doing the water-float test later this week to confirm, but they include: Endor Leia helmet, navy Bespin Leia blaster, Luke temple blaster, Bib's staff, R2-D2 pop up saber, and another couple of blasters.
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Oct 23, 2015
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Now after various Clone Wars troopers, and OT scum and villainy.
Updated haves with quite a few rare figures + accessories.