WTB: SWS.COM Gentle Giant Chrome Vader Bust

Jan 18, 2004
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I ordered the Vader, but apparently something went wrong (with Star Wars Shop online... what are the chances *rolls eyes*
) because my order has yet to be verified through e-mail and isn't listed under the profile/account screen. Could someone please help me out. I will gladly pay someone extra over what it cost from SWS.com for their extra. I also have a Heritage sketch card - full body Yoda shot with text - by O'neil I would trade. He is one of the most limited of the artist and I have seen lesser cards go for 100 to 150. I do not usually do this but... I AM BEGGING HERE. Please help out a member who has gone out of his way to sell stuff at fair, market prices instead of scalping for profit. I have helped many.. could someone return the favor now?