WTB: Sealed MIMB Lego Sets

Jun 12, 2006
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I am starting a Star Wars Lego Focus and am looking for factory sealed MIMB sets. I am a bit condition sensitive, so please only MINT (No creases, dings, dents, stickers, crunch corners etc) MISB boxes.

- Here is the Checklist -

Episode I

7101 Light Saber Duel
7121 Naboo Swamp
7151 Sith Infiltrator
7184 Trade Federation MTT
3343 Battle Droid 3Pack
7126 Batt Droid Carrier
7203 Jedi Defense I
7204 Jedi Defense II
<s>7665 Republic Cruiser</s>

Episode II

7103 Jedi Duel
7113 Tusken Raider Encounter
7153 Jango Fett's Slave I
7163 Republic Gunship
4482 AT-TE

Episode III

7251 Darth Vader Transformation
7255 General Grievous Chase
7257 Ulimate Lightsaber Duel
7259 ARC-170 Starfighter
7261 Clone Turbo Tank
6205 V-Wing Fighter
7671 AT-TP Walker

Classic - Episode IV, V & VI

7110 Landspeeder
7130 Snowspeeder
7144 Slave I
7128 Speeder Bikes
7104 Desert Skiff
3340 Maul, Emperor & Vader
3341 Han, Fett, Luke Jedi
3342 Chewbacca, 2 x Biker Scouts
7106 Droid Escape
10019 Rebel Blockade Runner
7166 Imperial Shuttle
7127 Imperial AT-ST
<s>4501 Mos Eisley Cantina</s>
7200 Final Duel I
7201 Final Duel II
4483 AT-AT Imperial Walker
<s>10123 Cloud City
4475 Jabba's Message
4476 Jabba's Prize
4480 Jabba's Palace</s>
4500 Snowspeeder
<s>4502 X-Wing Fighter</s>
4504 Millenium Falcon
10144 Sandcrawler
7264 Imperial Inspection
6211 Imperial Star Destroyer
7657 AT-ST
6212 X-Wing Fighter
<s>6209 Slave I</s>
6206 TIE Inceptor
<s>6210 Jabba's Sail Barge</s>
7659 Imperial Landing Craft
7658 Y-Wing Fighter
6207 A Wing Fighter
7666 Hoth Rebel Base
<s>10178 Motorized AT-AT Imperial Walker
10198 Tantive IV</s>
7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser
8038 The Battle of Endor
<s>10188 Death Star UCS</s>
10179 Millennium Falcon UCS

Clone Wars

7674 V-19 Torrent
7675 AT-TE Walker
7676 Republic Gunship
7679 Republic Tank Fighter

Please let me know if you can help.
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Oct 25, 2005
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Hello there. I have a large amount of Lego Star Wars in mint condition. However, I am in the process of moving. The only ones that I have direct access to right now are the 4500 Snowspeeder, 7261 Clone Turbo Tank, and the 6210 Sail Barge.

My feedback is perfect.
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Jan 8, 2005
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6212 X-Wing Fighter
10178 Motorized AT-AT Imperial Walker
10198 Tantive IV
7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser
8038 The Battle of Endor

I'm pretty sure you can pick the ones above directly from lego.com at retail prices.

I have 7113, 4475, 7676, 7694 and I can verify condition for you. However, since I'm in Canada, perhaps only if you can find them within the US, due to the cost of shipping.