WTB POTF2 Common Figures MOC

Jan 1, 2002
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Hi Guys!

If you wanna get rid of these common POTF2 figures MOC (condition not important, but needs to be sealed) up to $2 each PM me and you got a deal!

-Leia Slave
-Leia Ewok Celebration
-Han Solo Besbin
-Lak Sirvak
-Darth Vader (1st POTF2 one)
-Emperors Royal Guard
-Leia Hoth
-Ben Kenobi Flashback
-Darth Vader Flashback
-Aunt Beru Flashback
-Emperor Flashback
-Luke Commtech
-Han Solo Commtech
-Boba Fett
-Biggs Darklighter
-Chewbacca Flashback
-Luke Stormtrooper
-Rebel Fleet Trooper
-Yak Face
-Prune Face
-Pote Snitkin
-Endor Soldier
-Luke Jedi
-Ishi Tib

Please reply if you have ATLEAST 12 for sale because I don't wanna pay shipping for just 2-3 figures, because combined shipping will be better for me.