WTB: POTF2 1999 Greedo w/ Yellow Pins $$$ top dollar

Jan 7, 2020
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Los Angeles California
As the title states I’m looking for a

1999 POTF2 Greedo w/ yellow Pins on leg
I actually want two if possible one sealed one open for display

Will pay top dollar for either one
Or trade a sealed 1985 POTF LUKE IN Endor PONCHO figure if you have both loose and sealed.

Most Greedos have green pins on legs for the 1999 potf2 release. Be aware Greedo was rerelease 2 more times with different paint jobs.

Original trilogy collection (OTC) Silver belt wrong vest

Cantina section Orange boots w/wrong vest

Both have yellow pins on legs, both are dark green on hands and head

This is the last figure I need to complete my run, thank you
Finders fee available as well