WTB WTB: Loose and Complete Figures - Items I want are listed

Aug 9, 2009
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WTB: Looking to knock a few figures and Vintage Mini Rigs off my list. Looking to pay prices cheaper than I can get it on eBay. I mean... c'mon. If I can get it on eBay cheaper, then I will.
  1. Only buying loose items - don't care about boxes and packaging.
  2. They must be complete.
  3. I only pay via PP goods and services.
  4. If you owe money to someone or have not shipped your items to someone and are currently in a dispute then settle your affairs before you deal with me. See how this goes and if it goes well, I will post a want list for vehicles.
  5. I will try to check this every day and update as I buy and want more.
  • FX-7 - POTJ
  • Vilmarh Grahrk - Comic Pack
  • Wampa - Modern Articulated Version
  • Lobot - Saga Collection
  • Bib Fortuna - Saga Collection
  • Major Panno - Legacy
  • Colonel Cracken - Vintage Collection
  • 2-1B 30th Anniversary Collection with Stand
  • Ten Numb Legacy Version - Super Articulated
Modern Vehicles:
  • Y-Wing - Red Striped Version that has the socket to remove the droid
  • MTV-7 - Imperial Hoth Mini Rig

I prefer to buy a few things to save on shipping. Let's see if this yields anything.

  • Rebel Pilot - Mon Calamari Green Pilot
  • Vehicle Maintenance Energizer
  • Malakili Legacy
  • Tycho Celchu
  • AST-5 Jabba Palace Guard Mini Rig (Orange mini rig)
  • Cade Skywalker with blaster, lightsaber, and lightsaber hilt
  • Voolvif Monn - 30th Anniversary Collection
  • 8D8 - POTF2
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