WTB: Doctor Who Figures & Accessories (new and old)

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Dec 17, 2010
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5.5" War\Other Doctor with his sonic if possible. The brown coat one is prefered if possible.
5.5" Donna Noble (very low priority)
5.5" 12th Doctor with sonic if possible, will consider various versions.

CO 10th Doctor 3.75" scale 10th doctor sonic screwdriver (I lost mine)
CO 3.75" scale sonic screwdrivers (any, for customs)

DAPOL 3rd Doctor
DAPOL Red or Brown Time Lord
DAPOL 2nd Doctor (recast is fine, I can paint it myself)
DAPOL 1st Doctor recast (again, I'll paint it myself)
DAPOL 7th Doctor (don't need the umbrella)

While cash is king I do have a couple traders if anyone is interested, I have:

CIB DAPOL Early Cyberman, unopened foot base too
CIB DAPOL Malkur (has been out of package for display in the past but these where never sealed, just push bubble seals)
Complete but opened Dapol Master (only opened on one side, blue cardback and bubble are intact)

I also have a these Star Wars items:

NIB Clone Wars CW59 Armored Savage Opress
NIB Clone Wars CW55 Shirtless Savage Opress
NIB Clone Wars (mail order set, no mailer box) Sgt. Bric
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