WTB: ALL MOC figures on BAD cards

Jan 14, 2003
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I'm looking to purchase (as many as possible) POTF2, POTJ, SAGA, Episode I, OTC, VOTC MOC figures. However, I'm looking for ones where the cards and/or bubbles are in bad condition, but the figures are still in nice shape. I don't want any that have cracks in the bubbles, or that have been retouched or resealed. I need the real deal. But,I'm looking for some collections that will be sold very cheaply due to some very bad card conditions. Also, if you have rarer figures on really bad cards, then I would be interested in a few individual ones, rather than getting them in larger collections. Please email me directly at rwolf55@hotmail.com with a list of what you have and the pricing you're looking for.
Thanks in advance!
-Robert Wolf