Who's in or around charlotte?

Aug 22, 2009
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Greater Charlotte, NC
Hi, I'm in the greater Charlotte area. I've been collecting SW toys for about sixteen years. Recently, due to life events, I have made the decision to start selling my collection. I have Hasbro Star Wars action figures, deluxe toys, and vehicles from Power of the Force2 (1995-ish) up to as current as some of the most recent figures from the Vintage Collection. 99.9% of my collection has been opened and is loose, but the items have been handled with care and packed away in bags and plastic tubs. My plan is to go through the vehicles and sell most of them first, before making a decision about the individual figures. I would prefer to sell to local collectors to save on shipping costs. I will be posting a topic thread when I have more specific information about what's being sold. Feel free to PM with a question about a specfic figure or vehicle from the last ten to fifteen years of Hasbro's production line, and I'll be glad to check for that item (while I'm searching and sorting to make selling my collection a smoother process). Thank you for your interest.