What's your favorite and least favorite vintage figure of all time?

May 28, 2014
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Title says it all. No Droids or Ewoks series figures.

Favorite: Luke (original). Always loved this figure. Was also the figure that got be back into collecting in the mid 90s.

Least favorite: Lumat. To be honest it could have been any of the POTF Ewoks, but for the sake of this post I had to pick just one and I'll give the award to this guy. I still don't own any of them and have no desire to.

Favorite: Bespin Han
Least Favorite: Whichever one I didn't have.
Dec 6, 2013
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I liked Carbonite Han. He was my default for play. We were too young and dumb to care about the wrong gun with figures back in the day, they always got lost so we were just glad if we HAD guns. Endor Han was great! We didn't have much ANH figures, including "original" Han. Imagine my delight when I got an Endor Han and found out how well he proxied for ANH Han if I took off his trenchcoat!

Liked. :)

Yeah, if I had Carbonite Han as a a kid, I porbably would have liked him, too. I like absolutetly anything Jabba then. As I said, I like Endor Han as well. He also worked for the Shuttle approach, the briefing room, and of course the barge.