What's your favorite and least favorite vintage figure of all time?

Feb 13, 2004
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Title says it all. No Droids or Ewoks series figures.

Favorite: Luke (original). Always loved this figure. Was also the figure that got be back into collecting in the mid 90s.

Least favorite: Lumat. To be honest it could have been any of the POTF Ewoks, but for the sake of this post I had to pick just one and I'll give the award to this guy. I still don't own any of them and have no desire to.
Favorite: "See-Threepio (C-3PO) Now!! with removable arms, legs and back pack." It replaced my first 3PO, which I lost in a tobacco field. I found the lost figure many years later, faded and missing its left hand (presumably due to a plow), and I was happy to have two 3POs. :)

Least favorite: I guess the Cloud Car Pilot. Obscure character, weird sculpt.


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Favorite: Boba Fett, I didn’t remember a lot of details from the actual movie, but there was a lot play value with the details on the figure that fueled imagination, also Hamerhead with his shifty eyes was always watching.

Least favorite: Ewoks, tried to make them cool but in my heart I knew they were originally meant to be Wookiees (Fallout from the failed holiday special)
Favorite: Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight (blue saber, moulded face, sewn cape)
Unliked: General Madine ( & his stupid white baton )
Favorite: Darth Vader the first figure I ever owned, and was awesome enough to always be available.

Least Favorite: General Madine his STUPID electric shaver on a stick accessory sealed that deal.
fave: leia(boushh)
least fave: too tough to call but maybe Vlix as i was unable to acquire one, lol or maybe FX7 - his odd arm broke off and took me a decade to find a replacement
Since lobotscomb picked Madine too, I’ll change my least favorite to Droopy McCool to add variety. I always thought McCool was a stupid name, and he looked to me like a cross between Chef Boyardee and a mushroom. As a kid I hated mushrooms and Chef Boyardee, Spagetti-Os with meatballs was my jam.
My favorite was Boba Fett, just remembering how cool he looked and anticipating getting him in the mail after sending away the POPs to get him. Great memories. Least...little more difficult but FX-7 was boring when I was a kid lol.
Favorite: Jedi Luke Skywalker w/ snap cape & blue saber - This was my favorite SW figure when I was a kid. It was only by chance that the only Jedi Luke I ever found in stores was the blue saber/snap cape variant.

Least favorite: Death Star Droid - I like the look of the figure but the chrome makes it virtually impossible to find this guy with tight limbs. C3P-O has the same problem but at least the removeable limb version fixes this problem.
I don't know if I can pick a single favorite and it often changes. Darth Vader would have been my favorite as a kid. At this moment, I'd probably say the TIE Fighter Pilot is my current favorite and hasn't dropped out of my top 5 since 1994. There is also the Gamorrean Guard, AT-AT Driver and, of course, Barada.

Least favorite is also really difficult and I don't really dislike any of the figures. I guess I can list my least favorite as the one that I am least enthusiastic about adding to my collection. Lobot, the Bespin Security Guard (both versions), Lobot, FX-7, Pop-up Saber R2-D2,.... did I mention Lobot?
Favorite - Amanaman. Honorable mentions - Bossk, AT-AT Driver, General Lando.

Least favorite - Power Droid
Favorite: Luke Jedi Knight. The cloak was just so cool.

Least favorite: Cloud Car Pilot. Mine had the head snap off easily and I was traumatized.
R5 was and still is my Favorite droid for some reason.
Least is toss-up between Anikan or Dignitary --never really saw the point. Anikan is a ghost; Dignitary was a do boy that had a few seconds of screen time
Favorite- Yoda, light skin, orange snake.

Least- I dunno... its kind of like picking my least favorite flavor m&m. I guess I've always been most disappointed by the sculpt on the tie pilot/at-at driver. Personal preference, no offense to their fans.
Yikes! I guess I have to think of my opinion as an adult vs. when I was a kid (and even then, I want to do a top 5 of each, but I'll just stick w/one of each based on my era)...

Best (as an adult) - Amanaman
Best (as a kid) - Gamorrean Guard (ROTJ isn't even my favorite of the OT, but I remember the alien figs elevated to a whole new level and this was the one I always went back to)

Worst (as an adult) - Rebel Commander (in all honesty, I like him-- I just think he's rather forgettable when I go through a checklist)
Worst (as a kid) - Greedo (I thought he looked too much like a Fisher Price toy)
As a kid my first, and always favorite, was farmboy Luke.

The cloth Jawa had me captivated and came in a close second. I remember my friend was the first kid on the block to get one and the sculpt and the size fascinated me. Once I got one, played with it all the time.

Since I liked action figures that were sculpted to be "action hero-like" I was bored with the emperor (old man in a bath robe, no lightsaber or weapon).
Fave: R2D2 as a kid, now it's a toss up between R2, Luke Stormtrooper Disquise, Amanaman, Droids 3PO

Not-so-much: As a kid, Hoth Rebel Trooper. Tan and brown boring humanoid figure. He wasn't a droid or creature, so not cool. Now? I've made peace with most of the original figures.
Favourite: Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) - above all other vintage Kenner figures - this sits alone at the top of the mountain!

Least: Slim Aloo (I never liked it then, and I only mildly like it now)

I always liked the Hoth related figures, I remember after ESB came out and I had gotten some playsets, vehicles and figures, I raided my parents bathroom and got several containers of baby powder and made my own Hoth battle scene. I had a great time, until my parents saw it, lol. Today my favorite is Squidhead, with all the variants in cape colors. Least favorite, a tie between walrusman and the imp dignitary.
Favourite is a tie between Boba and Small Head Han

Least favourite is Big Head Han...what a freaking abomination of a figure.

Favorite is Lando Skiff.

I don't have a least favorite. I loved them all and wanted more...
Favourite is a tie between Boba and Small Head Han

Least favourite is Big Head Han...what a freaking abomination of a figure.


Small head Han actually looks like Harrison a bit. Also, in reality, it is just regular-sized head Han. Not sure why the 'small' came about. :)

They were bad with Han in a lot of ways. Meat Neck Carbonite Han is right up there with "I Gotta Take a Dump" Big Head Han. Wrong gun with the Bespin figure. I like it, but there are those who do not like Trench Coat Han. Never got a Han Stormtrooper.

Least—None! They’re all like a canon of saints to me.
They were bad with Han in a lot of ways. Meat Neck Carbonite Han... Wrong gun with the Bespin figure.... I like it, but there are those who do not like Trench Coat Han.

I liked Carbonite Han. He was my default for play. We were too young and dumb to care about the wrong gun with figures back in the day, they always got lost so we were just glad if we HAD guns. Endor Han was great! We didn't have much ANH figures, including "original" Han. Imagine my delight when I got an Endor Han and found out how well he proxied for ANH Han if I took off his trenchcoat!
We’ve all had that same well-proxied thought!