What is your favorite acquisition from 2021?

2021 has been very good to me collecting wise so it’s hard to pick one favorite new acquisition! I’m going to pick 3 ;)

- Meccano 20 back Dark Vador: the hardest 20 back to find and only one I missed to complete my run of first 12 on Meccano square card!


- Meccano large size Boba Fett figure: this acquisition has allowed me to complete my Meccano LSAF run!


- Meccano imported AT-AT: I had been looking for one of these almost impossible to find AT-AT boxes with Meccano import sticker for ages, and within a week was able to score not one but two, and as a bonus one is the ESB version and the other one is the euro bilogo ROTJ version!

So far, I would say my Death Star commander. Also the new gamer greats flame trooper. Sounds lame, but I think they’re cool as hell.
Upgrading my Endor Luke to a non melted face one. I also grabbed a nice Obi and Vader set with the capes.
I would love to see a picture of the Melted Face Luke.
I would love to see a picture of the Melted Face Luke.
I have a melted face Obi Wan. I remember I was playing with him in the snow and hanging him by a string above the wood burning stove to warm up back in 1978. I dropped him on top of the stove and melted his face. He now resides as my white haired Obiwan for the loose figure collection. I have a normal grey haired version with out a melted face that I picked up a few years ago.
I had a great 2021 in terms of moving towards completion, my favorite item of 2021 is….
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Completing and repairing the Kenner Death Star from a lot I bought
I have the Death Star playset from when I was a kid and it's broken in many places. That was a really crappily made toy lol.

I also have that B-wing from childhood and it's in great condition!