What figures do you refuse to add to your collection?

Feb 21, 2019
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Were you into other toys? SW took a back seat to GI Joe for me later on.
The usual stuff - sort of into GI Joe, very into MOTU, but Star Wars was king. To this day I have no clue how my parents kept track of what I had and didn't have. I mean, they liked the movies fine, but I can't imagine them keeping painstaking notes. When I wanted dupes (well, just one incident -- I remember thinking that Vader needed more than one Stormtrooper to hang out with) I had to convince them that it was intentional.

No clue as to why the last 17 didn't cross my radar. I'm pretty OCD about things (which is why I held off on building a vintage set for so long - another rabbit hole to fall down), but I feel nothing re: most of them. Save for Anakin, as I remember getting him in the mail (as I got the Emperor and 4-LOM. Maybe Fett).

What's weird is that I never had a blue Snaggletooth, and never knew it existed until years later, but had to pick one up as the look of it evoked nostalgia.

And weird because if some old demos of unreleased songs from a band I like or deleted footage from a favorite movie surfaces, I am all over it.

(That said, I wouldn't outright refuse, so maybe its not in the intended spirit of the thread. But I am in no hurry. Although the new YF fakes make me wish that I was into it, as there's a good chance I would have snagged one before the harder-to-distinguish repros hit.)
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