We NEED a Jabba from ROTJ


Oct 31, 2000
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Andy and/or Paul,

Please put the idea of a Jabba The Hutt beast pack/playset into serious consideration as ALOT of fans really want to see a kick ass redone Jabba from ROTJ.

This could be the first POTJ beast pack as well. Everything in it could retail for $15.99 or lower since the set would include the following: Jabba, a resculpt of Bib Fortuna, Jabba's bowl and pipe, and of course a highly detailed platform with the flip up grates like the vintage Jabba platform had.

Please don't hesitate on making this item. Everyone would buy it including kids since they know who Jabba is and they would also like a playset to use their other POTJ figures with.

If properly done right(and I always have full faith in Hasbro) you could have a very hot item on your hands.

As said before, please consider making a new Jabba from ROTJ as a POTJ beast pack along with the features I included.

Thanks for reading and keep up the great work on POTJ

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I second PC's suggestion. Jabba would be well accepted by kids and collectors.