W: Destroyer, NECA, ML Variants H: TAC, DCHS, ML

Feb 10, 2006
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I'm Looking For:
300 King Leonidas
Resident Evil 10th anniversary figs
Resident Evil 4 figs
Neca Player Select Kratos or Lara Croft
Neca Michale Myers
Neca T2 Skeleton

ML Destroyer
ML Variants from MOJO series, Series 8 and Series 13

Star Wars and Marvel TPBs

I have

DC Direct Powergirl
DCSH Kal-EL (shiny superman)
DCSH Black Symbol Superman
DCSH Normal Superman
DCSH Blue Suit Supergirl (HTF)
DCSH Steel (HTF)
DC Direct Norman McCoy
DC Direct Dr. Light (female)
DC Direct Justice Series Lex Luthor in box

TAC Wave 1 less the McQuarrie Troop (Moc)

ML Captain Marvel MOC
ML Emma Frost Variant MOC
ML 25th Silver Wolverine MOC

ESB Vader Unleashed
ROTJ Jedi Luke Unleashed

ML Showdown Punisher
ML Showdonw Ghost Rider\Bike