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Nov 16, 2010
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Saturday, February 18th: 2 PM EST - Midnight EST (soft close)
Sunday, February 19th: 2 PM EST - 10 PM EST.

The rules!

1. One post per person within the thread, for a single "booth" for a seller.

2. The weekend closing times are "soft" times - booths can remain open, but sellers are only required to answer their booths during the official show times. Sellers can "close" their booths early if they want, but NO PRESHOW SELLING of items in your booth.

3. All sales must be honored.

4. Items for sale in the Virtual Toy Comicon can ONLY be in that thread, no place else.

5. Either a thumbnail or a link to a book. Please avoid or keep any large photos/scans to a minimum to reduce page download time.

6. Responses only through PMs. No posting "I'll take it" or any communication in the VTC Hall thread. Seller is responsible for updating his/her own post.

7. "Booths" can be updated throughout the event by sellers, but ONLY within their own post.

8. We'd prefer that people set up their "booths" ahead of time, so everybody knows who is in the VTC.

9. You can sell anything toy or comic related. Books, toys, games, movie posters, original art. whatever. This is a vintage themed toy comicon show.

10. Off-topic posts within the VTC Hall Thread will be deleted to keep the thread clean.

11. "Moderators" for this event are michael_messenger and Shane_Turgeon. Please address all questions/concerns via PM to finestcomics

Thanks everybody for your patience. Let's have a fun show!
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To buy or ask a question, click to send a PM


I prefer to ship UPS, so shipping starts at around $10

Anything over $100 will be shipped via express mail only. Please contact for rates to your destination...

Paypal gift or buyer pays PayPal fees
I can also accept most major credit cards as well as postal money orders
My want list can be found here:


Han Trenchcoat / Klaatu two pack (very worn card/bubble) $195
Imperial Sniper $55
Admiral Ackbar / Weequay two pack (very worn card/bubble) $175


King Gorneesh - $50 (clear bubble, card shows very minor wear)
Lando $35 (worn 65 back card)
Hammerhead $175 (yellowed bubble with a bit of a crush, 21 back card is in nice condition)
King Gorneesh - $50 (yellow bubble, but beautiful card)


Tomland/Calfax Starroid Raiders/Space Fighters/Space People/awesome cantina aliens or whatever you want to call them!
standing row (varying degrees of wear, but all well used) $25 each
sitting row (very worn) $15 each


AFA 85 Lili Ledy Squidhead $148
AFA 90 Lili Ledy Squidhead $245
AFA 90 Lili Ledy Admiral Ackbar $250
AFA 80 Top Toys Stormtrooper $150


AFA 85 Leia $129
AFA 85 Bespin Leia $75
AFA 85 Bespin Luke $115


AFA 85 AT-AT Commander $45
AFA 85 Rancor Keeper (no COO, hard hood) $60
AFA 90 IG-88 $76
AFA U90 Kez-Iban $145
AFA U85 Kex-Iban coin $28


AFA 85 Yoda (orange snake) $75
AFA 85 Yoda (brown snake) $90
AFA U85 Paploo $69
AFA 85 Jawa $69


Star Wars notebook (writing inside) $20
Ideal S.T.A.R. Team Knight of Darkness $35
ROTJ pop-up book (unused old store stock - cover shows minor wear) $20


Topps mini poster gum stick (unopened) $15
lot of 3 West End games figures $15
C-3PO unlicensed pin $8
R2-D2 unlicensed pin $9
Japanese ROTJ pin $10


Tim Mee fake Darth Vader (big size) $15
Tim Mee knock off fake Chewie (big size - Mexico only silver color - double bootleg!) $15
Atlantic galaxy series Dynatlon $25


Top Toys Stormtrooper w/ bubble and backing card (he fell off) $150
Ewok fire cart (sealed in great box - tiny sticker tear and 1 corner dent) $100


Hoth Survival Kit (sealed baggie) $45
Anakin Skywalker (sealed baggie) $45
Emperor (sealed baggie) $20


Los Amos Mexican Masters of the Universe all in worn unopened boxes - this is the Lili Ledy of He-Man toys!
RAM-MAN $400
JITSU $200
ORKO $300
PRINCE ADAM (opened) $400
MER-MAN $200


animation cels $35 - $50 each - please inquire...
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Welcome to my table!


My name is Aaron and I live in Florida. I collect, buy, and sell, and I've been doing business on RS for a while now. If you're interested in my feedback as a seller, check here:


To buy or ask a question, click to send a PM

Prices listed below INCLUDE domestic shipping (usually FedEx Ground) to the lower 48, so keep that in mind when considering them. Several of these items are quite large and the shipping costs are not cheap. In addition, anything over $200 will include signature confirmation. International buyers need to contact me beforehand on an item for an additional shipping quote. I'm also happy to combine shipping costs.

Paypal gift or buyer pays PayPal fees (3% domestic, 4% international). Other forms of payment may be accepted, just contact me beforehand.

While asking prices are not in stone and I will consider offers, all items are available on a first come, first served basis. The first buyer to offer my asking price (and can arrange prompt payment) on any item will get it - I will never leverage one buyer against another to get higher than my asking prices.


ROTJ AT-AT MISB. Has some shelf wear and creasing, and some writing on the left side of the box. The tape is solid on the bottom and sides - the tape on the very top has lifted off the box. It is still fully gradable as a sealed piece. $419 shipped.

ROTJ Imperial Shuttle MISB. Has some shelf wear and creasing. Great color. The tape is solid, top and bottom on this one. It has a price sticker tear just above the raised wing on the front. $349 shipped.

Jawa Sandcrawer MIB. Someone bought this toy, opened it, applied the stickers, and put the entire thing back in the box for good. The toy itself is mint and unused. There was no indication batteries had ever even been put into it, so I put in some to test the electronics. I'm thrilled to say everything works perfectly (I’ve included a video of the maiden voyage below). Everything is there, including the stairs and elevator. Complete with the bottom cardboard insert and most of the original documentation. The box has some wear (probably a C6/7) but all flaps are there and it's still sealed on one side. $599 shipped.

VIDEO: Star Wars 1979 Jawa Sandcrawler Maiden Voyage! - YouTube

Sonic Controlled Land Speeder MIB.
Nearly complete, with almost all documentation, little blue plastic tuners, and cardboard insert. Toy is in excellent condition and it appears to have barely been played with. The windshield has slightly yellowed. Remote has the typical glue stains, but hasn't yellowed. I put batteries in and it while the speeder would make noises when the remote was clicked, it would not move. Box shows a lot of wear with some creases and tears, and one flap has come detached. SOLD

Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Green Box MIB.
This is the harder to find version with the POTF figures. Complete with all contents factory sealed, including the figures EV-9D9, Barada, and Amanaman. Decals unapplied. Solid box with some corner wear. $269 shipped.

SW Droid Factory.
This toy is mostly, but not fully, complete. I believe there are 32 or 33 pieces out of the (I think) 38 total that came in the box. There are 30 of the little rubber nubs that are used to put the robots together, and the tubing appears unused. The crane and stand are in excellent condition. No documentation. The box is solid. $49 shipped.

ROTJ B-Wing Fighter MISB. Some minor shelf wear and creasing. Great colors and firmly sealed on both sides. $189 shipped.

ESB Dagobah Playset MISB. Fantastic color and eye appeal. Only notable flaws are price sticker residue on the reverse and a factory printing defect on the black ink on one side. Firmly glued on both sides. SOLD

ROTJ Speeder Bike MISB. Other than a small scuff on the front edge of the box, this one is in fantastic shape. Firmly sealed on both sides. No flap crease. $49 shipped.

DROIDS Side Gunner MISB. Only minor shelf wear. Firmly sealed on both sides - one side is factory double taped. $69 shipped.

Star Wars Trilogy soundtrack - 8 Track! These 8 tracks are very difficult to find this far into the 80's, as no one was listening to them anymore. Still factory sealed. Only flaw is a break in the cellophane in the tip of the cartridge. $25 shipped. Also Jigsaw Puzzle Luke & Leia 500 Pieces Sealed. $20 shipped.

Darth Vader Palitoy 12-Back-B MOC AFA 70 (80/60/90)
. This is one I’m still upset about since getting it back from AFA. I was dismayed to learn that the bubble has a short “cut” on the left side near where it attaches to the card, something I didn’t even notice before submitting. It is not a crack - I have no idea how it got there, and it's so unnoticeable I even found it difficult to photograph. This remains an absolutely gorgeous display piece. Unpunched, with strong colors and great eye appeal. It’s certainly the most beautiful 70 you’ll ever come across. Also has the typical vein on the card at the top of the bubble, but doesn't break any colors. Archival case. Need some perspective on the scarcity of Palitoy vs Kenner? AFA has graded 629 12-back Vaders. Palitoy 12 back Vaders? This one is number 10. $789 shipped.

IG-88 ESB 15" MISB AFA 75-Y (70/80/80). If you've been looking for one of these here's your chance. Box has some creasing and shelf wear. Firmly sealed on both ends. Window has slightly yellowed. As is typical, the rubber band around the neck has deteriorated and fallen off. $719 shipped.

Stormtrooper SW 12" MISB AFA 80 (80/80/80). Box has some shelf wear, and the window has a couple of scuffs. The doll has a small discoloration on his chest. Firmly sealed. $599 shipped.

R2-D2 SW 12" MISB AFA 80 (80/80/80). Firmly sealed. This one has an additional thin piece of tape that was wrapped around the rear, either by Kenner or the retailer who put it on the shelf. $499 shipped.

ESB TaunTaun (Open Belly) MISB AFA 80. Sealed firmly with great eye appeal. This is the seldom-seen "Rebate Offer" version. $319 shipped.

SW Die Cast Millenium Falcon, Imperial Cruiser, and Y-Wing Fighter. All three of these were rejected for grading by AFA for the following reason: "Cardboard insert has been cut". I still don't really know what that means, all I do know is that this was my first time dealing with these boxed Die Cast items, and probably my last. What I can say is that these are unused vintage toys still on their cards, sealed in a very attractive acrylic case. Great display pieces. SOLD

Real Ghostbusters Nutrona Blaster MISB AFA 80. How often do you see these? $199 shipped.

Real Ghostbusters Ecto-2 MISB AFA 85.
Only a boxcutter scratch on the bottom of the box kept this stunner from a 90. $149 shipped.

Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Transport & Repair Station MISB AFA 80. Cash fresh - amazing colors. $349 shipped.

Thanks for looking and please PM me if you have any questions.
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The first pm that says I want it will get the item held for you until I determine the total with shipping. Please only ask an item be held if you intend to buy. Any questions, please feel free to ask.

To buy or ask a question, click to send a pm


Actual shipping costs will be determined after the sale.


Everything will be shipped priority mail w/ delivery confirmation.


International orders are welcome and cost will be exact. I don't mind shipping at the cheaper rates as long as the buyer accepts the risk of no tracking/insurance.

Welcome to my table!!!!!



Most of the cards do have a slight curve to them, but only the R2 is major. They should be able to be flattened fairly easy with the books and a Starcase method mentioned here http://forum.rebelscum.com/t1077817/

Klaatu Skiff Guard $25
Weequay $25
Darth Vader $70 Pending
Trilogo R2-D2 $60
At-St Driver $20 - Bubble dent in lower right of bubble, appears to be a factory error in that it wasn't packaged with gun. Tape is present inside the bubble where it should be.
Chief Chirpa $30
Rebel Commando $30
Lando Skiff $30 Sold

Boxed Items

Dewback $50- Top of the box bows in a bit, includes all inserts.
ISP-6 $50 - Box is pretty rough with a loose flap. All bags with contents are still sealed.
AST-5 $30 - Nice box with the flap unbent, stickers applied.
MISB Speederbike $30 - Rough Box and bent flap, but both sides still firmly sealed.

Loose Figures

These figures are all off the card fresh. With the exception of 3PO, the original owner said that his parents bought them on a trip to England as doubles for his toys and they were never played with. They all have no COO and include their original weapons from the card. The weapons were taped to the figures and as such some might have traces of residue, but I believe I've cleaned it off of all of them.

Imperial Gunner $60
Han Carbonite $70
Leia Hoth $20
Dengar Dark Amor $30 Shipped
Rebel Commander $15
Leia Bespin $25 - Some paint marks from the figure on the inside of the cape
Han Hoth $15
Zuckuss $15
Han Bespin $20 Shipped
Kenner C-3PO $15 - Card was opened, but figure appears to have never been played with. The net is still sealed in its bag.

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Hi Scummers.
Welcome to my table. Bit of everything on this one, so take a look, you may see something you like. B)
Here is my eBay feedback. If you haven't dealt with me before and what to have a looksy.
All prices listed will be in Australian Dollars. Postage NOT included in the price.
Rest assured your purchase will be packed in such a way, that it will arrive to you in the same condition it left me in. Basically I pack like I am sending one of my children through the mail…minus the air holes. Your items will be double boxed and packed with enough packing peanuts, bubble wrap etc necessary to ensure a safe arrival to you.

All items must be sent by a traceable method. NO EXCEPTIONS
You can be assured in knowing that I only charge exact costs. No charges for my time, packaging materials etc. Any excess you pay will be refunded. Also if I quote a price for you and it is more. I will happily cover the cost. Please contact me for a quote.
If you want me to not write down the total price in case you get stung by your countries import duties, I am happy to. However I will not be paying any refunds if the items is lost in the mail/damaged etc if I cannot claim the insurance back at it’s full value.

Questions?? Send me a

All offers are welcomed so don't be shy!

Prices and individual pics to follow.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kenner Aliens
I have all of these so if you are after any in particular let me know and I will get out some pics to you.
Here are some of the marines and a few Aliens.


Hicks, Omalley, Bishop, Ripley, $5 each. Atax armor $10. Drake on Bishop card $25. Apone $5, 2 x Vasquez $50 each, 2 x Hudson $30 each

Queen Alien, Flying Queen Alien, Gorilla Alien $10 ea, King Alien $20, Killer Crab Alien, Scorpion Alien $10ea.


Star Wars.

Boba fett 12 inch. Missing Wookie Scalps only I think? $75

Rancor Box. Box ONLY. $15

Battle Damaged X-Wing. Box Only. No Ship $25

B-Wing. Box Only.No Ship $30

Loose Figures and Weapons.
Some maybe repro, not sure. If you see any tell me so I can ditch them. Figures range from average to excellent condition. Blue snag has wear on the boots and top of the head. $200 for the lot.


Hoth Micro World lot.
A good instant Hoth setup. Some of the figures are a little rough but some are very good. Overall it's a good deal at $75 for the lot.

Wampa. Palioty box. Pretty good condition. Bit of yellow under the arms. $75

Tri-pod Laser cannon x2 loose but not used. $30 for the pair.


Diecast Falcon. Loose but in great condition. $65

Desert Sail Skiff Unused but open. $45

Canadian Dengar 41c. Figure could come out if you tried but hasn't been removed. $65


2005 Official Pin Collection. $20

Shadow Guard x2 $20 each
Proofcards/sheets/ Cells

Dark Crystal. Pod Peasant set. $800

LEGO Star Wars, Snowpeeder set 4500. Archival framing. $450

C3po droids cell. $35?


Gross Out Gang. No capes but in a good condition. $75 obo

V 45.er Can come out of the package as it's pretty rough. But don't think it has ever been removed. Gun looks mint. $80



Battle Of The Planets Skyplane and Skycar.
Skyplane is in near new condition minus one small wheel and the missiles. Skcar is a little rough but still displayable. Asking $110 for the pair.

Zoids. In Working order and pieces accounted for. $35 for the pair.

These are just some hot chicky babes lurking around the joint. Because what's a con without some chicky babes?

LEGO Technic Crane 8053. $140
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Welcome to my table - Hands off the stuff huh? :)

Very simple rule on shipping.


Figures / Proofs - $4 for the 1st, $1 each addtional / Carded Figures $5 for 1st , $3 each additional - 1st Class Mail


Figures / Proofs - $5 for the 1st, $1 each addtional / Carded Figures $10 for 1st , $3 each additional - 1st Class Mail (Non US buyers note that my responsiblity ends once I mail. If you want tracking, please PM me for a quote)

Questions?? Send me a
through PM and offers are welcomed!

1st Five Sold get Top Loaders at no charge

Han Bespin - $399
Sandperon - $299
2-1B - $299
Black Bespin Guard - $199
Hammerhead - $299
Power Droid - $299
Lobot - $199

Free Star Case with Purchase

Admiral Ackbar - 65B Hong Kong COO - Tab is split - $25

R2-D2 with Sensorscope - Tsukuda 65 - $125

LOOSE FIGURES - All Figures below come with free stand!
Group Picture given to show how short these unarts are (Bib is a standard height figure)!!!


Polish Unarts (Very Rubbery and very short!!)

Ben Kenobi with Tip - $40
Princess Leia - $50
Han Solo - $35
Darth Vader - $40
Luke Skywalker - $60
Chewbacca - $40

Polish Original Series Ben Kenobi (side is rotted by it's an ultra rare piece) - $125

Lili Ledy Burgandy Bib Fortuna (bought from Ledy source in Mexico, 100% guarantee on authenticity is you'd like to AFA it) - $1100

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NOTE: All unsold items in my booth are now up for trade - looking for the following:

MIB SW Sandcrawler - complete with instructions/inserts and in working condition

MOC SW Die Cast X-Wing, TIE Fighter and Landspeeder

Hello :)

Welcome to my booth. My name is Joe and you're welcome to PM me here with any requests to buy or with inquiries regarding the items below.


US & Canada
Actual shipping cost will be exact and determined based on the item. All items over $100 will be shipped via XpressPost with signature confirmation and insurance.

International orders are welcome and cost will be exact, but slightly more than US/Canada shipping rates.

Paypal gift or buyer pays PayPal fees.

Kenner Canada GDE/SW Creature Cantina - box is in decent shape but not perfect. No inserts but otherwise complete, all orginal and comes with French/English instruction sheet. Price $100 shipped

Kenner Canada GDE/SW X-Wing Fighter - box is in decent shape but not perfect. No inserts or instructions but otherwise complete, all original. Light doesn't come on but battery compartment is in nice shape. Cockpit hatch is nice, not too yellowed. Price $80 plus shipping

Kenner Canada GDE/SW TIE Figther - box again, in decent shape but not perfect. No inserts, instructions and its missing one of the springs where the wing connects, but no issue with the wing detaching or coming off if for display. Otherwise complete and all orgiinal. Light comes one and battery compartment is in nice shape. Price $75 plus shipping

Kenner Canada GDE/SW Darth Vader Bop Bag - MISB rarity! The only defect is a thumb sized indentation seen in close-up shot of the POTF Luke in Stormie disguise. The factor seals are in excellent shape and overall it is a superb MISB example of a pretty tough production piece. Price $250 shipped obo

Kenner SW Darth Vader TIE Fighter MIB - I will call this NRFB as the inserts look like they've never been removed. Everything's there, unused decal sheet, ROTJ catalogue, instructions and a gorgeous ship. The box shows a few tiny imperfections and yellowed factory tape, and one of the flaps is torn but still instact. Price $225 plus shipping

Kenner SW Partrol Dewback MIB - a great overall piece. One of the flaps shows a tear but overall great for display. Price $100 plus shipping

POTF Luke in Stormtrooper disguise: the figure is in superb condition, with original helmet and blaster. The only defect is a little orange discolouration on the inside of the elbow on one arm (see close-up shot) and same colour discolouration on the bottom of both feet. I've been told this can easily be removed with peroxide but haven't done it. Price $80 plus shipping

Loose Landspeeder - overall a nice presenting example. Decals in the hood, shifter works but to be honest I don't tend to put my toys through any kind of stress testing to keep them intact and in unused shape. The windshield is actually pretty clean on this one. Price $20 plus shipping

Loose Lili Ledy Yoda - nice C8 example. A little bit of paint loss on the hands but complete with original cane, snake, robe and belt. The paint has a great sheen and overall a gorgeous loose example. Price $130 plus shipping

Loose Blue Snaggletooth (no dent) - nice C7 example - some paint loss on the boots, belt buckle and back of head. Overall though, the figure display really nicely and the defects aren't too distracting. SOLD

UKG 85 Vinyl Cape Jawa - very pleased with the way the figure was encapsulated with the cape tucked at the front. Compares just as nice to my AFA 90 example. Price $625 shipped

Trilogo R2-D2 Sensorscope AFA 70 (subs: C85 B60 F85): A tiny hairline crack on the top right corner is the culprit for the grade drop. Inconspicous spot if displayed, and overall a nice presenting example. Price $170 shipped

ROTJ 77-Back A Snowtrooper AFA 80 (subs: C80 B85 F85): a slight bend in the lower left corner, a slightly yellowed blister are the only noted defects. There is a thread inside the blister attached to the tape used for the gun. A production anomaly that is in and of itself quite interesting if you're a collector of these types of lapses in production. Price $150 shipped

ROTJ 79-Back B Chewback AFA 80 Y-NM (subs: C80 B85 F80): some bending on the lower left corner that has a slight lifting of the blister from the card. It is also bowing slightly at or near the blister. The blister is yellowed. Price $165 shipped

Star Wars 1 (Whitman reprint - 1977) - VG/FN Price $10 plus shipping - note the book lays flat but was exposed to moisture damage with rusty staples and migration. Still a nice presenting example that could be used for display in diorama (I have issues 2 and 3 available that came from the same sealed bag as well for $5 each)

STAR Droids 1 (1986) - VF/NM - Price $25 plus shipping - these STAR editions are tough in grade

STAR Ewoks 1 (1986) - VG/FN - Price $20 plus shipping - SCARCE Canadian Price Variant (75¢) - Regular US and Direct edition copies are 65¢

Blade Runner 1 (1982) - VF/NM - SOLD - note cool ESB Atari arcade ad on rear cover

Raiders of the Lost Ark 1 (1981) - VF - Price $5 plus shipping

Shogun Warriors 1 (1979) - VF/NM Price $5 plus shipping

Battle of the Planets 1 (1979) - VF+ - Price $20 plus shipping

Battlestar Galactica 1 (1979) - VF/NM Price $5 plus shipping

Newly Added!

Thundercats 1-3
(1985) - NM - Price $50 plus shipping. You read right! A sealed 3-Pack of STAR Thundercats #'s 1-3 - these are first prints and are in excellent condition! Polybag is in excellent condition - graphics look great and there are no rips.

NOTE: If you're looking for any particular comics, feel free to ask. I have an extensive collection of comics.
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Oh, Hello. I see you’ve made your way to the Great White North end of the convention floor. Please take a moment to check out my table.

If you have any questions, or would like extra pictures, please send a PM

Shipping I will ship worldwide and will charge exact shipping. Please note that CanadaPost prices are very high for tracking/insurance on overseas parcels.

Payments Paypal gift preferred, or buyer to pay paypal fees.

Kenner Canada

ROTJ Lando Skiff Disguise MOC – Canadian 65 Back

Very very difficult to find on a Canadian card. Although the corner POP is cut out, this makes a great place holder until you can find one in nicer condition.
WAS $130 NOW $100 plus shipping

ESB R2D2 with Sensorscope MOC – Canadian 45 Back

At one point, this was a Canadian Transition piece but only one of the three stickers remains. The bubble also has a hairline crack in the top corner.
Price: WAS $85 NOW $80 plus shipping

ROTJ Rebel Commando - Canadian 65 Back AFA 80

Price: WAS $100 NOW $90 plus shipping

Mego/Grand Toys

Buck Rogers TigerMan MOC – Canadian Grand Toys

Fantastic piece - not going to get much better than this and Grand Toys Buck Rogers figures are tough to come buy.
Price: WAS $50 NOW $40 plus shipping

Star Trek TMP Decker MOC – Canadian Grand Toys

Another difficult piece to find. The TMP humans are harder to find on Grand Toys cards than the second series Aliens.
Price: WAS $30 NOW $20 plus shipping

Canadian Mattel

Battlestar Galactica Daggit MOC – Canadian Mattel (Alternate Bubble with Twist Tie)

Alternate bubble design and Daggit is held in place with twist tie. Canadian Daggits don't come up too often and this one seems to be one that is harder to find. Please note that the bubble is separating from the card but figure cannot be removed.
Price: $30 plus shipping

Battlestar Galactica Daggit MOC – Canadian Mattel

Price: WAS $30 NOW $25 plus shipping


The Black Hole – Vincent Puzzle MISB - Canadian Whitman Box

Price: WAS $15 NOW $10 plus shipping

MPC Canadian C3P0 Model – Complete with Opened Box

Price: $10 plus shipping

Batman #191 (Date: 1967 with Joker/Penguin Cameo

Price: $12 plus shipping

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Here are a bunch of vintage odds and ends that need to go:


1. Early bird Chewbacca C8.5 with green crossbow - $14
2. Micro C3PO (nice shape), R2-D2 (paint missing) and Chewbacca (paint missing) - SOLD
3. Unpainted micro Han from Falcon playset - $3
4. Unpainted micro Leia from DS playset - SOLD
5. Bootleg Stormtrooper mini flashlight - $4
6. Snowtrooper accessories cape (tiny pink spot) and gun (original) - $8 PENDING

7. Bottom slide acrylic display for loose figures (very light scratching, still look fantastic) - 4 available at $7 each (figure not included)

8. Palitoy General Madine C7 MOC - $28

9. Mego 12 inch Spider-Man outfit - $3
10. Transformers catalog - $2
11. Jedi catalog - $1
12. Star Wars patch - $3

13. GI Joe Buzzer accessories complete - $3
14. Tomax and Xamot accessories complete - $3
15. File cards - $3 for both

16. Nightmare Before Christmas lot - postcard book, movie theater pamphlet, and promotional movie pin - $7 for all

17. Lot of 8 Commodore 64 cartridges - $10!
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Hello, I decided to set up my table with a few extras that I have in my collection, only ledy stuff this time around.

Please PM if you are interested in anything you see at my table

Within the US shipping will be $5 a figure with a discount if multiple are purchased and The laser cannon will be $10
International shipping will be figured after the sale

Paypal gift or add the fees
Trades are considered if you have anything of interest

LEDY Unused Laser Cannon in perfect mint shape
Really hard to find in this condition

Sy has the right arm glued and no mic, asking $40
Jawa Complete but hood has a small white stitch holding it together $475
Han bespin no weapon small melt mark on his back SOLD
Zuckuss No weapon $10

Wicket no spear $45
Droopy no flute or mic $70
Complete Rancor keeper $65
Complete Klattu with Furry skirt $70
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Hello, my name is Paul. Check out my Table and happy shopping B)

PM me for Purchase and/or Questions

US: Free - Yep, No charge and includes tracking
International: Super low cost Flat Rate $20.00 and includes tracking

Paypal gift or buyer pays PayPal fees (3% domestic, 4% international). Other forms of payment may be accepted, just contact me beforehand.

SW 12 Back-C Jawa UP (with yellow cardboard backer)
AFA# 18696925
C80 B85 F90
Note: It's a real nice jawa that was marked down with some minor scuffing and the card does not quite lay down flat.
Price: $350.00

ESB 41 Back-E AT-AT Driver UP
AFA# 18696925
C85 B80 F90
Note: It's a SUPER nice AT-AT that was marked down on the bottom of the bubble stem and a bubble crease on the back.
Price: $285.00

ESB 31 Back-A Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) UP
AFA# 18696925
C85 B80 F85
Note: It's a Fantastic Han Hoth that was marked down on the bubble.
Price: $300.00

ESB 31 Back-A Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear) UP MOC
C8 Ungraded
Note: It's a great Snowtrooper that lays almost flat. Has minor nick in the uper left corner. Some minor edge scuffing and some minor creasing. Clear bubble and nice white figure.
Price: $185.00 includes protective case

ESB 41 Back-E Rebel Commander UP MOC
C8 Ungraded
Note: It's a nice Reb Commander that lays almost flat. Has minor nick under the "Rebel Commander" name plate. Some minor edge scuffing and some minor bubble creasing. The bubble has hint of yellow and bubble dents on top.
Price: $100.00 includes protective case

ESB 48 Back-C Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) Brown Hair with Revenge Offer UP MOC
C8 Ungraded
Note: It's a good Luke that lays almost flat. Has minor crease on back only located near top left corner. Minor scuffing on the hole punch. The bubble is yellow but in good shape. The weapons are loose within the bubble.
Price: $115.00 includes protective case *** Pending ***

ESB 48 Back-C Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot with Revenge Offer UP MOC
C8+ Ungraded
Note: It's a Super TIE that lays flat. Has minor scuffing on the back otherwise it's in great shape with no creases. The bubble is clear and in good shape. The weapon is loose within the bubble.
Price: $90.00 includes protective case. *** Pending ***

*** Updated Pricing, all items are priced to sell o-o .... Please, give them a good home :grin:

Com'on kids, dig in on the good stuff

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