QUESTION VOTC questions (figure and card variants?)

Apr 29, 2020
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Northern California
Hey All,

I'm new to the site, but been (slowly) collecting SW figs for a long time now. During my trials and tribulations, at TRU I picked up some VOTC figures (entire first wave). After a few years of the figures sitting around I noticed a few things that are different between some of the figures and cardbacks, and I am not able to readily find sufficient information about what they might be or how they were released. Any help is appreciated, as my focus is mostly on the vintage figures for collecting, but during the 90's and 2000's I did buy a bunch of modern stuff... OK on to my questions about the VOTC figures:

1) Darth Vader (2004): Are there known figure sculpt variations? I own 2 of these MIP, and it seems that the ((easily viewable) right arm sculpts are different? One looks very smooth, and the other one looks like his sleeve is more "wrinkled" (for a lack of a better term). Card wise, there's no change, same PN/SKU/etc.

2) Princess Leia Organa (also 2004): Cardback question here. Seems that I own 2 different cardbacks for this Leia.

Type 1 has a smaller Warning, more pronounced line detailing, and a different message about the 70's and 80's figures being "not included" and a faint "Original" above the "Princess Leia Card" text.

Type 2 version seems to have corrected this text, adjusted placement of warnings, and also toned down the line details greatly. This version also says the 70's and 80's figs are "not available" instead of the previous not included statement.

I have a couple other VOTC with "Type 1" cards, but only a couple compared to the "Type 2" card on the rest of my hoard.

Images are attached for both items in question and again, any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Jun 8, 2011
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Hello, and the Vader figure, it looks like the position it has being package, I do not recall a variation, but I can be wrong. Maybe the DV focus collectors can share some light here. About Leia, there is a lot of change in the waves they produce. Is common that this spelling, misspelling, erase or put something more happens. Again, maybe I am wrong and the PLO focus collectors can show more light.