FS Vintage Star Wars Kenner Toy Catalog lot of 41 + Revenge of the Jedi Flyer sheet

Jul 19, 2006
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UPDATED: SOLD Lot of 41 Original vintage Star Wars Kenner Toy Catalogs and 1 Original Revenge of the Jedi Kenner toy flyer promo sheet for a total of 42. Some are crisp like new and others show wear. Selling only as a lot (no individual catalog sales) Plenty of photos at the bottom of this post.

$450 Regular price (Save $200 - ON SALE AT $250 - plus $18 Priority shipping with tracking, full insurance, and signature delivery in the continental U.S.

These feature photos of original Star Wars action figures and the toy product line for Star wars (originally one of these would have been included in each Kenner toy that you purchased at retail.

My photos show the actual items you will receive and the condition they are in. I DO NOT USE STOCK PHOTOS.

I checked every catalog page ( there are NO pen marks and NO CUT OUTS).

In this lot are:

1) Star Wars Kenner Revenge of the Jedi Toy flyer promo sheet = 1 (slight creasing on bottom)

2-5) Star Wars X-wing Cover Kenner Toy Catalog = 4 (2 have creasing and 1 has slight creasing)

6) Star Wars Kenner Cash Refund Toy Catalog = 1 (light creases)

7-9) Star Wars Kenner X-Wing cover with pink banner = 3

10 - 11) Star Wars Collectors Hoth Kenner Explosion cover = 2

12 - 19) Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Logo Kenner cover = 8 (7 with creasing - some light creasing)

20 - 29) Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Luke and Yoda Kenner Cover = 10 ( 7 with creasing and some light creasing. 1 has 1 1/2" tear on cover as seen in photo close up)

30 - 31) Star Wars Return of the Jedi Collectors Catalog Kenner Jabba the Hutt cover. INSIDE VARIATION #1 = 2 (2 with slight creasing has skiff available in 1985 page with skiff film photo and Imperial Shuttle toy artwork page rather than actual photo of toy).

32 - 34) Star Wars Return of the Jedi Collectors Catalog Kenner Jabba the Hutt cover. INSIDE VARIATION #2 = 3 (1 creasing back cover. Imperial Shuttle shown and plush Ewoks Shown)

35) Star Wars Return of the Jedi Collectors Kenner Catalog Vader with Royal Guard cover. INSIDE VARIATION #1 = 1 (plush ewoks not shown "due to secrecy" it states on page and Jabba's playset not shown).

36 - 42) Star Wars Return of the Jedi Collectors Kenner Catalog Vader With Royal Guard cover. INSIDE VARIATION #2 = 7 (1 lower right corner of cover creased, and 2 slight creases and top right of corner creased). Jabba the Hutt Playset SHOWN and Plus Ewoks NOT SHOWN.

Terms of sale. Paypal payment Shipping will be by USPS Priority, fully insured with tracking, signature delivery (Will have to be signed for upon delivery) for $18 in the continental U.S. only (much of that price is insurance cost and signature delivery cost) As with all items that I sell out of my collection, they are sold as collector items - collector to collector. Item(s) are Sold As Is. All Sales Final. . No returns or refunds as Items are fully insured through USPS for the full amount of your bid in case of lost or damaged mail. Items are mailed out 2-3 business days after paypal payment is received. Bad Weather such as snow/ice can delay shipping at this time of year.

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