Vintage Star Wars item(s) or deals, you regret not pulling the trigger on?

Jul 22, 2003
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Biggest regret? Missing all of the $1 bins when I was like 13 yrs old. Could have bulk bought tons of SW stuff back then when SW lost its luster in toy stores.
I remember some vintage bargain bins back when I was a kid.

I actually have a Paploo that as a kid I always thought was Wicket, which is probably why I bought it. I think I got that in the bin.
Jun 30, 2001
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Celebration 2 hotel room sale in Dan Flaridas room….instead of picking and choosing a dozen proofs that I did pick up, I should have just bought the two comic short boxes he had full of proofs available for sale. ESB proofs I’m pretty sure we’re $40 each or three for $100.

i'm not sure, they may have be $30 or 4 for $100? i was there. i'm happy with what i bought but like anyone else who was there sad that i didn't buy tons but who knew right? if anyone knew, the first person in line would have bought the entire room.

i do wish i was first in line though. i was there both night and first night i was in the long line but it was just esb/ROTJ proofs and i got what i wanted anyway. the next night i was was like 4/5th in line and they had the SW/POTF proofs. i wasn't rolling in crazy dough but i remember when the guy first in line walked out with a POTF skiff box flat. that hurt...

I really wished i bought the POTF USA proof of Yak Face but it was pretty high, definitely 4 digits. I bought some SW proofs and there wasn't any potf proofs that was burning a hole in my pocket for.

great night though
Jan 27, 2001
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Sydney, Australia
Back in 1999 a guy at a toy show here was trying to sell me a 12 back See Threepio for $200 AUSD (144USD) I stupidly passed.

In 2015 at Celebration Anaheim, a dealer was selling a DT Luke for 600USD. I was trying to haggle and the seller wouldn't budge. I walked away and then realised, l was being stupid. Went back and of course the Luke was gone.