Vintage Parts up for sale.

Apr 5, 2003
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Hello all,

Haven't been here in a while. Kinda got burned out on the collecting thing. However, if the Tonnika Sisters ever get produced I'll be back in the aisles with ya.

Now to the goods. My brother-in-law just gave me some stuff from his mother's doll and figure collection. What I have is just for parts since things are missing from each item.

Vintage Jabba The Hutt with left arm missing.

Vintage Dagobah Playset. Missing the tree branch levitator, the silver cargo containers, R2 levitation cylinder, and (of course) the swamp foam rubber. I have the box for it as well.

Other than what's missing, it's all in nice shape. Nothing broken, just missing parts.

Call me at 206-310-9064 if you're interested. If I don't hear anything by tomorrow afternoon, I'll post this on the trading boards.

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