Vintage MOTU variations

Nov 28, 2012
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I recently dug out my childhood motu collection trying to get it organized and see what I need for a full run of loose figures. First step was to go through all my duplicate figures and keep one in the best condition. Sell the extras to buy the figures and weapons I'm missing.
However as I was comparing figures I noticed a lot of paint variations and coo stamps. For example I have a Merman with both orange and green belts, battle damage heman with made in mexico and Taiwan, 3 different hair colors etc... I've googled the variations and there is no real mention of the subtle differences.
My question is if it's worth keeping these variations despite the condition of the figure? I mainly collect vintage star wars and I'm familiar with the fact that some paint variations can equal rarity. Do other motu collectors try to have an example of each variation?
Mar 14, 2002
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Equator City
I didn't pay much attention to variations after I stopped collecting, and can't say much about relative rarities. I did take notice of the variants I had as a kid, though, as well as the ones by pal Dave had.

I had:
Stratos with Blue Wings and Red Jetpack
Mer-Man with Unpainted Belt
Round-Backed Two-Bad
Man-E-Faces with Pink Cables and Maroon Weapons Cache
Skeletor-Legs Clawful
Dark Blue Clothes Scare Glow with Unpainted Back
Dark Brown Grizzlor with Thin Fur
Thunder Punch He-Man with Translucent Gold Power Sword
Dragon Blaster Skeletor with “Male”-Half Purple Power Sword
Yellow-necked Rattlor

Dave had:
Flat-backed Two-Bad
Light-brown Grizzlor with extra-thick fur
Thunder Punch He-Man with pearly gold sword
Webstor with a dark blue gun that matched his skin colour.
Jul 11, 2002
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Aurora, CO
I think these subtle variations make a bigger difference for MOC collectors.

I've never seen or heard of some of those you mentioned.
-Webstor gun in a color other than orange.
-Lighter fur on Grizzlor, though I did have the black face version.