Vintage customs thread

Dayum! That's rad! You used zip ties for the bandoleer in a way that really pays off with the look of that detail.
I thought it would be a cinch to heat and form them to the perfect shape. Alas, I was mistaken. Those little beasts were meant to hold firm and resist superglue.

Thanks for the comment!
Utinniii: I was aware of your mixture and have used it on larger applications. I didn't consider it for this custom because it was so small. But I may try it in very small quantities just to see for future customs.
Yes. Hands, head, and feet. Body is a cloud car pilot with a modified left arm.
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!?? 🤯 😲 😳 (y):cool:

I'd have never ever guessed that, what an incredible job on him, I thought it was awesome before but now I'm doubly impressed. The source figure is supercool. Dig that Biggs chilling in the background too.
Now that's a great vintage custom!
Thank you. This was hastily put together so I'm going to clean it up over the weekend. I'll sand the cut joints connecting the gloved hands to the arms so that they're a lot neater. Am also thinking of swapping the boots and attach Nien Nunb's instead. I'll likely shorten his legs a touch just to give the figure another point of difference when standing next to the regular B-Wing Pilot figure.
Thank you for adding to this thread! I was looking for a good idea for a quick custom/army builder and I have an extra Nien head laying around.
I'm seriously curious as to how you dyed the droid so black and the process it took. I really want to try the dye method versus paint, but and weary as to how difficult it is to get the best color outcome.
I’ve had success dying customs but different plastics are going to react differently. The trick is to be patient and to make sure the water/dye is below the simmering point. I let the water come to a boil then remove the pan from the heat, then I add the SYNTHETIC dye
For plastics it’s gotta be synthetic dye
I stir the dye until even consistency and add two drops of dish soap.

The droid legs will sue very quickly, the body and head dye very slowly in my experience.

Be patient, legs took about 10 minutes, body maybe 30.

I dye newer black series and MOTU figures and they all take to the process differently and MANY parts will not dye at all, in my experience some of the softer or rubbery plastics won’t at all. Good luck and I hope this helps
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I never really loved the original vintage Tie Pilot. Unlike its stormtrooper counterpart with a fused head to the torso, it always seemed so bulky.

Saw this receipe awhile back and had to make one. Simple, but nice I think.
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Those are some awesome looking dogs! I’m with you about the vintage tie pilot- I never liked it. Yours (and that droid) look awesome. Nice job!
These are on my custom figures thread but what the heck. Some vintage Halloween custom figs- Happy Halloween


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There's a guy over at 3dCults that has a bunch of fun Halloween Star Wars mash-ups I'd like to print. I love what you've done to your R"fright"-D4

I love the beads for eyelets!
Ok, working on a few more and can’t decide whether to leave this one as is, or paint it up. Looking for feedback…
I love your concept and the parts you combined. You should definitely consider painting him. I'd start with the helmet color scheme to use over the body, so you don't have to paint the helmet.

That's my first thought.
I love your concept and the parts you combined. You should definitely consider painting him. I'd start with the helmet color scheme to use over the body, so you don't have to paint the helmet.

That's my first thought.
I went the other way with simply repainting the helmet to match the clothes.
This guy has been done before, but I really wanted one for my collection. I decided to go with a cloth version versus the vinyl. I did make the vinyl in the event I get bored and want to change it out.

Since Palpatine was able to "get busy" and have a child, I figured Yoda could do the same. This cute abomination needs a name. I'm thinking "Groda" since he groda an unusual height for his species.

*ducks as the crowd groans and throws rotten veggies*

Love the Garindan though his cape looks itchy! Groda is a cool one, perhaps his full formal name could be Vihn Taj Hughmoore????
He's been bone before by many on this thread, but I wanted one for the collection.

Biggs Darklighter
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Now I need to make a boonie hat for Luke
Nice job though it looks like a repainted Bespin Han Solo with a moustache added on. Maybe a slight modification to the hair and removing the pockets on the jacket-sleeves?
It's always great to see some of these creative part combinations you guys come up with, though I still personally struggle with customizing Kenner figures, unless they're broken or something. Retro makes it great to have access to parts, without destroying a Kenner original though. Years ago I customized an animated Logray (one of my favorite childhood figures), because I wanted a season 2 version of him, not realizing how pricey that figure has become, even loose w/o accessory or coin. I still love it though, and I'd much rather have this custom figure than the money its worth, lol.

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