Vintage 2019 Figure Want List

Jul 4, 2012
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San Diego, CA
First, a few selfish preferences that dictate my wish list:
  • Heresy - I’m not a carded collector, so re-releasing figures on a TVC card to complete the original run is not a priority for me.
  • Customizing – It’s fairly easy to make decent representations of some missing figures, eg. Shasa Tiel. I’d rather see resources spent on harder-to-make characters (see below). Make no mistake though, I’d happily upgrade any of my lame customs with a professional version.
  • Rumor lists – I’m ignoring them all, and operating under the Homer Simpson principle that it’s all bullplop.
The first three on my wish list are obvious necessities. Main characters with sub-par figures at the moment.
  • Farmboy Luke – Ground-up resculpt. The obstacle would be designing a figure capable of sitting. The DSE soft goods lower tunic doesn’t work for me; maybe a plastic like TVC Ackbar’s “skirt?”
  • ANH Leia – There should be an alternate hooded version. I’d prefer a separate plastic hood as opposed to a soft goods version. Maybe a pop-off head/hood like the ForceLink Emperor’s Royal Guard.
  • Bespin Lando – A removable cape would be great, but not if it looks like the General Lando mess.
The next batch would be an opportunity to get multiple figures from the same basic sculpt. Similar to TBS Mosep Binneed. His figure provided the base for three characters, four if you want a comic version Jabba.
  • Solomahal/The Colonel – These two are differentiated by what, a scarf?
  • Velken Tezeri/Nizuk Bek – An alternate head and you’ve knocked out two Jabba’s goons. Really need to finish the skiff crew anyway.
  • Imperial Officer – Ground-up resculpt. TVC Tarkin is a good character-specific sculpt, but “belt pulled up to the armpits” is not how I envision the rank-and-file officers. Minor variants could be done using separate tunic pieces with/without utility belt boxes, different rank badges, code cylinders, etc. Use removable covers (“hats”) to increase headswap options. Offer feldgrau and black versions. Take my money!
The last batch are figures that I, personally, have found it difficult to customize. There are awesome custom versions of all these characters out there, but they’re beyond my ability at the moment.
  • Taym Dren Garen – That %#@& chest protector. I can’t sculpt worth a hoot, so I came up with a version using thin leather strips glued vertically to a fabric “undershirt.” Trying to add a belt looks like a hot mess.
  • Barada – The problem here is all the elements clustered around the neck and shoulders. Disco collar, backpack straps, bandoleer; give me a break. We've already got Nikto and Klaatu, Barada is a no-brainer.
  • Brea & Senni Tonnika – Lots of parts re-use, just different heads and possibly lower legs? I’ve been working on these two for a long time and will eventually finish them, but they won’t be nearly as detailed as they should be. The gals deserve better than what I can slap together.
May 9, 2005
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Definitely agree with the top three, those are must haves! Although I'm torn on whether Leia should get an extra hooded head to swap out versus using the SG's. More often than not, especially these days, it never turns out right. It not about them being bale to afford $.20 worth of cloth, but the time it takes for a person to sew it accurately. Not just fold over a piece stitch it and move on to the est one.

Never really noticed that about Tarkin, though I haven't paid that much attention to it because of it being the wrong color and the SG's being atrocious. I always thought that by adding a new lower tunic it would correct that issue. Definitely didn't think ground up redo was needed, but I guess if you hvev to resculpt enough parts you might as well.

Can't say the Sisters are on my list anymore, at least until we get a HasLab Cantina.
Mar 12, 2020
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Farmboy Luke - full resculpt
Princess Leia Organa - full resculpt
Han Solo - full resculpt
Ben Kenobi - balljointed hips & 5POA headsculpt
Tarkin - grey plastic tunic
Tusken Raider - balljointed elbows
R3-T2 - corrected dome
Greedo - VTSC with a plastic vest
Modal Nodes
Momaw Nadon
Arleil Schous
Wedge Antilles - new X-Wing Luke body
Theron Nett (Red Ten)
General Dodonna (Battle of Yavin jacket)
Captain Antilles

Bespin Lando - full resculpt
C-3PO - removable limbs/BAD sculpt
Boba Fett - balljointed hips & non-removable helmet
Zev Senesca (Rogue Two)
Hobbie Klivian (Rogue Four)
General Rieekan
Major Derlin
Captain/Admiral Piett
General Veers

Endor Han - full resculpt
Endor Leia - full resculpt
Emperor Palpatine - balljointed hips & 5POA headsculpt
Bib Fortuna
Mon Mothma
General Madine
Keir Santage (Red Seven)
Horton Salm (Gray Leader)
Gureni Telsij (Gray Two)
Nik Sant (Rebel Commando)

Sidon Ithano - fully articulated

Wedge Antilles (Millennium Falcon gunner)

Rogue One
Antoc Merric (Blue Leader)
Rebel Fleet Trooper - new headsculpts
Jedha Patrol Stormtrooper

Han Solo (Mimban Mudtrooper)
Maul (non-hologram)

Ahsoka (Mandalore)
ARC Trooper Echo
Asajj Ventress
Cad Bane
Fives, Hondo, & improved Rex (all rumoured)

Wedge Antilles (TIE Pilot)
Hobbie Klivian (TIE Pilot)
Baron Valen Rudor
Imperial Sentry Droid

The Mandalorian
Beskar Mando
Davan (New Republic officer)
Trapper Wolf, Jib Dodger & Sash Ketter
New Republic Security Droid
Death Watch Commando

I have a lot of Legends wants, too, but that many figures with no chance of being made is a little depressing.
May 9, 2005
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If they did it right they could reuse the same sculpt for certain Rebel such as General Dodonna and Captain Antilles etc. I remember the way the old Antilles was sculpted for swapping out parts and it never went anywhere... Same for Hoth Officers such as Derlin and Rieekan, and Imperial Officers Piett Motti, Ozzel Thrawn etc. To this day i don't understand why they cannot see this, 1 sculpt 5 birds!
Aug 26, 2010
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Obviously there are tons of figures I want but off the top some some of the heavy hitters:

Farmboy Luke
Bespin Lando
The Emperor (ROTJ)

Ahsoka Tano (more recent and realistic)
Captain Rex

Phoenix Squad

The Mandalorian (Beskar)
Moff Gideon
Greef Karga
May 9, 2005
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After recent posting in the 501st 3-pk thread it really got me to thinking more of them are needed to cover a lot of bases I don't think the basic line can handle. Such as Imperial Officer 3-pks that I mentioned and fter looking at the old Briefing set all those need updates.

Basically 2 3-pks right here if people wanted Tarkin in one and not carded individually. After all it's not like you can just sub any officer in for him for this set, if it weer to include 1/2 table in each one. Or go the triple threat route and only go with 2 Officers with 1/3 table in each set.
All new sculpt for Tarkin, and just use a combination of the older Tarkin/Needa sculpt for the others with modified rank badge.

Next would be repaints of these two sculpts that IMO still hold up today.

Just sculpt a new helmet w/o rangefinder and that matched the style of ones seen in TCW paint accordingly. Would work for rank and file until they sculpt a new one for perhaps Bo-Katan, if that ever happens. Interim these two would work great!

Speaking of Mando figs, Rohlan Dyre sculpt could be utilized for a background specialized Mando with some parts swap.

And as said in another thread would like to see a new Clone Commando Sculpt which would fit into a 2-pk or 3-pk format very nicely.

Might also be a way to release updates to certain Clone Commanders w/Lieutenants such as Cody, Bacara and Bly etc. Though i know most want to see those guys on TVC cards. The possibilities are endless.