WTB vc38 Clone Trooper, vc19 Cody, vc13 Anakin, and Routine Valor


Dec 12, 2011
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Illinois, USA
I am always on the look out to build up the many empty spots in my loose collection and recently I have been focusing on Revenge of the Sith.

For each figure I am looking for them loose and ideally complete, but I am still happy to talk over examples that may be missing certain accessories in case I may be able to supplant from my own collection. I am also not a stickler about paint apps, but I may like to be sure before I pull the trigger on anything.

Priority figures:
- vc13 Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader (with ball-jointed elbows, not the similar swivel figure)
- vc19 Commander Cody
- vc38 212th Clone Trooper

I am also very interested in the 212th Clone Trooper included in the TLC Routine Valor Comic Pack, or the full comic pack if possible. (As you can tell, I am interested in 212th Clone Troopers at the moment, especially 'clean' ones, as opposed to the TSC figure.)

There are a few other figures from the same ROTS wave I am a little interested in but those are the three I'm most focused on asking for here. I am a low-budget collector and generally don't like to pay more than $30 per figure. I recognize that may sound unreasonable for some of the toys I've listed. I am willing to negotiate on that a little but I am also not looking to waste anybody's time.

(This is my first WTB, hope I haven't screwed anything up!)