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Aug 15, 2008
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Hello All,
I am slimming down and focusing my collection, for a variety of reasons (space, difficulty in collecting, less interest, etc.) and I want to offer it here to fellow collectors. Please reach out if you are interested in any of these pieces.

Policies: I will be listing prices based on the board's rules and these prices are based off of quick searches of recent eBay sold listings. The prices listed do not not include shipping, I will use USPS to get shipping information and only charge what it costs. Also, these prices are not set in stone and I am open to reasonable offers. I am also very interested in trades, here is a link to my want list. If you have questions or offers please pm me.

Additionally, due to the new tax reporting requirements starting 2022, I am only selling using PayPal's friends and family payment. I do not want to report a 1099 form for second hand items. I had to report 1099 forms when I was a technician in grad school and it was a pain.

Please check my feedback (link in signature). I have many good transactions and have been selling/trading on Rebelscum since 2013.
Thank you,

Loose Star Wars Items:

$25.00 Selling as a set! Episode I planet action dioramas. All are in great shape and were painstakingly collected from the various stores when Episode I came out. I had the hardest time getting Naboo from KFC but managed to pull it off. I have enjoyed these in my collection for years and they are in great shape but I have decided to let go. My hope is these will make a nice addition to some other collector's displays.
  • Coruscant - Pizza Hut
  • Tatooine - Taco Bell
  • Naboo - KFC

$15.00 Lot of 3 Clone Wars snow gear figures
  • Obi-wan Kenobi - snow gear (CW48) - includes lightsaber, hood, and goggles
  • Commander Rex - snow gear (CW50) - includes DC-15 blaster rifle, 2 DC-17 blasters, helmet, shoulder pads, and heater backpack
  • Anakin Skywalker - snow gear (CW42) - includes lightsaber, hood, and goggles


These are all potentially good fodder and I have them priced low.
$1.00 Luke Skywalker (POTF2) - only figure and comm tech chip available
$1.00 Luke Skywalker (POTF2) - only figure and comm tech chip available
$1.00 Mace Windu (Revenge of the Sith III-10) - loose and incomplete, only have the figure as seen, maybe good fodder?
$1.00 Watto (Episode I) - loose and incomplete; only comm tech chip is available
$6.00 Durge (Clone Wars 2003/46) - loose and incomplete; includes blaster rifle and jet pack *torso had a little bit of yellowing

"Boxed" Star Wars:

$18.00 Ree Yees (VC137) - from the Jabba's Palace set, still sealed in card. Upper right corner has a slight scuff but that was like that when removed from the box.
$5.00 Han Solo (VC136) - from the Jabba's Palace set, removed from card and carbonite block is not included.
$5.00 Maz Kanata (Black series #49) - figure, blaster, and lightsaber hilt included. NO trunk.

3-3/4-inch fodder:
Sold to Obi_Wannabe

This is all my Star Wars stuff but if you are looking for other check out this link!

As per moderators request:

Star Wars Figures

$40.00 Sharad Hett (Legacy Collection comic book 2-packs) - includes lightsaber and Gaffi stick *not the orginal Gaffi stick that came with the figure. Sold on eBay
$2.00 C-3PO (5 POA Gold Anniversary) Sold at my local yard sale
Traded $10.00 Jango Fett (Geonosis Arena Showdown) - loose but complete; includes helmet, 2 blasters, and jet pack to yodashizzle
Traded $8.00 Vilmarh Grahrk (30th Anniversary Collection - Comic Set 05) - loose but complete; includes blaster to yodashizzle
SOLD $2.00 Teedo to Pop! Culture Connection LLC (Greensburg, PA)
SOLD $2.00 Unkar's Thug to Pop! Culture Connection LLC (Greensburg, PA)
SOLD $2.00 Anakin-podracer (Mos Espa Arena Battle-Pack Walmart exclusive) to Pop! Culture Connection LLC (Greensburg, PA)
SOLD $2.00 Pit Droid (Mos Espa Arena Battle-Pack Walmart exclusive) to Pop! Culture Connection LLC (Greensburg, PA)
SOLD $2.00 Pit Droid (Mos Espa Arena Battle-Pack Walmart exclusive) to Pop! Culture Connection LLC (Greensburg, PA)
SOLD to Pop! Culture Connection LLC (Greensburg, PA) $15.00 Force Awakens Lot - Includes:

-Rey (Jakku) - 2015 Walmart Exclusive Black series: complete with alternate head, bag, staff
-Finn (Jakku) - 2015 Walmart Exclusive Black series: complete with blaster
-Poe Dameron - 2015 Walmart Exclusive Black series: complete with helmet and blaster
SOLD $3.00 Anakin Skywalker with backpack and grease gun (Episode 1) - sealed on card to Pop! Culture Connection LLC (Greensburg, PA)
SOLD $4.00 Queen Amidala - Royal Decoy (Power of the Jedi) - loose to Pop! Culture Connection LLC (Greensburg, PA)
SOLD Darth Maul (Sith Evolutions set Sidious, Dooku, Maul) - includes cloak and lightsaber -sold to Big Fun Columbus
SOLD Luke Skywalker (Heir to the Empire comic-pack); complete with blaster, lightsaber, and helmet -sold to Big Fun Columbus
SOLD Luke Skywalker (Black Series: Target Exclusive Ahch-To Island) NO BASE PIECE -sold to Big Fun Columbus
SOLD Supreme Leader Snoke (TVC 121) -sold to Big Fun Columbus
SOLD Praetorian Guard (Walmart Exclusive Black series - 3.75") -sold to Big Fun Columbus
TRADED $2.00 Aurra Sing (Power of the Jedi 2001); complete with blaster and extra yellow lightsaber - missing rifle to BlindJedi
SOLD $30.00 BD40 IG-88 (Concept Art) - sealed on card and in a Star Case
TRADED $18.00 JB-9 (Droid Factory Mystery Crate) to Ewokgirl
SOLD $60.00 Machook, Keoulkeech, and Kettch (Walmart Exclusive Comic Pack) *I may have the comic book still* - Leia_Way
SOLD $60.00 Chubbray and Stemzee (Kmart Exclusive Assault Catapult) - Leia_Way
SOLD $45.00 Paploo & Nho'Apakk (Legacy Collection BD-18) - sold on eBay
TRADED $30.00 Leektar and Nippet (Legacy Collection BD-04) TRADED yodashizzle
SOLD $25.00 Romba and Graak (30th Anniversary 30-43) sold on eBay
SOLD $14.00 Chief Chirpa (SAGA-039) sold on eBay
SOLD $10.00 Wickey and Logray (POTF 2 - Freeze Frame Collection) *no freeze frame card* sold on eBay
SOLD $20.00 30th Anniversary (30-36) Pre-Cyborg Grievous - Lady_Macbeth
SOLD $40.00 TVC-17 General Grievous
SOLD Poggle the Lesser (SAGA-018)
SOLD Sun Fac (SAGA-016)
SOLD Geonosian Warrior (SAGA 2002 No. 15)
SOLD Geonosian Massif Handler (SAGA 2002 No. 34)
TRADED Force effect (from Yoda SAGA 02-23)
TRADED Lightsaber energy deflect
TRADED Lightsaber energy deflect
SOLD Leia Endor Poncho TRADED R3-T7 (Power of Jedi AOTC Sneak Peak)
TRADED Sith Assassin Droid
SOLD Ephant Mon (2002-045)
SOLD Concept Art Snowtrooper (BD48)
SOLD Emperor's Shadow Guard (30th Anniversay)
SOLD Treadwell Droid and Jawa (BD-33)
SOLD Tri-Droid (30th 08-05); missing display stand
SOLD Snowtrooper (BD55)
SOLD R4-C7 (ARC-170 Elite Squad Battle Pack)
SOLD Sebulba (Mos Espa Arena Battle-Pack Walmart exclusive)
SOLD Watto (Walmart exclusive Droid-Pack); includes data pad
SOLD Tarkin (Comic-Pack #3)
SOLD Commando Droid
SOLD Mon Mothma (Revenge of the Sith)
SOLD Concept General Grievous
SOLD Pre Vizla (CW08)
SOLD Super Battle Droid (SAGA-061)
SOLD Two Battle Droids (SAGA-062)
SOLD R4-M6 (SAGA-074)
SOLD Qui-Gon Jinn (Episode 1); loose with no lightsaber
SOLD Saleucami Trooper (BD25); loose complete with blaster *No R3-M3 piece
SOLD Jedi Temple Guard MIB
SOLD Convention Exclusive Boba Fett (card-back is bent right at the top of the bubble)
SOLD concept Ki-Adi-Mundi
SOLD Nom Anor (VC 59)
SOLD Koffi Arana
SOLD Keyan Farlander B-wing pilot (Vintage)
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Updates on January 7th 2014. I added a few things and updated the status on some items.
February 21st bump... I also have the subscription Cesspool up for grabs here. If you have any interest or question please PM me. Hoping to move this stuff to free up space.
Updates... March 3rd 2014. Not everything is pictured currently. Hoping to move some of these things as I need to clear the clutter.
Updates March 16th. More added and still hoping to move these items out to fellow collectors. Let me know if you have any questions or interest.
April 28th updates! Traded a few item and dropped some prices. If interested please contact me, looking to move these items and will entertain fair offers.
11/21/14 Bump. Added a loose Jean Grey Legends figure (Blob series) and Ult. Green Goblin arm. Interested in moving these items. I will entertain offers as well.
12/8/2014 Bump.

Will also trade for Dynamite the smoke-jumper and Pulaski the fire truck figures from Planes Fire and Rescue. Will also purchase those if you have/find them. Looking for as gifts for my boys.

Thanks for looking!
Added some new stuff, dropped many prices, and refreshed some images. I need to move this in the next 4 to 5 months. Any questions or concerns PM me. My prices too high, in your opinion, PM me an offer. Have a great night everybody!
Spring break! Bump. Really hoping to move these items before the move, hopefully taking place in the summer. PM with interest, fair offers, questions, etc.
I just picked up a Jedi Temple Guard and it looks cool but I cannot stomach the lack of possibility. I decided not to open it and figured I'd offer it here. If I don't get any interest I'll just return it. So let me know if you are interested in purchasing or trading ASAP.
BUMP April 2nd 2015. Please PM me with any interest and I will entertain fair offers.
Updates... Several items in pending status and Cesspool is available again. Had a nice trade deal lined up than all communication stopped, even though trader comes on frequently...
May 13th updates. Really hoping to move these items to a fellow collector. I will entertain fair offers. PM me and lets make a deal!
Perfect transaction with the Silver Fett, arrived well protectect and xjsn is a very nice person to deal with. Buy with confedence.
Added some items and sold one. PM me with any questions or reasonable offers. I am hoping to have these gone by the end of June and will cut good deals on the purchase of multiple items. Anything left will go to eBay.

Thanks for checking these out!
Updates. Anything left closer to end of June is going to eBay. Take advantage of these now.
Updates June 16th. Many of these items will also be available in a garage sale I am holding this weekend and any thing left will also move to eBay by end of month so if interested act now. I am willing to entertain fair offers.

Thank you, Sean
Updates. Cleaned out a bunch with moving sale. Interested let me know as eBay is my next option.