UTINNIII's Unique Creations Vol 3

You've outdone yourself. Congrats! If you ever want to do a better one, I'll take this one off your hands ;-)

Is that the Bantha-riding Stormtrooper you put on there?
You've outdone yourself. Congrats! If you ever want to do a better one, I'll take this one off your hands ;-)

Is that the Bantha-riding Stormtrooper you put on there?

It's the old Dewback Trooper I think. It was the only one with enough manspread to sit properly.

I decided I could no longer live in a world without a Destroyer Demon Ewok.

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Yes! Of course, there isn't a Bantha-riding Stormtrooper...

Thank you for expanding the Ewoks' musical tastes. I knew they liked taiko drums, but had no idea they enjoyed Devo and KISS as well.
I hear the Jurassic Park theme looking at the Long Legged custom you made. Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh...

Nice KISS-wok? If you've got an Indiana Jones whip, that Devo Wicket could use it. And, you'll never live it down, unless you whip it. :{J
Wrack and Ruin

In the outer rim, when the expression “Wrack and Ruin will befall you” is used, a quiet chill fills the air. These two enforcers are merciless in their tasks. Wrack is used for her brute strength and intimidation. She is known for pulling the arms off of Wookies for sport.
Not that it helps her prey, but she can usually be seen (or smelt) coming, although she is surprisingly stealthy for her size. She only bathes once a year so she is covered with the remains of her victims.

Many assume that the red tips of her head appendages are her eyes but they glow to attract insects and small predators. She uses the stalks to trap and pull her prey into her maw. She actually senses her environment with the small bumps on her head.

Ruin is rarely seen or heard. His flight and small size allows him to bypass most security measures as sentries usually look down and don’t consider air vents and other tiny passages to be a source of entry. Ruin’s bones are soft so he can squeeze through any cracks his slicing tools can get through. He is especially skilled at slicing and disarming security systems.

The courier droid won’t know what hit it, and it’s remains will be found whenever the packing crates nearby are finally opened.

Wrack is a random figure I found that was missing a head. I replaced it with the body of an ant. (I wanted to use it in a project since I used the head and abdomen in other projects). Zuvio’s BAW blades are her weapons (not that she needs them).
Ruin is a random figure with paper straps, Rose’s zapper and the antenna of a Rogue 1 backpack.
Random droid body with a Korean Model head.
Great work once again. I'm partial to Kallus' Spy Droid. Care to share more pictures?
Great work once again. I'm partial to Kallus' Spy Droid. Care to share more pictures?

I'd be happy to!

Photobucket held my photos hostage and the Postimage lost their domain so all my previous pictures are gone. Instead of reuploading them I intend to take group shots of what I have previously done and post them here. I will do that as time allows.
It's all looking great. That Blurrg paint job is neat and all the sculpting is spot on.

Plus I like the way you did the rock with the cloth. :{J
That blurrg is awesome! Great work on the sculpting and the paint job.
Nice, each one looks like it would be so fun to have! Any chance we could see a shot of the owl creature’s face?
Nice, each one looks like it would be so fun to have! Any chance we could see a shot of the owl creature’s face?

Sure! Sorry about the delay. It was a hectic week. Also, I suck at taking photos. This was the best of 6 that I took of it.

Rouge One

Rouge One is the call sign for this band of (mostly) Zeltron criminals.

Captain Red leads the group. She thought it would be fun to try her hand as a smuggler but was in the wrong place at the wrong time so now she and her crew are all wanted. She travels where her whims take her and goes through crew at a surprising rate.

She is seen here talking to 3 of her crew. Agony and Ecstacy would make excellent courtesans if they remembered to get paid. Since they are identical twins, and they often exchange clothes, one never knows which one they are getting until it is already too late.

Itty Bitty is really considered more of a pet than crew although he (she?) has proven to be very useful as an infiltrator. Itty never speaks but seems to understand what is asked of it. Red was lucky to find Itty in the middle of a mission when her crew was trapped behind enemy lines and her lead scout disappeared on them. Itty created web threads that allowed her crew to escape. Now Itty clears Red's ship of vermin and keeps growing.

Red doesn't keep track of her crew, letting them do their own things. However, she is beginning to suspect they are disappearing rather than going off on their own since they usually leave all their gear and credits behind.

Zeltrons are repainted Yujin toys and Itty Bitty is a painted 3D printed Peacock spider. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2809155

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Here are 2 squads from a criminal gang. Team Green and Team Orange.
They mostly use a Baze Malbus for the base, although many of them have be altered so they aren't all the same. I made a cast of the thigh and knee guard and cut off the shoulder armor and added it to others.

From Stage Right to Stage Left:
Lego alien head repainted
"Deformed" cast of 5th Element alien on a Rose body
Albino Nickto cast
Lego Rey head, model magic scarf
Lego Cthulhu head, Miliput tentacles
"Rampage" Soldier

Team Orange
Spider-man "the Lizard" head, Boba Fett shoulder armor
Kree-O Dragonman head
Interesting rock I found, Boba Fett flamethrower
Purple "Street Fighter" head
"Rampage" Soldier
Custom Myo head on a Rose body
Customized "Marvel Trident" head


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Alien Pickpocket: He frequents the spaceport looking for marks. Sometimes he gets tips from the Customs Officer about who to rob.
Army soldier with custom cast of a Japanese creature.

Corrupt Customs Creature: She will let anything and anyone through for a price.
Yujin figure with a Heroclix Dragonman head.

Ugor "Cleaner": Ugors (SW RPG) are obsessed with trash and this one has figured out that cleaning up for various crime syndicates pays well. He carries his partner that secretes acid strong enough to dissolve most organic matter.
Little does he know that he is about to be "cleaned" by the Defel Assassin Behind him.
TMNT body with Model Magic Head and hands.

Defel Assassin: Translucent Yujin figure, altered and repainted.

I repainted the Delphidian father and son.

The customs gate is from some kind of AP game that came with 2 aliens (I wish I bout 2 of them now).

Plague Doctor: This doctor does many illegal surgeries and body alterations. He also doubles as a poisoner by using his vast knowledge of alien physiology to create lethal and untraceable poisons.
Kylo body and Not-Lego Mask filled with Model Magic with twine hair.

Snopes: (Early Snokes concept art) heads an information Syndicate that uses many criminal practices. His knowledge is unparalleled.
Nute Gunrey? body, GI JOE Cobra Weapon head.

Snopes Right and Left Claws: They both know parts of information/codes so are useless on their own. Not knowing the other half keeps them from removing each other.
The Male is an octopus head with a MCToy Hades body. The Female is also an Octopus toy with a MCToy Aurora? body.

Honorable Snopes Serpentine Squad (Hsss): (Marvel Comics Alien characters). They are highly trained and can kill without weapons, although they have many secreted within their armor.
MCToy figures? with Kree-O Dragon heads.

Servant Lizard: (Also a Marvel Comics Alien). She seems to be mute and attends Snopes and his guests. Little do they know that she is spying on them and also a trained assassin.
Yujin Figure with glass bead texture and a Kree-O Dragon head.
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Moloch VS the Puffer Pigs

Moloch is a simple repaint but when you campare it to the original figure you can see how good the sculpt really was.

The Puffer Pigs are 3 brothers that enjoyed fighting each other so much they became "Enforcers" after winning a brawl with the (Extremely) Drunken Wookie that first called them Puffer Pigs. They are not often taken seriously because of their size, but they are pretty formidable.
Wook is the Oldest and claims credit for taking down the Wookie. His handsome mug has forever been altered by the fight but he is proud of it.
Spanner's good looks have also been altered when a Trandoshan caved his skull in with a Hydrospanner. He isn't as smart as he used to be but can still put up a good fight, especially since he doesn't register pain anymore.
Runt, is the smallest of the litter, but is more cunning than the others. It was his brainchild to become enforcers in the first place.
Puffer Pigs are Wrestler bodies with custom "deformed" casts.
I may give them tattoos later when I can think of good Puffer Pig designs.

3D printed Dingbot (scaled to fit SW)

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Catlee the “Weasel”

Catlee, or usually, “the Weasel” seem to be just another homeless crazy person, doing tricks for some depraved individuals. He is actually the front-person for an illegal Beast Bloodsport Arena.
Patrons give him the code phrase, “Show us your Cockathrice” and he takes them to the secret entrance.

Based on the Character for the 70’s Catweasel TV show (and a true story).

Damn Utinniii that's a hell of a backstory on that homeless guy. Great stuff as usual. :{D

He was intended to be part of a series of figures but I had no time to make the rest.

The actor who played Catweasel propositioned a friend of mine with an abbreviated form of the passphrase.
K-2no, k-2s0 concept art, av-6r8

K-2S0 CONCEPT ART: I started painting this one with the red stripes off a concept art piece but then added my own embellishments.

K-2NO: Was Jyn just lucky when she shot this droid or did she notice his paint was more red than K-2SO's.
This was a repaint where I tried to recreate each scuff from the droid in the movie.

AV-6R8: An Imperial V series Droid Supervisor model. Repaint with the bulbs cut off, the mouth hollowed out and the antenna put in the mouth gap. This droid was seen in ROTJ on the SD.
When looking at some backstage photos of ILM, I noticed they had an industrial mixer which I'm sure was an inspiration for the head of EV-9D9 (and this droid).

Those look great. I remember that AV droid from the DK Visual Guide. I never noticed the droid she shot had red instead of yellow. :{O
First Order Droids

Here are 4 droids.
The first 2 are sentry class droids and the BB Units were based off concept Art.

Sentry 1 has a BAW head, telescoping neck from a floss stick, and 2 straws. The body was a top I won in an arcade.

Sentry 2 has a junk body, straw neck, yo-yo head with a paper clip and floss stick antenna. The eyes are from a nail art bead kit.

BBs are repainted from the Rose Kit with switched heads (the BB-8 might have been from TFA).
Many underworlders like Jabba use perimeter droids to protect their holdings. They have the option of eliminating or capturing trespassers.

The bodies are from a BAW (R1 I think). The bases are clear straws and disposable martini glasses.

Kill has a Transformers head, Baze Malbus gun arms and random military guns.
Capture has a random GI Joe helmet and Dr. Octopus arms from a MacToy. I attached and articulated them using floss sticks.
Love them! That one on the right; Abrams tank base? I can't tell, which makes them even more convincing :wub:
Love them! That one on the right; Abrams tank base? I can't tell, which makes them even more convincing :wub:

Thanks. Most of them were cobbled together from junk I found.

Head: Yujin female character staff
Neck: straws
Claw arms: ??? (The picture doesn't show it well but they are claw arms)
Base: Matchbox? CAT construction vehicle base, R2 leg part, greeblies

Neck: straw. It telescopes a tiny bit
Body: Transformer part??
Base: Robotech tank base?

Head: Gi-Joe Scorpion blaster
Neck: Straws, floss stick (telescopes)
Arms: Hairbrush teeth
Body: Dollar Tree Tank, R1 Astromech greeblie (cast part)
The Verpine Sentinel Droid is base off a mythical creature, long since extinct.

Body is General Grevious
Wings and head are from random Korean models. The head is two separate parts from different models.

Meanwhile, here is a side view of the blue droid.

That Verpine Sentinel Droid is excellent.


I was really pleased with how the Sentinel droid worked out. I've had the fodder for the head possibly since 1997 but 1] it was too large for say, 21-B or 3-P0, and 2] because they are flat, they would look silly on an upright neck. I also wanted to use the wings since then but didn't have a figure that suited them. They are 2 POA BTW, so I can flap them and tuck them down.

I have another set of wings and possibly the material for another head so I make make a second one.
The Verpine sentinel droid is incredible. I love the treadwell style maintenance droids - great use of greeblies!