Update Ships ,carded, Unleashed and CW figures.

Jun 12, 2002
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Simple terms:DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. If you don't have the money do not inquire. Paypal Only add 4% for fee. Parcel post shipping unless you want something different and you pay extra for it. If you say you will take an item I expect you to pay right then or arrange a time with me. I have had tons of people say they want something and then never hear back from them. I WILL GIVE YOU 3 DAYS TO PAY. If no payment is sent it goes to the next buyer.

Shipping is a flat rate of $5.

CW Animated pack with Durge, Grievous and Ventress $15
CW Animated pack with Obi, Annie and ARC Trooper $15
CW Animated Pack with Cody, Obi and Grievous $15
CW Animated Pack with tatoo Annie, Saesee Tin and White Clone trooper $15 All 4 for $70 shipped.
I have the following boxed some loose. PP only plus 4% fee. Shipping is a flat rate of $5

Saga Tie bomber Loose $15 shipped SOLD

POTF2 Y-Wing $45

OTC Vader Tie loose $15

Gray Tie Bomber $30

Large Winged Gray Tie $45 shipped SOLD

large Winged Blue Tie $40

Saga A-wing Window box $15

All the ROTS Star fighters, All opened but with boxes $12 each

ROTS Gunship $55 shipped SOLD

POTF2 Skiff $32

Window box Obi star fighter $19

Window box Annie star figher $19

3-3/4" POTF2 Han and Tauntaun $50 shipped

TAC Tins loose with sealed figures $9 shipped each ALL SOLD

Opened and carded Unleashed. Inquire about the ones you want. Prices very.