Update On TVC R5-D4


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Aug 21, 2021
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I hope you don't have a bad motivator, you Rebelscum! Apparently some fans noticed in the reveal photos that the upcoming VC R5-D4 is missing his red stripes on the back... just like the VC 40 version... and the Saga Collection version before that one.

Take heart ye Rebelscum! Hasbro has offered the following update:
We wanted to share an update with you regarding the design of the recently announced Star Wars: The Vintage Collection R5-D4 figure. Based on fan feedback, we became aware that the figure as revealed did not include the distinct three red stripes on the back of his drum. We are excited to share that the figure is in the process of being updated and when shipped, will have the three red stripes included on the figure.

Thank you again for being one of our biggest fans and for your continued support of Hasbro Star Wars.

So let's crack open a cold Red Stripe or three for our boy R5-D4!

What do you think Rebelscum? Will this be enough to convince you to buy (or re-buy as the case may be) this droid? Or were you planning on getting him anyway to go along with the upcoming TVC Mando N-1 Starfighter that's in the works? Let us know below!

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About time. So far as I've seen, the only R5-D4 that gets his back anywere close to right is the first one from the 1970s. I've had to customise all the other ones I've gotten.
Now, if they can just give it a proper R5 antenna instead of the short weird segmented one Hasbro invented.