Underworld, Jedi V. Sith, and more

Sep 9, 2000
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In case anyone is interested, Underworld #5 (2 covers again) finally shipped this week along with Jedi VS Sith #3. Also, last week Tales #8 (2 covers) shipped.

I didn't get the comic shop until this week, and I picked up all the variant covers (including a DF gold foil variant cover of J vs. S #1). Needless to say, it was an expensive week at the comic shop.

Haven't had a chance to read them yet, so I don't have any reviews.


I accidentaly picked up a copy of Jedi vs. Sith #3 today.... Man is it bad. I now remember why I passed on Jedi vs. Sith #1. Did Lucasfilm (or whomever) approve this??? What is Dark Horse trying to do, kill the Star Wars line???

I wonder if I can return it to the comic shop? I'd even accept 1/2 my money back.

Between this story and the art on Star Wars: Infinities, I am absolutely sure that Dark
Horse is trying to kill their license w/ Lucas....


Well, I like the art in Infinities but JEdi Vs. Sith is awful. Its as bad as Tales of the Jedi which is the most overrated pile crap series of comics ever.

Star Wars Tales has a great cover but little to no worthy content.

The Hunt for Aurra Sing started strong but them petered out. I'm hoping the last issue is worth it.

Does anyone else find it very disturbing that you know all the prequel Jedi characters must die badly? And you know roughly when it will happen.