Ultimate Versions of the Main Cast from A New Hope

May 13, 2007
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Cornwall, England
Dear Hasbro,

I've been out of the collecting loop for some time and it's dawned on me that we haven't seen super articulated, definitive versions of the heroes from ANH for quite some time. For example, the last Han Solo from ANH in his standard costume that we got was in the Vintage Collection as Yavin Ceremony back in 2012, for Luke it was in a battle pack in 2010 (Resurgence of the Force) and poor Leia hasn't seen a fully articulated entry since 2004 in her iconic outfit.

So I want to ask simply, what gives? With all the new tooling and paint applications you've been able to produce, why haven't we seen a brand new Luke, Han and Leia from ANH? They're my hotly wanted items and it is a little disappointing that should we want these characters we either have to shell out on eBay paying secondary market value or settling for the 5 POA sculpts for Han and Leia from a few years back.

I'm sure I'm not alone with this train of thought.