Ultimate Droid Collection 70 plus

Aug 1, 2006
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FS a collection of droids 70 of them. They are droids from all the carded collections, BADs, exclusives, and pack ins. This is about every individual droid sold over the last 15 years.

5d6ra7, arc170 droid, b1-17, c3px, cb3d, death star droid, g8r3, k3po, k3px, mbra7, med droid, r1g4, r2 whistler, r2a6, r2b1, r2c4, r2d2 (x2), r2l3, r2m5, r2q2, r2q5, r2r9, r2t0, r2t7, r2x2, r301, r3a2, r3m3, r3po (x2), r3t2, I5-YQ, r3t6, r3t7, r3y2, r419, r4a22, r4d6, r4e1, r4f5, r4g9, r4h5, r4j1, r4k5, r4m6, r4m9, r4p44, r4pi1, r507, r557, r5a2, r5c7, r5d4, R5-G19, r5j2, r5k6, r5m2, r5p9, r720, r7t1, ra7 (x2), tc14, Wedges droid from X wing, R4-P17, GNK Droid, Treadwell droid.

All are in baggies. I can send pics if wish. You will spend $$$$ and hours and days if you can even find some of these. I will not break this collection up seeking $400. I take paypal or square. Shipping estimated to be $15.
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