TVC Figrin D'an Review


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Aug 21, 2021
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We don't do weddings Rebelscum. Check out our review of the latest incarnation of the front man of everyone's favorite Bith band! There have been several versions of the Modal Nodes band members over the years, but the latest TVC version might just be the best. Featuring a great head sculpt and lots of articulation, he looks great!

Pick up a carded version here!

Or get the band back together with the army builder pack here!

Spin him around in 360 view!

What do you think of the latest Modal Node mold in 3.75 scale, Rebelscum? Do you think it's the best one yet? Do you prefer to get the army builder pack that Hasbro released, or do you prefer to collect them on a cardback? Let us know below!

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