FS Transformers - Masterpiece, Universe, Generations, Last Knight, Combiner Wars, PotP

Feb 9, 2005
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Hello all – I recently cleaned out my storage shed and cameacross my unopened collection (most MINT, a couple that are not are notedbelow) that I just don’t have room for and don’t *spark* joy.

I’ve been a member of these boards for years along with Rebelscum,bluray.com, ********Gamer, with positive feedback. Also my eBay screenname isJobsEye, where you can see I hold 100% positive feedback.

Payment will be accepted via Paypal, friends and family.Items will be shipped USPS priority mail. Please note I am only shipping to theUS at the moment. Shipping is included in the price of the larger items –Masterpiece, Devastator – but please add $5 shipping for deluxe itemsunless you are buying multiple. Reasonable offers are accepted especially themore you buy.

Rather than post the ton of pics here please shoot me a pmand I can either text or email you pics of what you are interested in.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks forlooking!

Power of the Primes
Jazz (deluxe) - $15
Wreck-gar (deluxe) - $20
Rodimus Prime (leader) - $50

Combiner Wars
Devastator - $240 (box dinged) (PENDING)
Ultra Magnus (leader) - $60

Junkheap (deluxe) - $20

Rodimus Minor (deluxe) - $30

The Last Knight
Cogman (deluxe) (Premier) - $25
Hot Rod (deluxe) (Walmart exclusive) - $20 (PENDING)
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