FS Transformers Generations Kup, Blurr and Warpath, LOOSE

Apr 25, 2005
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Hi all, I've got a few Transformers Generations figures for sale. All are in excellent condition, with their pack-in instructions and are from a Non-smoker home. All the figures are complete except Warpath. His original shoulder missile was lost. In it's stead I have a similarly coloured missile, but it doesn't fire. I'm in Quebec Canada, but I get a discount on my shipping, and I can work out a price that's fair. I accept Paypal only, and all prices are in US funds, minus shipping.

Sergent Kup-14$ + shipping SOLD!
Warpath-12$ + shipping: SOLD!
Blurr-12$ (Note...this Blurr I bought didn't have the red paint on his knee armor, but is otherwise in superb condition and complete) + shipping

34$ plus shipping for the Lot

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