WTB Trade POTF LUKE battle poncho sealed for 1999 POTF2 Greedo Yellow Pins

Jan 7, 2020
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Los Angeles California

As the title states I’m looking for a 1999 POTF2 Greedo with yellow Pins

I’d like him both sealed and loose I know this is a long shot but I’d trade him straight up for my
I included a photo of the different versions of Greedo. The common version has green pins.
The later repainted versions

OTC original trilogy collection and the Bar section collection are very different

(Orange/darker grey Boots, dark orange vest, silver belt and darker green skin ect)

1985 POTF Luke in battle poncho (Endor gear) sealed figure

I figure they are about equal value
If you only have one then we can negotiate
Or if you only want cash we can do that too

Do not message me asking to buy him as I only want to trade my Luke if you got what I need, he goes back into the archives if the trade doesn’t happen.

The Luke was purchased from a trusted source on Instagram @galactic_toys_plus
Not too long ago. Can send fresh photos
His packaging is not mint or the best but he is sealed and not close to the worse I’ve seen.

My Instagram user name is the same as my handle

Figured the only way I’d get any attention is to trade a highly valued vintage figure for mine, as not too many people care to even start looking through their potf2 stuff.

I’ve tried eBay for a long time but most people don’t even know of this variant to take a side photo of greedo

I’ve messaged everyone selling one to the point that eBay put a cap on how many people I can message

This is the last figure I need to complete my POTF2 run and I’d really like to just complete it.

Located in Los Angeles
Thank you