TOY Liscense

Jul 24, 2007
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Dear , i am an avid collector of SW action figures, and would like to know, if anyone can answer, why is it that Hasbro has the contract for almost everything SW?

In the begining, Kenner took the line with it's new concept of action figure toys for boys. Hasbro bought Kenner at some point, and continued the line. Since 95 they have produced many great and wonderful figures, improving as they went. They have bought other companys that also had liscensing for toys, such as Galoob, and Wizards of the coast. Many people on would complain that Hasbro has screwed up just about everything in more recent years. For instance, they bought Galoob, that had a wonderful line of action fleet toys, and Hasbro started making repaints and basically gave us the same toys that Galoob had already given, and when they didn't sell, they cancelled the line. They bought Wizards, and the mini figures look no where as good as they did prior to Hasbro touching them.

If they cannot get the toys right, if they cannot listen to the fans and collectors that have complained about the same figures being re-released for so long, and hardly any new charactors coming to light, then shouldn't it be time for Hasbro to pass the torch onto a toy company that actually cares about what the "Consumer" wants to see and buy?