Topps Card Tins for sale

Jul 31, 2004
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I have 3 Topps star wars tins filled with various cards, mostly Episode I and II.These were bought from TRU when the movies came out for 19.99 each. They had the tin, a foil card, and 9(?) packs of cards. Some vintage cards have made their way in to them. I believe there are complete sets for I and II as well as stickers and some foils. The tins have on them:Obi wan for EPI, Jango Fett from EPII and Dooku from EPII. Again they are filled with random cards from different series but mostly EPI and EPII. I am not sure which ones have the complete sets, if you buy the lot then you are bound to get them. I would like 10.00 a piece for them or 35.00 shipped for the lot.