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Oct 30, 2001
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Haves: All are C-9 or better. Shipping is $4 total for USPS priority mail(in the US) confirmed for any number of figures you buy. For trades, we would each
pay our own costs. I have completed several trades/sales on BHC, and have 1000+ rating on ebay(starbeanie). I prefer Paypal but will take money orders
from US residents.

POTF2 FF At-St Driver $60
POTF2 FF Bespin Luke .00 $18
POTF2 FF Boba Fett full circles $75
POTF2 FF Captain Piett $18
POTF2 FF Darth Vader $15
POTF2 FF Darth Vader removable $20
POTF2 FF Darth Vader removable clear pink sabre (card is Warped) $25
POTF2 FF Death Star Trooper $15
POTF2 FF Emperor Palpatine $8
POTF2 FF Emperors Royal Guard $15
POTF2 FF Garindan $30
POTF2 FF Grand Moff Tarkin $9
POTF2 FF Nien Numb $12 PENDING
POTF2 FF Ree-Yees $15
POTF2 FF Snowtrooper $12
POTF2 FF Stormtrooper $10
POTF2 FF Tie Fighter Pilot $50
POTF2 FF Zuckuss $20
POTF2 Green At-St Driver coll 3 standup bubble $15
POTF2 Green Ben Kenobi standup bubble $15
POTF2 Green holo Luke Ceremonial coll 2 .00 $25
POTF2 Green Lando Calrissian $40
POTF2 Green Tusken Raider closed hand $25
POTF2 Green Tusken Raider standup bubble $15
POTF2 Red C-3PO Japanese green tint $25
POTF2 Red Darth Vader SS/LT $30
POTF2 Red Darth Vader SS/ST free with purchase of the Vader SSS/ST
POTF2 Red Darth Vader SSS/ST micro saber $85
POTF2 Red Luke Dagobah SS/ST standup bubble $25
POTF2 Red Luke Jedi black vest indented saber not listed in guide $50
POTF2 Red Luke X-wing LS/LT .00 $25
POTF2 Red Tie Fighter Pilot .02 $25
POTF2 Red Tusken Raider open hand $50
POTF2 Red Yoda .01 $25

Wants: I will trade generously for any of these
POTF Yak Face c-8+ MOC
Trilogo Yak Face c-9+ MOC
SW C-3PO 12back c-9 MOC
SW Death Squad Commander 12back c-9 MOC
SW Hammerhead 20/21 back c-9 MOC
SW Death Star Droid 20/21 back c-9 MOC
ESB C-3PO removable c-9 CB MOC
ESB Hoth Snowtrooper c-9 CB MOC
ESB At-At driver c-9 CB MOC
Droids R2-D2 US card c-9 CB MOC
Droids C-3PO US card c-9 CB MOC

ROTJ Laser Rifle MIB (the gun, not the carrying case)

SW "Toy Galaxy" shelf talker
ESB Sweepstakes shelf talker
ESB Shelf talker cardboard
ESB Shelf talker embossed plastic
ROTJ Anakin offer shelf talker
Palitoy SW shelf talker (does this exist??)
Palitoy ESB "Toys Are Here" shelf talker

Original Hildebrandt pencils of Vader's head or R2-D2/C-3po pair from movie poster art
(provenance required, I have other items available to trade for these)

Email me at

Thanks, Starbeanie

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Feb 20, 2002
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I need the Ree Yees and Zuckuss, but I'll go with your E Bay auctions..perhaps I can get them cheaper that way.