Tons O' Stuff for sale!

Oct 2, 2003
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Tons O\' Stuff for sale!

Clone Wars

ARC Trooper

$8 for both

Episode I

Battle Droid (Sliced)
Boss Nass
Captain Tarpals
Chancellor Valorum
Darth Sidious
Destroyer Droid
Mace Windu
Ody Mandrell with Otoga 222 Pit Droid
Qui-Gon Jinn (Naboo)
Ric Olie
Senator Palpatine
Tatooine Accessory Set

$35 for all 17

Expanded Universe

Spacetrooper $20

Power Of The Force 2

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi Orange Card
Boba Fett Orange Card
C-3PO Orange Card
Chewbacca Orange Card
Darth Vader Orange Card
Greedo Orange Card
Han Solo Orange Card
Han Solo in Carbonite Orange Card
Han Solo in Hoth Gear Orange Card
Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker Orange Card
Lando Calrissian Orange Card
Luke Skywalker Orange Card
Luke Skywalker in Dagobah Fatigues Orange Card
Luke Skywalker in X-Wing Fighter Pilot Gear Orange Card
Princess Leia Organa Orange Card
R2-D2 Orange Card
Stormtrooper Orange Card
Tatooine Stormtrooper (Sandtrooper) Orange Card
Yoda Orange Card

$40 for all 19

2-1B Medic Droid Green Card
4-Lom Green Card
ASP-7 Droid Green Card
AT-ST Driver Green Card
Bespin Han Solo Green Card
Bib Fortuna Green Card
Bossk Green Card
C-3PO Green Card
Death Star Gunner Green Card
Dengar Green Card
Emperor Palpatine Green Card
Emperor's Royal Guard Green Card
Garindan (Long Snoot) Green Card
Grand Moff Tarkin Green Card
Greedo Green Card
Han Solo in Endor Gear Green Card
Hoth Rebel Soldier Green Card
Jawas Green Card
Lando Calrissian as Skiff Guard Green Card
Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear Green Card
Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise Green Card
Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead) Green Card
Ponda Baba Green Card
Princess Leia Organa Green Card
Princess Leia Organa as Jabba's Prisoner Green Card
R5-D4 Green Card
Rebel Fleet Trooper Green Card
Sandtrooper Green Card
Tusken Raider Green Card
Weequay Skiff Guard Green Card
Yoda Green Card

$65 for all 31

AT-AT Driver x2 Freeze Frame $10 each
Darth Vader with Removable Helmet x2 Freeze Frame $10 each
Death Star Droid with Mouse Droid x2 Freeze Frame $12 each
Orrimaarko (Prune Face) Freeze Frame $10
Pote Snitkin Freeze Frame $10
Ree-Yees x2 Freeze Frame $12 each

or $55 for all 6 (1 of each)

Final Jedi Deul Cinema Scene $15
Cantina Aliens Cinema Scene $15
Cantina Showdown Cinema Scene $15
Rebel Piolts Cinema Scene $25
Death Star Escape Cinema Scene $25
Jabba's Skiff Guards Cinema Scene $25
Purchase of the Droids Cinema Scene $15
Jedi Spirits Cinema Scene $15
Jabba the Hutt's Dancers Cinema Scene $12

or $140 for all 9

All four Princess Leia Collection 2 packs $30

Power Of The Jedi

B-Wing with Pilot Vehicle $90
Tie Interceptor with Pilot Vehicle $75
At-St with Speeder Bike & Ewok Vehicle $85
Y-Wing with Pilot (Target exclusve, only 4 per store distributed!) $100

Special Edition

2002 Holiday Edition (C-3PO and R2-D2) Wal-Mart Exclusive $40
2003 Holiday Edition (Yoda) $25
Boba Fett 300th Figure x2 (White and green versions) $16
R2-D2 (Silver Anniversary) Toys R Us Exclusive $20

Cantina Band Member (loose) Fan Club Exclusive $8
Mace Windu Fan Club x2 Sneak Preview $8

Stormtrooper Troop Builder 4 pack x2 $25
Sandtrooper Troop Builder 4 pack $30
Rebel Trooper Troop Builder 4 pack $30

or $75 for all 3 (1 of each)

Star Wars Saga

Boba Fett (Kamino Escape)
Clone Trooper
Clone Trooper (Republic Gunship Pilot)
Dexter Jettster (Coruscant Informant)
Djas Puhr (Alien Bounty Hunter)
Endor Rebel Soldier Beardless Variant
Jango Fett (Kamino Escape)
Luke Skywalker (Bespin Duel) Plastic Peg
Luminara Unduli (Jedi Master)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Coruscant Chase)
R2-D2 (Coruscant Sentry)
Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV Defender)
Taun We (Kamino Cloner)
Teemto Pagalies (Pod Racer)
Tusken Raider (Female with Tusken Child)
Tusken Raider with Massiff
Watto (Mos Espa Junk Dealer)
Yoda (Jedi Master)
Zam Wesell (Bounty Hunter)
Aayla Secura (Jedi Knight)
Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon)
C-3PO (Tatooine Ambush)
Darth Vader (Death Star Clash)
Darth Vader (Throne Room Duel)
Lt. Dannl Faytonni (Coruscant Outlander Club)
R2-D2 (Droid Factory Flight)
Snowtrooper (The Battle of Hoth)
SP-4 & JN-66 (Research Droids)
WA-7 (Dexter's Diner)
Yoda & Chian (Padawan Lightsaber Training)

$125 for all 31

Other Saga

Imperial Forces 4 Pack $35

Trash Compactor Set #1 $50 for both
Trash Compactor Set #2

I can negotiate prices if you buy multiple lots.

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