TIE Fighter - Updated Cockpit

Nov 10, 2004
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Crap! Crap! Crap!!!

WHY!!!!!!! Why are the viewports tinted red?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit all to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I know that blue is more screen accurate, but I was really hoping for a light Imperial Grey version of the Tie Interceptor. to match with the Tie Fighters.

I'm gonna go cry in a corner now.

What a difference a few years make! And boy, oh, boy was I wrong about this TIE FIGHTER! It is awesome! The best Tie Fighter ever created by Hasbro... by ten country miles! I've even grown to love the red tinted viewport that i originally complained so much about!

I love this Tie Fighter so much that I have replaced my entire squadron of 30 SAGA COLLECTION Tie Fighters with these Legacy Collection Ties... and Ive gotten a few additional ones on top of that! Currently creeping up on 40 of these bad boys now...
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