The Walking Dead Propa and Replicas

Feb 9, 2002
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Austria / Europe
just wondering if there are any TWD prop collectors here. I just started so my collection is pretty small yet but I would love to know what everyone else has and where / how you got it.

well I got this two Gentle Giants pieces

and this replica of Michonnes katana. it is NOT a official one but good enough for me to be displayed. I know the white wrapping should be a bit more but for the price of just 30,- I am happy with it

Right now I am looking to get Merle´s Arm RPG Replica, altough it might need some work to look more accurate, but I think its a nice point to start with.

As for weapons, well its pretty hard to get your hand on guns and some kind of knifes over here, escpecially Carol´s knifte with the brass knuckles handle is extremly hard to get being a forbidden weapon over here :p
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