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Feb 21, 2014
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Mandalorian LogoOrange-tiny-cropped.png
Crawl completeFinal.png

"Ya know, Moff Eitrix used to have a better decor."

"Quiet scum, we'll arrive in a moment and you'll be respectful."

"Of course."
[A few days ago I get a message from old Moff Eitrix of Brumii. I did some work for him a few years ago. The New Republic technically rules over the sector but this particular system is so far out they don't have any presence of significance. So he kept quiet and apparently is in hiding.]
"Down this hallway."

"Keep moving."

[It's not unexpected for him to take refuge. Eitrix was a wealthy Old Republic Senator turned Moff for the Empire. While he kept a balanced hand with his populace the rebellion still considered him an Imperial sympathizer.]
"This way."

[I suppose all things considering he's making due. Eitrix's wealth and power has kept him some small amount of power in the system.]

[Keeping himself tucked away deep in this bunker away from the populous once most of the Imperials left the system to keep from the wrath of insurrectionists.]
"This is it."


[This seems... odd.]


[They seem a little jumpy.]

"Hmm... interesting."

"The Red Crescent?"
"Quiet Scum."
[Interesting. The Red Crescent also known as the Dark Moon was an old guild of assassins that worked everywhere from the outer rim to the deep core.]

[They were supposedly mostly all hunted down during the Old Republic days.]
*Beeps and clicks*
++Entry Granted++
"So... I'm just supposed to walk in?"
"Go inside."

"You two are staying out here?"
"I said go inside."

"...... "


-Door closes-
"Ah come in Mando."

"Come closer, I'm sorry for the misdirection. But these days one cannot be too careful"

[This is unnexpected. But Jerriko using a Dark Moon hideaway makes more sense.]
"What are you doing here Jerriko? Where's Moff Eitrix?"

"Oh Jarash? Sadly he fell to insurrectionists about a year ago. When New Republic forces made their half hearted attempt to drive off the few imperials here and hold the system. I've been keeping his trophy wife around for the security codes, pay for the troop details and... other things."

"One can't be too careful in these, turbulent times. Don't you agree Mando?"
"Sure..." [This is bad.]

"Here you are sir freshly extracted."
"Ah thank you SC14, place it down and leave us."

"What do you want me for? A bounty?"

"Because Mando, the prey I need you to seek is very illusive. And for this hunt discretion is needed. Here's my gathered information so far. You'll receive half the bounty up front just for information on the query's location. The rest upon receipt of the merchandise... alive."

"Hmmm... these logs are from over thirty years ago, pre-Empire."
"Yes... the prey I need you to hunt has been illusive for some time."

"And you think they're even still alive?"
"Oh yes... their soup is one I know has survived."

"O... kay. For the amount you're offering I'll at least look into it."
[Seems Jerriko retained Eitrix's wealth for the price he's offering. Jerriko's playing to his reputation, maybe he likes the legends told about him.]

"I'll be in touch..."

"Good Mando, I"ll be waiting..."

To be continued...
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Dec 24, 2013
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Central Europe
Thanks for posting this. I'm glad to see making photo novels and such hasn't died. I like your wall and floor pieces. Did you make them yourself? If so, how did you do it? Pieces like that could trim a good deal of time off what the things I make - though I haven't done much in a while.
Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
Thanks for posting this. I'm glad to see making photo novels and such hasn't died. I like your wall and floor pieces. Did you make them yourself? If so, how did you do it? Pieces like that could trim a good deal of time off what the things I make - though I haven't done much in a while.
Hey thanks! The walls and such are just Owens Corning XPS foam sheets (different thicknesses) I got from Home Depot. I grove-detailed and painted with cheap acrylic paint (prepped them with a 50/50 mix of modge-podge and primer). (Check out Black Magic Craft's YouTube channel.. he does it for D&D tabletop pieces and I just measured out larger versions)

I've always been a fan of photonovels and my poor attempt at it pales in comparison to some of the other great creators here but I wanted to toss in a small story I came up with to give me something do while i was in lockdown.
Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
*Door closes with a shhhffft sound*

Mando :"....."


Stormtrooper: "You'll be leaving through the communications center."
Mando: "Oh? why is that?"


Stormtrooper: "The Moff likes keeping this quiet down here scum. No one leaves from the same entrance when this deep."
Mando: "Mind telling me which way?"


Stormtrooper: "Down the hall and to the left."
Mando: "The.. Moff, does like his privacy."

*Chatter and conversations in the small communications center*
Ep2-1.jpg Ep2-2.jpg

Ep2-3.jpg Ep2-4.jpg
[Seems Moff Eitrix's fortune is still large enough to keep some of the imperials paid and employed down here.]


Mando: ".....I'm heading out, the ... Moff, has assigned me a bounty."
Stormtrooper: "Alright, straight on out and take a left and then to the right."

[Jerriko doesn't care about holding the system as a personal enclave. Maybe he's got deals with others.]

[Eventually Jerriko will move on, word is he never stays in a place too long he's too old with too many enemies left in his wake. Maybe the Imps think he will.]

[Perhaps it isn't the late Moff's fortune keeping them around.]
[Maybe they just don't have way out of the sector without being turned over to the New Republic.]

[The bounty, an old man called Xarix in his 60's hiding in the Halasian system. It's a bit far out there.]

[Halasia was decimated a few years back. Imps bombarded it to quell an uprising by its populous. The civil population learned of the defeat of the Empire at the battle of Yavin and decided in an emotional outburst to try and overthrow the local imperial garrison.]

[Unfortunately the rebels were still on the run as the Imperial Navy hunted them and went on a bloodthirsty campaign of retribution to any system trying to join the alliance or rising up against the Empire.]

[Xarix was an imperial communications technician who served since the clone wars. Jerriko's intel showed he retired on Halasia prior to the Imperial pounding of the rebels there.]

[Hopefully I can flag down a speeder and buy a ride. It's a long walk back to the Razorcrest.]

[Hmm no guards.]
[This alternate entrance is hidden?]



[At least I don't have to deal with anyone else...]

[Spoke too soon...]


Miika: "Mando! Hey, overhere!"

[What is she doing here?]
Miika: "I was hoping you'd exit this way. Did you need a ride?"

Mando: "Hello Miika."

Mando: "That depends, how much?"

Mika: "Oh no credits this time. I heard you were meeting the Moff."

[I wasn't even out of the bunker and somehow people know this?]

Mando: "Well,.. yea..."

Miika: "I was hoping he gave you some information on an old bounty? Perhaps a pre-imperial mission gone wrong?"

[So I must not have been the first one Jerriko's gave the bounty to search for.]

Mando: "He gave me some info on an old bounty he's looking information on."

Miika: "Ah. Wonderful! Our interests intertwine then! I'd like to tag alon-"

Mando: "No."

Miika: "Ya know, its a long walk back to the docking port."

Mando: "Okay, I'll take the bait. What's in it for you?"

Miika: "Oh nothing hugely important I just want to tag along to find out information the bounty may know."

[Sighs. Here it comes...]

Miika "This Xarix was in a battle on the planet Phosmai during the early years of the Clone Wars. I need some information regarding his unit may have come across."

Mando: "Move over..."

Miika: "Ha! I knew you were reasonable."

Mando: "No I just don't trust your piloting skills."

Miika: "Hey! Grrr."

Mando: "You know I'm joking."

Miika: "Sometimes I wonder."

Mando: "So why not go to Phosmai yourself?"
Miika: "Hngh. I tried that already."

Mando: "You sure this thing will make it to the spaceport?"

Miika: "The guy I bought it from said it's fine. Just rough looking."

Mando: "So what makes you think this guy will remember something from a battle 30 years ago."

Miika: "Trust me, if what I think happened there back then is true it's something he'll never forget."


Mando: "So do I even want to know?"
Miika: "Sure it'll make the trip to the spaceport go faster."


To be continued....

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Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
Miika: "I'm glad the sun is coming up, I always get nervous traveling at night on this planet."
Mando: "Why's that?"
Miika: "There's speeder bike gangs roaming the grasslands picking off lone travelers or small caravans."

Mando: "My ship's only a few more-"
Miika: "Hey turn here! Left at this rocky formation."
Mando: "What? Why?"
Miika: "It's where I set up my camp here on-planet. I need some things."
Mando: "....."

Ep2-48a.png Ep2-49a.png Ep2-50a.png Ep2-51a.png

Mando: "....."
Miika: "It's not much but it's been helpful to keep out of sight."

Mando: "... droids..."
Miika: "Yes? What about them?"
Mando: "I.. don't usually work with droids..."
*Hummming subsides slowly*
Miika: "You'll have to trust me, they're harmless."
Mando: "....."

Mando: "What's the information this old tech has?"
Miika: "It's more of an old myth and legend. About a place on Phosmai."

Mando: "So what do you think happened to this guy on Phosmai?"
Miika: "Xarix was part of a GAR unit that was there to intercept a droid reconnaissance force. For some reason the clankers were trying to establish a base or something in the middle of one of Phosmai's deserts."

Mando: "Phosmai's so far out in the outter rim it's not very tactically useful."
Miika: "I found out some old Count in the confederated planets was using the sep army to search for some artifact in Phosmai's red deserts."

Mando: "Artifact?"
Miika: "Eh.. its really more just a hunch. Xarix's unit reported seeing some odd rock formations before they pulled out of the area that may have been more then they realized."

Mando: "An Ancient civilizations ruins they didn't recognize."
Miika: "Something like that."

Mando: "Whoah!'
Miika: *gasps* "What?!"
Mando: "Back off droid!"
Ep2-60a.png Ep2-61a.png

GRC-53 *zzzzt... * "Mizzterrrzzz Meeeeeeka. Welcome back."

Miika: "Ah, no Mando its ok, he's fine. Hello Grease. Mando this is GRC-53. My maintenance droid."

Mando: "Hmmph. Is that all?
Miika: "Well no, he also helps as personal security on occasion."
Mando: "I see..."


GRC53: "I am programmed to keep the Mizzterrzz safe."
Mando: "Mmhmm... I'll remember that."
Miika: "Grease, Mando and I are heading off-planet for a few days. Please fuel the speeder and return it here once we leave the spaceport."
GRC53: "Yezz Mizzterrzzz."

Mando : "....."

Miika: "Come on I've got the map data I needed."
Mando: "Fine..."

Ep2-70a.png Ep2-71a.png Ep2-72a.png

Ep2-73a.png Ep2-74a.png Ep2-75a.png

To be continued...
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Mar 25, 2004
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Great Caesar's Ghost! A new photonovel! Saints by praised!

"Sonny, I haven't seen a photonovel around these parts since long before you were born!"


Thanks so much for posting this! I'm afraid we're in the twilight of the gods time with the art form. I remember when photonovels stampeded across these plains in great numbers. Now they're been hunted to extinction.

But this is terrific and wonderful! Probably the first Mandalorian photonovel out there!

On a technical level, this is spectacular! The dioramas are amazing. Great work on the custom figure. Great work on all the sets and the set dressing! (there is one picture that has some digital gunk from your compositing that you didn't clean up, so maybe take a look at that!)

Really digging the story, too. Lots of intrigue, lots of mystery. Can't wait to see where this is going.

But, so far, it's been a blast and a delight. So wonderful to see someone making an all-new photonovel these days.

Such a crime no one's doing them (mostly) anymore and the once tenuous, fickle and ever-shrinking audience has all but dried up and blown away.

I'd recommend posting to Yakface, as well. There is still the faintest blips of a PN community over there, but mostly it's just Chewie posting 2-3 Rykrof chapters a year, though the commenters do come out of the woodwork for that still. So you may have a little better luck than here at RS!

Don't think any of the other sites out there have a pulse, alas.

Great job!!!
Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
Thanks for the comments guys I really appreciate it!

I've been slowly working on the next few chapters. But it's been going slow and I had to cut an entire scene with Miika and Mando getting attacked by a speeder bike gang, I took over 50 pics for the scene and in the end scrapped it because the lighting and the "movement" of the story wasn't coming together for it. I may reshoot it later once i weave some story line threads into it.

Also I hadn't even thought of posting this at Yakface lol. I emailed the guys over at PhotonovelAlliance a while back but they haven't gotten back to me yet. I may go over to yakface once I get more of it shot.. but the old beasts here at RS were my original stomping grounds so i like uploading here 1st.

20200701_054905.jpg 20200705_050219.jpg 20200702_064700.jpg 20200705_055837.jpg
Also I hadn't even thought of posting this at Yakface lol. I emailed the folks over at Photonovelalliance a while back but they haven't gotten back to me yet. I may go over to yakface once I get more of it shot.. but the old beasts here at RS were my original stomping grounds so i like uploading here 1st.

20200705_061348.jpg 20200705_064958.jpg 20200705_065342.jpg 20200706_150802.jpg
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Feb 21, 2014
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Rezikai had to go back to work this month so the PN shots slowed down. However... i also did some shots... here's a rough lighting test of an underworld area... I was thinking Nar Shadda... or deep down inside Coruscant... this part takes place much later in the PN story... but I came across some HIPS styrene and wanted to make the street/merchant signs so i tossed in some trash some custom figs and some styrofoam to get some lighting tests done.
20200818_145134 - Copy.jpg
Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
Thanks Lance_Quazar! somethings up with the forum though I've tried loading about a dozen or so pics for a the next small step in the series but it tells me my image is too large each time no matter how small i make it.... is it a bug does anyone know?
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Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
Brumii Planes landing field.​


"Move over for inspection please*

*Kzt Kzt mmpotii*

"Over please..."​



"Please park your vehicle in line for inspection."​


"You will see everything is in order sir."
"We'll see."​

"Please cut off your repulsors and await your turn in line."

"Look I don't care if you are the artist that sculpted it. General Syndulla's orders, no art is to leave the planet unless authorized by the New Republic Interior Administration."​


"He's got a whole bunch of these in his speeder Captain."

"Do you think they suspect anything?" -
"Nah, no way. They're just going through the spaceport routines."
"They leave the gate partially open to keep it from accidently locking up when it malfunctions. We can dash through without a scratch."
"I see... The gunner up top is dozing off he's so bored. As soon as the pair of gate crew get away from the opening I'll fast start and punch us through."


#8 ajpeg.jpg

Mando- You sure we can skip the security check? We shouldn't have to you know."
Miika- "Yup the head of security knows me. Besides This way I get off this grassy rock quicker and I'm sick of it."
#8 bjpeg.jpg

"Hey STOP!"

#8 cjpeg.jpg

Sssshhkkkkttttrrrrmmmmmmmmm vrmmmmm


Mando - "Seems some of the locals are tearing out of here."

Miika - "Lt. Aversly! Are you OK!?"
#11jpeg.jpgLt. Aversly - "Miika!? I'm fine! Get you and your friends out of here! We're shutting down the port."
#11 ajpeg.jpg Miika - "Ok we're leaving planet literally as we speak."​

Miika - "Since they're closing down the space port the speeder will be stuck here. GR3ZE seems you'll be coming with us."
Mando - "Hey, he's not coming."
Miika - "Thannnk-y-you. Mizzterrrezz."


Mando - "You're not coming!"
Miika - "No problem Grease. We better get airborne quick before they decide to shut it all down."
Mando - "Are you not hearing me?"


*~To be continued~*

PN Chapter End Titlepage1Small.png


Next time....


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Mar 25, 2004
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Welcome back! So happy to see a new installment of this story! Keep 'em coming! I liked the tension in this one and how Mando's plan was almost screwed up by outsiders with their own agenda. Wish there was a little more for Mando to do. Maybe they also had to make a run for it since the guards were going to shut the whole thing down?

Still very entertaining and awesome mix of digital and practical elements! Very good dialogue, too! "Are you not hearing me?"! :D

Awesome! LOVE seeing a great new PN coming down the pike!
Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
The next chapter starts slow (like all my stories/chapters do) but it heats up eventually. With work and real life it means less time to shoot pictures and add in lazer-shooty effects... so I kinda customed my own. *shrugs* Here's some of the exposition shots (i love exposition I can't help it...)

Also some back-lore of the planet our pair go to below. (I mixed my other favorite franchise into the Star Wars universe)... but it's all fan-fiction and i make the rules so it

#2Final-jpg-preview.jpg #13Final-jpg-preview.jpg 15.jpg


Long ago the snow and forested covered world was said to worship a slew of deities. Early on Halasians worshiped a pair of twin deities of Valor and Love but they soon fell to more warrior like deities like gods of War and Rage.

After eons of battles among themselves most Halasians found solace in the scales of balance and the judgement of a new pantheon of deities of Justice. Aside from occasional wars among smaller city states Halasia grew from its infancy of non-space fairing history.

However.... the first hyperspace travelers to come to Halasia were the Rakatan Empire. The Infinite Empire enslaved much of Halasia's near human populous for generations. Later after the fall of the Rakatan's most Halasians gave up their religious following save for a few that kept the faiths until a group of "magic users" came with great power and fury. Halasians settled into their life of self reclusion as great empires of the stars battled with names foreign to them, Sith, Jedi, Force, Republic.

For many centuries Halasians toiled away in their secluded life with such a reduced populous due to the Rakatan's brutal rule eons earlier. It persisted this way until a new faction of robotic warriors made planet fall and marched to control sections of the "Old Tundra" in Northern Halasia. The robotic warriors were deadly but not very durable to the few bandit caravans they met across the northern tundra of the planet. The chieftans of Halas city and Anu village's vargilder realized the robotic warriors didn't come to conquer but instead were searching for something. The Shamans of Diren's Hold reach out to the great spirits to feel the cause of these off-worlders and in the shaman's meditation were given a vision. They foresaw a great battle to come and warriors of snow shall come to battle the robotic legion.

Months of skirmishes with the northern tundra's borders between Halas City's troops and the robotic warriors enflamed with a battle at the valley of Greyvax the Howling wind. A dark sorcerer arrived to join the robotic legions and cut swathes into Halasia's lines. The Anu villages vargguiden kept the dark magic user at bay for a short time but they eventually fell to his blood magic blade. The sky was gray over the battle field as the robotic legions pressed towards the sacred and forbidden crypts.

It was then the soldiers of snow fell from the stars. In their white armor of snow and ice, these star warriors of "Gar" came by the thousands. Their firearms unleashed lasers of death into the robotic legion cutting into them giving Halasian warriors a much needed stay.

The dark sorcerer entered the fray cutting into the snow soldiers again pushing them back with his magics. It was then the soldiers of Gar's wizard general arrived with an ice blue blade to counter the bloody red blade of the dark sorcerer. The tide was turned and the robotic legions retreated to their star ships and the dark sorcerer was bested but fled. The good wizard returned to Halas City and gave us a warning of a great war between these robotic warriors and their Republic. The wizard met with Diren's shamans to ask the reason for the dark sorcerer's failed chance to retrieve a great power... possibly the Greyvax.

The good wizard was a general named "Fowl" he told the Elders and gave them a channel to speak to them should we request assistance for Halasia again. He asked for no compensation but for the healers to assist his soldiers wounded and fallen. Then soon left Halasia to chase the robotic army with their dark sorcerer. Leaving a regiment of troops behind to help guard the forbidden crypts of Greyvax.
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Dec 15, 2017
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Dude, this is so much fun! It obviously takes an ENORMOUS amount of work! The photography is fantastic! My favorite two pics are from Chapter 1–the shot of Mando leaving the Endor Bunker-style door to the castle, with the other doors discernible in the background. My favorite pic is a shot or two later, when he’s side-scrolling out into the grasslands. That’s so cinematic!

I certainly never saw the Jerriko thing coming! I don’t trust the worker droid and his buzzy “mistress” stuff! And I like how you use so many customs.

Give us more!
Mar 25, 2004
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Sensational preview pics! The mini sabacca deck is unreal! How did you make that???
Mar 25, 2004
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heh thanks! i found a image of the sabacc deck on goggle and shrunk it down and printed it out on sticker paper and then stuck it to a very thin sheet (0.06?) of HIPS plastic, a new exacto knife with the OT on in the background.
Awesome job! Looks great!
Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
RazorCrest to Halasia1.png

Razor Crest snow smaller cropped borderless.jpg

*footsteps crunch the packed snow*​
Miika - "This place is icy and desolate, the Halasians like it here?"
Mando - "They do.
#1a-jpg.jpg #2a-jpg.jpg
Miika - "Why did we have to leave the ship so far out again?"
Mando - "I want to keep the Crest out of sight and not scare off our quarry."
#3a-jpg.jpg #4a-jpg.jpg

Miika - "No one's around though almost like the city is a specter town." By the skies...the rock formations are..."
Mando - "Planetary bombardment forcing the rock's center down and its edges up, like a crystal.".
Miika - "It's odd the Alliance never came to free this world."
Mando - "No one said they didn't. The Alliance arrived and were winning at first, before the local Moff called in reinforcements from some special imp group. A star destroyer and a few light cruisers decimated not only the main rebel cell but all its branches in less then a month. What few survivors of Halasia's resistance weren't captured fled to find the Rebellion."
Miika - "This old run down looking place? Is where we're getting our lead?
Mando - "Yea. It was destroyed in the bombardment a few years ago but it seems the owner rebuilt it with what he could."
Mandalorian - "What kind of questions are you wanting to ask Xarix?
Miika - "Umm.. n-nothing too damning, just where his unit was specifically when the reinforcements arrived to push back the Sepratists forces."

Mandalorian - "You know much about Halasian traditions or history?"
Miika - "A little, I know the majority of them are near human and had a devout worship to a pair of twin deities before many converted to some Polytheistic group of Judges with mystical hammers."


Miika - "Now most worship some ancient god of war and battle and often live by the blaster."
Mandalorian "You're right. So be careful and let me do the talking when we get in there."

Miika- "Imperial patrol?
Mandalorian - "I don't know... lets not wait around out here to find out."


Miika- "Hmmm I wonder why they're out here on the tundra instead of in Halas City.
Mando - "Whatever the reason we stay clear."

*snow crunched footsteps stop*

Miika - "Hmmm no door controls."

Miika - "I suppose you should knock then."
Mando - "......"

Mando - "Hmmm..."
Miika "What?... Lets go already I'm freezing out here."
Mando - "....."


Mando - *Tap tap tap*
Miika - "You think they head that?"


Mika - "What is taking so long..."
Mando - "....."

Mando - "Don't go rushing in too fast. Unless you want to take an opening barrage of blaster bolts "
Miika - "Feh.. I'd almost prefer it to this icy death."


Mando - "Come on it looks fine."
Miika - "If you say so."


TO be continued....

PN Chapter End Titlepage1Small.png

I know this part is a little slow and boring.. it picks up in the next part. Promise! -Rez​
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Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
sorry for the delay!

*Kzzzzzzzzzdmp* (Door closes)


Miika - "Well at least it looks better on the inside."
Mando - "..."

Bartender *humming*
Bartender *Looks up*

2.jpg 3.jpg

Bartender - "Oh hello travelers, may the Huntress' love bless you."
Miika - "..."
Mando - "Uh, yea..."

Bartender - "How about a drink to warm yourselves to?"

Miika - "Friendlier then I expected."
Mando - "..."

Miika - "Up for a drink?"
Mando - "..."

Bartender - "Hello friends, what kind of spirits would ya like?"

Miika - "Umm have you ever heard of a Corellian Sunset?"
Mando - "We're in need of information."

Bartender - "Well I'm not sure what kind of drink that is young lass, but if its like a good rum I'll get that for ya. As for information, that's a bit more pricey."
Miika - "..."
Mando - "How much?"

Bartender - "Oh not too much a few dozen credit bars, or that fancy pretty fire pistol the lady is sporting."

Miika - "No way, my blaster stays with me."
Mando - "Credits are fine."

Miika - "We're looking for a man named Xarix! We understand he used to live here near the tundra."
Mando - ".... sighs.... we know it's been some time since he was in the Empire."

Bartender - "More of you? We've got a few of your kind sloshing in here already looking for him (waves to the back area table). I was told he died years ago in the bombardment. But they didn't believe me."
Miika - "Really?"
Mando - "..."
12.jpg 13.jpg

Bartender - "Yes o'course, they still think he's around. I don't need their trouble, not to mention the local swoopers come in here and make a ruckuss with the imperial boys every few days keeps it exciting around 'ere."

(flp flp flp flp)
(duros mumbling)


Miika - "Ah.. that's sad to hear"
Mando - ".... uh huh. So you know of him?"
Bartender - "Oh just the whispers. Ocassionaly someone comes looking for old clones or imps to use for work and drop his name. I tell them like i told you, I think he died long ago.

(flp flp flp)

Bartender - "You're not going to get into any trouble in here I'll tell you that now. I dinnae need more of these imp boys causing a fright in my little bar."
Miika - "Umm.. n-no?"
Mando - "I saw you serve both locals and the imps."

Bartender - "Aye, the few that come here keep to themselves and usually pay. I try to keep them pacified with ale else them and the bikers will fight every night.
Miika - "Think any of them would know where our guy would be or what happened to him?"
Mando - "..."

Bartender - "Oh... doubtfull. Most recently they've got soured atittudes on how the war is going."
Miika - "I bet, since their losing."
Mando - "..."

Bartender - "Aye and the them mixing it up with the Snow Swoopers coming in here mean I have plenty to clean every night."
(glass clinks)
23.jpg 25.jpg

Bartender - "That middle table is open take a seat and I'll have the rum over in a minute young lady, and thank you for the contribution."
Miika - "No problem!"
Mando - "..."

Miika - "Well she was quite hospitable."
Mando - "...lets take a seat..."

R2unit *beeps and whistles*

Miika - "Jeesh, you'd think you were losing the war yourself."
Mando - "I'm not upset at the imps being here. It's the others hunters."

(mumbling and shuffling)
Miika - "Who are they?"
Mando - ".. Sit."

Bartender - " (nods)....."


Vokal - "Seems more trouble is here."
(Duros mumbles)

Miika - "So who are the other hunters?"
Mando - "The others..."

Mando - "Concade Mindigo, clone war veteran and ex-Imperial spec forces turned hunter about 10 or more years ago. He's usually very professional and also very experienced.
Miika - "And the other?"
Mando - "I think that's Dengar Roth, a guy that worked as a high end assassin if i remember correctly."
36.jpg 37.jpg 38.jpg

Vokal - "Deal me out of the next couple hands, I need to take care of something."

Miika - "Think they'll try and stop us?"
Mando - "Probably, I'm sure Jer-.. the Moff Eitrix put the bounty out with others before my meeting with him."

*scuffles and slides in chair*
41.jpg 42.jpg

*footfalls on the stone floor*

Miika - "I hope she doesn't make whatever she brings me too strong. I'm hoping to-"
Mando - "....."
43.jpg 44.jpg

Miika - "Are you listening to me?"
Mando - "... "

Miika - "Hey! Did you fall asleep in your helmet?"
Mando - "Miika, stay still a moment... "
46.jpg 47.jpg

Miika - "OK but why?"
Mando - "I think we may have a lead."
Miika - "Oh?... Xarix?"
48.jpg 49.jpg 50.jpg

*Kzzzzzzzzzdmp* (Door closes)

Bartender - "Oh hello travelers, may the- ..."

Zeksworn Fash - "Hello shieldsister."

Miika - "Hmm actually you may want to look behind you some ruff looking folks just walked in"
Mando - "...."

Bartender - "I'm not one of the Zeksworn any more Fash, that's a life I had to give up."

Mando - "Hmmm not good."
Miika - "...?"


Mando - "... of course... Miika get your blaster ready."
Miika "Oh? ok ..."

*Kzzzzshhh* (Door opens)

*Kzzzzshhh* (Door closes)

Miika - "He said something to them..."
Mando - "Of course he did... They need a distraction."

Miika - "Distraction?"
Mando - "Be ready."

Miika - "Oh boy..."
Mando - "..."

Miika - " Guess no drink for me.."

Zeksworn Fash - "Been a while since yer fire born hair a battlefield Gilda."
Bartender Gilda - "No,... I follow the Twins of Valor and Love now. My battle days are long done, I'm nearly 30yrs old lad."

Zeksworn Gurt - "Shes a brother lover like the rest of the soft bellied snow swimmers now inna she?"

Zeksworn Tal - "Come now Gilda. Dinna ya wish to feel da blood flow through yer veins in battle 'gain Once we drive the Empire off of Halasia for good!!?"

Imperial Officer - "Ay, quiet. We're tryin ta drink and hold that tongue."

Zeksworn Tal - "Yer mouth will only drink should you interrupt me again Imp. I'll be glad when your kind is gone from our world."

Imperial Officer - "Foolish woman, had yer Halasians fought decently we wouldn't be on this frozen rock of a place. Keeping peace and order. Not that you would know, trying to fight anyone but the Rebels that want to fight back.

Zeksworn Tal - "Are ya callin' me a coward you small man?!"

Imperial Officer - "No, I'm calling all of you so-called war-worshipers cowards for not helping the Empire when we needed you the most. And another thing is the way you---..."

-you the most. And another thing is the way you---...
Miika - "It's like she wanted to fight."
Mando - "I think they were told to,... "

Miika - "Oh?"
Mando - "Right on cue..."
72.jpg 73.jpg 74.jpg

Imperial Officer - "Not that you'd ever be allowed to join the imperial ranks, seeing you're so big you look like a hairless wookiee. But you'd never have the will to win against a real foe being the brother lover huntress you are."

patrons - "......"

Zeksworn Tal - "What did you say little man?"



Imperial Officer "You heard me! I said---
Zeksworn Tal - "Fine!"
81.jpg 82.jpg

Imperial Officer - "!"

*laser shots*
(yells and screams scuffling about)

Dengar Roth - "What the?"
Concade Mindigo - "Those damn fools!"

(bzzztksshhh) "Ahhhh"
87.jpg 85.jpg 86.jpg

Imperial Officer "Ack!"

Mando - "Get down Miika!"


Dengar Roth - "We join in?"
Concade Mindigo - "Only if we have to, and then once their numbers a thinner."
92.jpg 93.jpg

Zeksworn Tal - "Die Imperial dog!"

Gonk-gonk... Go-bbzzzzt!

(zzzt fffsszztt)
98.jpg 99.jpg


To be continued!
PN Chapter End Titlepage1Small.png


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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC


Kapow Bzzzt Psshhht -

"Get back!" - Zeksworn Tal

"Get down!" "Aaah!"

"Ahhhrrr" Bfft-kssssshhhhhhhh


Zeksworn Tal- "Gurt is gone!"

Zeksworn Tal- bzzztt-Tink! "Ack!"

Zeksworn Tal- "Lets go Fash!"

Zeksworn Fash- "Agreed!"

psshhhkt [Door opens]
A few moments later...
Dengar- Nice, no need to get tangled in that lot was there?
Mindigo- No, but we should head out before the Captain's troops arrive and hold us.
Dengar- Agreed. But the port will be locked down as soon as the Imps hear of this mess.
Mindigo- We'll figure something out.
Miika- "That was crazy, how'd you know?
Mando- "Our friend that departed, he seemed to want to keep up busy so we wouldn't follow"
Miika- "Well he got what he wanted."
Brysta- "Hows the arm?"
Adylne- "It wasn't a clean hit so it'll heal."
Brysta- "Come on we've got to get you some medical attention."
Miika- "What's your friends name?
Kria- Vokal is his name he, he's an old guy fought in the-
Mando- Does he know Xarix?
Kria- M-maybe? He's gotten drunk and talked about an old Clone Wars buddy around here before.
Mando- C'mon.

Mando- Who was that Voka, we know he knows Xarix.
Bartender Gilda- Look, yes. I shouldn't even tell you that much but since you saved my bar I guess I owe you. Yes Xarix is around but he's an old hermit that want's to be left alone. Vokal is an old war buddy from the Gar-war.
Miika- The Gar-?... oh the G.A.R.
Bartender Gilda- Yes the warriors of Gar came over a generation ago to defend Halasia. They were once part of that group. But when the war ended they returned to retire as peaceful old men.
Miika- You call what just happened peaceful?!
Bartender Gilda- The Zeksworn and the imperials hate each other, it wasn't Xarix's fault.
Mando- Where is he?
Bartender Gilda- Vokal said once he lived out on the tundra long past the last of the travel markers. Look that's all I can tell you. You best get going before the imperial captain's dogs come and start holding everyone.
Mando- ...
Miika- We'll pass on those drinks.

[sssssht]: Door closes
Miika- He could be anywhere by now!
Mando- It'll be fine, follow me.

Miika- We aren't going back for the ship!?
Mando- No time with the imps coming, besides he can't have gone far.

Miika- Ugh I was hoping to be done with this snow.
Mando- C'mon.
[beep noises with the sound of crunching snow on rock]

Vokal - It's got to be around here..
Vokal - Some-.... where.

Vokal - Some-.... where.

Vokal - Maybe this--


Vokal - "Xarix! I was getting worried."
Xarix - "You should be, you caused a ruckus back at the bar that'll draw attention to me!"

Vokal - Naww, I told some Zeksworn I'd pay them to take out the hunters. Should be over by now though. I suspect they've all be blasted to bits by now.

129)Xarix- No, no I don't think so. C'mon we have to go.

[Snow crunching]

Vokal- "Not to rush you but if the imps come snooping around we're not far enough away to evade their sensor sweeps.
Xarix- ...

Vokal - "You've got a skiff?
Xarix - "Helps keep the stormtroopers from tracking me.

[Zmmmmmmm- Skiff repulsor sounds]

Vokal- "Whew, we've pulled through another one old friend."

Vokal- "How far out are we going?
Xarix- "We're not going to my shack. They may know about it."
Vokal- "Oh then where?"

Xarix- "You'll find out. Trust me."

Miika- "You sure we can't go back for your ship.?"
Mando- "The Port will be held in lockdown after what happened at the bar. 3 imp officers were slain. Best to get out of there and find him first before we try and talk my ship out of the port.

Miika- "You still tracking the footprints?
Mando- "Mhmmm, looks like another set from someone else met up with him."
Snowtrooper- "Keep those hands up!"

Scout trooper- "We've searched the surrounding area and found at least 4 or 5 different sets of tracks freshly made."
Sergeant Atter- "They're damn fools to wander the tundra this close to sundown on this forsaken rock. Tell the other biker units to keep searching and let me know if you find anything, even miniscule. But to be back within scope range after sunset."
Scout trooper- "Yes Sergeant."

[radio crackling]
Snowtrooper sentry- "Sergeant the captain reports he'll be here any minute. He says to keep all the detainees ready for interrogation."

[Sound of motorized treads crunching snow and slush]

Imperial Captain- "Easy now gents no reason for us to toss this old thing before it's time."

Assault Tank pilot- "We've arrived sir."
Imperial Captain- "Excellent ride as always Sgt. Zayme."

Imperial Captain- "They made quite the scene this time."

[moments later]

Sergeant Atter- "Captain Sir glad to see you made it."
Imperial Captain- "Of course Sergeant, I understand we lost three officers and some aliens in this scuffle?"
Sergeant Atter- "Yes sir, the comms officers Genero and Pellisch and an officer I wasn't familiar with."
Imperial Captain- "Ah yes his name was Werottae, a fleet officer that knew Genero and Pellisch from their academy days.
Sergeant Atter- "I see.. sir. You knew all that already?"

Imperial Captain- "ISB is useless most of the time but occasionally knowing their drinking habits garners more data then their own department.
Sergeant Atter- "Yes sir, would you like to see the detainees?"
Imperial Captain- "Indeed."

Imperial Captain- "Hello citizens, as imperial citizens you know it's illegal to aide any criminal escaping capture.

Imperial Captain- "A lesson I'm sure you know well Gilda."
Bartender Gilda- "Kai it wasn't us. There were Zeksworn that came in and it spun out of control."
Imperial Captain Kai- "Oh I'm sure, we let a few run free to keep our reports somewhat worthwhile to whoever is still in command of the sector, Gilda." "I'm not interested in what caused the ruckus between Genero's friends and the few zealots worshiping Rallos Zek got them killed. I'm interested in those that were here and fled after them."

Bartender Gilda- " ...Kai,.. they... they were off-worlders 3 or 4 of them. Hunters, looking for something."

Captain Kai- "Oh I know, and thankfully your honesty means you haven't crossed me my friend. You do Erolisi proud, and your sisters memory honorable.
Bartender Gilda- "Please don't speak of her Kai. I don't wish to remember."
Captain Kai- "I'll spare you that Gilda, you were always good to me. However your patrons may not be as trustworthy.
Bartender Gilda- "...!..."
Captain Kai- "Sergeant Atter take them into custody and load them on the back of my vehicle.
Sergeant Atter- "Yes sir."


[crunches snow walking back to the assault tank]
Captain Kai- "These hunters are going to help us more then they know..."
To be continued.

PN Chapter End Titlepage1Small.png


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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
[snow crunches under footsteps]

Miika: "Ugh, Mando. I'm tired of walking. Tired of seeing the same trees and snow and rocks over and over.

Temple of Greyvax 1a.jpg

Mando: "Mhmm you're fine to stop and rest yourself."
Miika: "Ack... and let you go on and be left here for a ice-growl to eat me or be picked up by marauders or something worse."
Mando: "Fine, we'll stop soon. We're on the edge of the "Old Tundra" just up ahead. We'll have to stop and make shelter for the rest of the day so we can start out on the tundra at first light.
Temple of Greyvax 2a.jpg

Miika: "Shelter for the day? Start out at first light?! Just signal GR3 to bring the Razor Crest out here! We can fly to wherever they went."
Mando: "I locked the start sequence for the Crest so that droid can't get into it's systems even if we asked it to. You know I don't like droids... especially THAT droid."

Temple of Greyvax 3a.jpg

Miika: "Hey I've known Grease for years he's harmless!"
Mando: "Shhh.. -wait... something's coming."

Temple of Greyvax 4a.jpg

Miika: "What do you mean something...?"
Mando: "Heat and sound signatures."
Miika: "An imp patrol this far out?"
Temple of Greyvax 5a.jpg

...zzzzmmzmmmmmshwoooo kssssss.....

Miika: "Oh... boy."
Mando: "..."
Temple of Greyvax 6a.jpg

Miika: "H-hello folks..."
Mando: "..."
Temple of Greyvax 7a.jpg

Brysta : "Heard you two were following old Vokal. After what happened at Gilda's tavern. I wanted to offer thanks to you."
Miika: "Oh! You're one of the swoopers from the bar!"
Mando: "What do you mean?"
Temple of Greyvax 8a.jpg

Brysta: "Vokal had no business setting off those Zek thugs on ya. Got my friend hurt and others killed. When we heard you were searching for him we figured showing you where he went off to would be the best way to repay the debt of dealing with them."
Mando: "Can you tell me where he went? He seems to be on a repulsor lift of some kind."
Temple of Greyvax 9a.jpg

Brysta: "Aye, he meets up with an old war buddy of his out on the Tundra. Usually they stay at his friend's old shack but in the last few months that old buddy moved to some ruins out in a valley at the far end of the tundra.
Temple of Greyvax 10a.jpg

Mando: "An old war buddy, do you know his name?"
Brysta: "Ziracks or Xirash or something like."
Miika: "Xirax?"
Brysta: "Aye thats it. We can get you close but it's a ways out."
Temple of Greyvax 11a.jpg

Brysta: "You can ride behind Selonia. Mando you can ride on old Treggart's rig."
Temple of Greyvax 12a.jpg

Mando: "Well?"
Miika: "It's better then wasting the daylight and starting at first light like you wanted to."
Mando: "...sighs.... yea."
Temple of Greyvax 13a.jpg

Selonia: "Slide on down into the seat behind me."
Miika: "Ok! I'm just not used to these things."
Treggart: "Over here Mando. I don't got enough room on my seat feel free to set up on the container compartment."
Mando: "....."
Temple of Greyvax 14a.jpg

[I've had worse situations I guess.]
Temple of Greyvax 15a.jpg

Temple of Greyvax 16ab.jpg

Temple of Greyvax 17b.jpg

Brysta: "This is the entrance to the ruins we told you about.."
Miika: "A tomb..."
Mando "..."
Temple of Greyvax 18a.jpg

Mando: "The trail faded out kilometers back. Are you sure?"
Brysta: "Pretty positive."
Mando: "What is this place?"
Brysta: "Some old ruins from who knows when. We spotted Xarix traveling here more often. It's possible where Vokal came to."
IronWolf: "This is the tomb of the Greyvax, the Cursed Howling Wind. As the myths say."
Temple of Greyvax 19a.jpg

Mando: "Curses? What do you mean?"
IronWolf: "The cursed-wind was sealed away here, contained in the tomb of an ancient Chieftan as the myth say. But this is a far as we'll go. If you wish to proceed do so with caution off-worlder.
Temple of Greyvax 20a.jpg

Mando: "C'mon Miika."
Miika: "Lets hope there's no curse anymore."
Brysta: "Be mindful of traps or collapsed corridors!"
Ironwolf: "....."
Temple of Greyvax 21a.jpg

Brysta: "Are you sure this was the right thing to do? I know it means we get the credits we needed. But those two did help us with the Zeksworn, I kind of feel we owed them."
Temple of Greyvax 22a.jpg

Ironwolf: "They are off-worlders Brysta. They are the Empire and scum that come to Halasia to dull our blades. Only when they are gone can we turn our wrath to Zek's soldiers, we owe them nothing. Now we must go before night falls."
Temple of Greyvax 23a.jpg

Brysta: "I hope you're right.
Temple of Greyvax 24a.jpg

Temple of Greyvax 25a.jpg

Miika: "Hmm seems like half the temple entrance is collapsed."
Mando: "..."
Temple of Greyvax 27a.jpg

Miika: "I can just wait out here... for you Mando... yea."
Mando: "..."
Temple of Greyvax 28a.jpg

Mando: "You may want to come along anyway. It's getting dark soon and the wildlife comes out to feed."
Miika "...errm.."
Temple of Greyvax 29a.jpg

Mando: "Hmm?"
Miika: "Oh yea.. Mando.. this getting to be more then I bargained for."
Temple of Greyvax 30a.jpg

Mando: "We were shot at... and this is too much?"
Miika: "I'm not really the kind of hunter that dives down into ancient crypts and such for just a chance of a reward ya know?"
Temple of Greyvax 31a.jpg

Mando: "I know, you prefer liberating treasure from extremely rich merchants and politicians who won't notice their pricey trinkets gone until much later."
Miika: "Peh.. feh... w-well those stories are unfounded accusations!."
Temple of Greyvax 32a.jpg

Mando: "I'm heading in."
Miika: "..."
Temple of Greyvax 33a.jpg

Miika: "That webbing could be from a giant snow spider or creature that--"
Mando: "Mmmhm."
Temple of Greyvax 34a.jpg

Mando: "That we'll deal with."
Miika: "...sighs..."
Temple of Greyvax 35a.jpg

Miika: "....eww....I hate this..."
Mando: "Yup."
Temple of Greyvax 36a.jpg

[sounds of footsteps on stone fill the still ruins]

Miika: "This isnt so bad i guess. At least we're inside before nightfall."
Mando: ...
Temple of Greyvax 37a.jpg

Mando: "There's another set of hallways up ahead. Light heat signatures to, someones definately here."
Miika: "Are you seeing any traps?"
Mando: "No but there are recent footsteps disturbing the snow on the path. Looks like out target has been here recently."

Temple of Greyvax 38a.jpg

Miika: "A friend of mine would love this place, she's the archaeologist type with a niche for ancient droids. I'll let her know about this place when once we're done for a small price of course."
Mando: "Charging for information to friends?"
Temple of Greyvax 39a.jpg

Miika: "Well, she's not really a friend. Shes more of an.. acquaintance."
Mando: "Uh-huh."
Temple of Greyvax 40a.jpg

Miika: "Hey I have expenses! Keeping the best technology for... research isn't cheap."
Mando: "I bet."
Temple of Greyvax 41a.jpg

Miika: " Besides I need to recoup some of the credits I've lost since setting up on Brumii."
Mando: "Speaking of which how long were you waiting for me there?"
Temple of Greyvax 42a.jpg

Miika: "Not long, but to be honest I wasn't expecting you."
Mando: "Oh?"
Temple of Greyvax 43a.jpg

Miika: "Nope, I had heard the Moff had recently become interested in this Xirax fellow and I remember from a cross reference from my research that his name was on the roster of Grand Army soldiers near the area on Phosmai I was interested in.
Mando: "Oh, so you were just waiting on any hunter to leave out the forest entrance after seeing he Moff?
Temple of Greyvax 44a.jpg

Miika: "Don't feel bad Mando. I'm glad it was you. I like working with ya."
Mando: "That's dangerous Miika, some hunters aren't happy their movements are known to others."
Temple of Greyvax 45a.jpg

Miika: "Well I'll remember that next time I need one."
Mando: "Did you see any oth---."
Temple of Greyvax 46a.jpg

*CLINK* *rattle*
Temple of Greyvax 47a.jpg

Miika: "Did you hear that?"
Mando: "How couldn't I?..."
Temple of Greyvax 48a.jpg

Miika: "Was that in front of us? Maybe we should turn back."
Mando: "Hmm no I think it was behind us."
Temple of Greyvax 49a.jpg

Miika: "Oh great we're going to get caught and die to some curse or trap in here!"
Mando: "I think it'll be alright Miika. I actually think it was a chunk of the wall falling."
Temple of Greyvax 50a.jpg

Miika: "This is why I should have stayed outside and took my chances with those owlfaced bear things."
Mando: "Now you're kidding yourself. But you're right to a point I don't think it was a coincidence I think--"
Temple of Greyvax 51a.jpg

Rebel trooper: "It's called a distraction."
Temple of Greyvax 52a.jpg

Miika: "No I don't think that was it Mando.."
Mando: "Dank Ferric..."
Temple of Greyvax 53a.jpg

Rebel Trooper: "Freeze, don't move a muscle or both of you are burned."
Temple of Greyvax 54a.jpg

Mando: "I was going to say man-made... but same premise."
Miika: "Oh my..."
Temple of Greyvax 55a.jpg

Miika: "Hey its the Alliance! No worries Mando."
Mando: "..."
Temple of Greyvax 56a.jpg

[sets of boots crunch snow as more troopers emerge]​
Temple of Greyvax 57a.jpg

Rebel Trooper: "What are you two doing here?!"
Temple of Greyvax 58a.jpg

Miika: "W-we don't mean any harm. We were searching for someone."
Mando: "Yes,.. an old friend of Xarix sent us to search for him. He's a friend of ours, and Vokals."
Miika: "....."
Temple of Greyvax 59a.jpg

Rebel trooper: "No one here by those names. Now how about you put your hands up and unload those weapons. Nice and slowly."
Miika: "Yes sir."
Mando: "...sighs... sure."
Temple of Greyvax 60a.jpg

Mando: "Any chance we can make some kind of deal?"
Miika: "They just said they're not here Mando."
Mando: "..."
Temple of Greyvax 61a.jpg

[footsteps on stone come to an abrupt stop]

Rebel officer: "So you're the two the swoop bikers dropped off?"
Mando: "Maybe, depends on what kind terms you're on with them."

Temple of Greyvax 62a.jpg

Rebel officer: "Not good ones I assure you. We have to keep this place rigged to keep snoopers like them away."
Miika: "Oh I bet you guys set the traps that scare people away? Smart!"
Temple of Greyvax 63a.jpg

Mando: "..."
Rebel officer: "..."
Rebel trooper: "..."
Temple of Greyvax 64a.jpg

Rebel officer: "Yes, well we're still trying to free Halasia from the Empire's grip. Now put those hands up and come. Sergeant take the Mando's rifle."
Rebel trooper: "Yes sir."
Temple of Greyvax 65a.jpg

Rebel officer: "This way you two. I suppose you two are the pair Vokal talked about showing up at the bar."
Mando: "Probably."
Miika: "Wait they just said they weren't here...oh."
Temple of Greyvax 66a.jpg

Mando: "So Vokal is here, is Xarix with him?"
Rebel officer: "Oh that's not for me to say. We need to learn the footprints out front before they're discovered by some of the Imperial LRRP units."
Temple of Greyvax 67a.jpg

Rebel officer: "So you two shot it out with a trio of Zeksworn? Impressive."
Temple of Greyvax 68a.jpg

Mando: "I've faced worse."
Miika: "Well I haven't and it was frightening!"
Temple of Greyvax 69a.jpg

Miika: "Umm can I ask where you are you taking us?"
Rebel officer: "Depends on what kind of folks you turn out to be."
Temple of Greyvax 70a.jpg

[with footsteps the snow heard in the distance]

Mindigo: "This would have taken us over a week to track down, how did you know to buy them?"
Dengar: "Told ya, swoopers don't cost much to do what you ask them. Flash a few bounties worth of credits to them for some information and they'd sell their own moth-.. hey what are you looking at?"
Temple of Greyvax 71a.jpg

Mindigo: "Just making sure the swoop gang is far enough out of range get long gone from here."
Dengar: "They won't be back, at least not until this place it ransacked and they may come back to scavenge anything.
Temple of Greyvax 73a.jpg

Mindigo: "Interesting."
Dengar: "Heh used to be a swoop racer. They think about themselves and where their next meal is coming from.
Temple of Greyvax 72a.jpg

Mindio: "Well either way, we've got the coordinates. We inform the Captain and watch the chaos unfold."
Dengar: "That's the best part... taking a reward while others do all the work... heh."
Temple of Greyvax 74a.jpg

Mindigo: "Let's hope so if what you said is correct they have a man on the inside."
Dengar: "That's what they say, but we best get going. The Icewyrms love to pull someone under the snow drifts and have them munched up before someone knows what's happening."
Temple of Greyvax 75a.jpg

Mindigo: "Agreed."
Dengar: "How far away are the Swoopers?"
Temple of Greyvax 76a.jpg

Mindigo: "Looks like their gone finally,
Dengar: "Back to the tavern?"
Mindigo: "Naw, I had a better idea. We'll discuss it on the way back to camp."
Temple of Greyvax 77a.jpg

To be continued...
PN Chapter End Titlepage1Small.png


Mar 25, 2004
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Bartender Gilda-


I'm sorry I'm so far behind in your amazing series. I literally just never think to check this forum anymore. It's deader than disco here and I'm sorry the "golden age of photonovels" feels so far behind us now. It's a shame more people aren't enjoying and commenting on this spectacular series. It's clear you've put an extraordinary amount of work into this and the results are just terrific.

Love that it is the first "Mandalorian"-inspired PN out there.

I've only read through the sequence in the bar at this point. I'll catch up more later and reply once I'm all caught up.

But, this is just amazing stuff. The bar is a sensational diorama/set. It's so atmospheric and well done. (minor criticism - it's almost a little TOO dark, it makes it just a little harder to follow.) But it looks terrific. I love all the customs here. The bartender figure is amazing. Don't recognize the parts. Is that a Jurassic World head? Not sure. The choice to give her those tattoos is brilliant - a great physical representation of her complex backstory.

All the backstory on the planet regarding the Empire and the local wars is really fascinating, even though it's mostly just backdrop to the main story.

There is a wonderful slow-burning sense of dread and suspense in this chapter as we just know things are going to go south soon enough as the tension between the Imperial and the locals comes to a boil. All of this is very well-written and well-staged, with real tension and excitement.

The sets/dios outside on the frozen world are also marvelous and you do a masterful job in combining digital backdrops with your own very well-built diorama pieces.

Having scrolled through all the rest without having read it in detail, I can see there are even more amazing dio creations yet to come.

The writing is great, too. All of the minor and supporting characters really do pop and the elaborate backstories you've created for everyone just flesh out the world so much. Loving the relationship between Miika and Mando, too, they play well together.

All in all, this is an extremely ambitious and very, very impressive effort. Thanks for continuing to crank out more material despite shouting into the empty void. I really do appreciate it, for whatever that's worth, and I look forward to reading more!!

Dec 15, 2017
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Yes! Everything Lance said! It’s just so cinematic. Some of the angles are just perfect. It’s almost unbelievable! I can just hear the crunch of the snow.

My favorite shot is the open doorway facing outward to frame Mando and Miika (which is SO dramatic!), and I also like the long landscape shot of the Cave of the Winds thing. It’s just truly amazing. Once they get dropped off and go inside, I can just hear the echo. I certainly wasn’t expecting the Rebel Alliance!

You definitely have a dedicated reader! And Lance, I loved your appraisal! The “slow-burning sense of dread and suspense” perfectly phrases what I was feeling!

Y’all keep keeping it up!
Feb 21, 2014
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daww thanks guys, I haven't forgotten about this story I'm making shots... i've actually got like the next 2-3 chapters shot i just have to crop out the backgrounds and add the effects... .. but work in real life has been hectic so i'm waiting for some free time. In the mean time here's a few previews!

20201226_050928.jpg 20201222_001855.jpg 20201228_185843.jpg
20201231_050123.jpg 20210217_005612.jpg 20210302_191251.jpg
Mar 25, 2004
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daww thanks guys, I haven't forgotten about this story I'm making shots... i've actually got like the next 2-3 chapters shot i just have to crop out the backgrounds and add the effects... .. but work in real life has been hectic so i'm waiting for some free time. In the mean time here's a few previews!
Looks amazing! your sets/dios are just terrific! Keep up the great work!!
Feb 21, 2014
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But, this is just amazing stuff. The bar is a sensational diorama/set. It's so atmospheric and well done. (minor criticism - it's almost a little TOO dark, it makes it just a little harder to follow.)
Thanks Lance... about Marrs Twins Bar... I actually had to rebuild that thing like 5 times during those few shots. The first time i did it was because of the lighting just as you said. I originally planned the large green lantern to be in the tables area rather then behind the bar. But trying to get it to line up with the floor posts seen below.

But all the other times i had to keep rebuilding it because it was horribly unsturdy. If a figure fell over it'd take out 3-5 others from the vibration. It's why so few shots have figures leaning on the bar or sitting in the chairs rather then free standing. Later, when I darkened it i could use poster putty or a stands. ... eh.. it was a compromise i had to make.

20200909_030304 - Copy.jpg 20200909_030316 - Copy.jpg 20200907_031005 - Copy.jpg

20200909_030136 - Copy.jpg 20200909_030149 - Copy.jpg 20200907_032017 - Copy.jpg

20200909_025108 - Copy.jpg 20200909_025929 - Copy.jpg 20200907_032733 - Copy.jpg

Lore Note:
The Marrs Bar, or the Twins Bar as called by some of the locals was erected shortly after the destruction of the outskirts of Halasia's capital city following a planetary bombardment by an imperial blockade. The owner and bartender Gilda aka Gilda the Red or The Fire Hair of the Zeksworn gave up her life of worshipping the god of eternal war and built it with the funds she'd saved while plundering and looting as a Zeksworn in the chaos after Halasia's short lived uprising fell to imperial forces some years earlier.

When Gilda left the Zeksworn half of the group was fine with it. She had outlived most anyone else in the faction and was the oldest veteran of their engagements at age 26. A long life lived in the service to the war god Rallos Zek. When the bar was complete it surprised many that the Fire Hair of Zek didn't use a warrior's decor for its interior and instead chose to don its walls and tables with the visages of the Marr Twins, Mithaniel and Erolisi. Twin brother and sister gods of Valor and Love as their influence. The most ancient of Halasian shamans tell that it was the divine creations of the Twins that spawned the Halasian race in a divine magic. Most Halasians no longer follow their fabled creator gods. Choosing instead to follow their patron gods of war Rallos Zek or his underling Sullon Zek the patron of Rage. The greatest faction of Halasians follow the Tribunal of Justice, also known as the 7 Hammers... or the gods of the scales (as in the scales of justice).
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Dec 15, 2017
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I love the backstory! I had a feeling that Gilda was a bad mofo. I also like all the puns/references in the name “Mars Bar”! This is a lot of fun.
Feb 21, 2014
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I love the backstory! I had a feeling that Gilda was a bad mofo. I also like all the puns/references in the name “Mars Bar”! This is a lot of fun.
LOL thanks. There's a few puns... what's funny is Marrs Bar... is actually part of that other fantasy franchise i like that I mixed this story with. The twin gods are named the Marr Twins, so when i needed a bar... the pun wrote itself heh. I should have another chapter in a week or so up... been busy w/work... I'll be glad when they get off Halasia tho.. I had to stop using baking soda for snow after a certain upcoming scene because I made a huge mess lol and I'm getting tired of it all over my carpet lol. Eventually the pair of them go to a few different worlds.
Feb 21, 2014
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[sounds of beeps and hums of equipment and muffled talking]
Temple of Greyvax 78.jpg

Lt. Olicia: Commander Breems! We caught the pair that were setting off the sensor triggers on the 1st sub level.
Temple of Greyvax 79.jpg

Cmdr. Breems: Oh? Who are they?
Lt. Olicia: A pair that seem to know Vokal and Xirax.
Temple of Greyvax 80.jpg

[scuffling slows]
Temple of Greyvax 81.jpg

"Who are they?"
"Don't know, they don't seem local."
Kriff: [It's them...from Brumii's space port. ]
Temple of Greyvax 82.jpg

[They don't seem to recognize me...]
Temple of Greyvax 83.jpg

Miika: "At least they haven't tried to kill us."
Mando: "-Sighs-...True...I'll do the talking."
Miika: "Sounds good to me."
Temple of Greyvax 84.jpg

Xirax: "You are the pair that came snooping around that Vokal talked about?"
Temple of Greyvax 85.jpg

Xirax: "Well? Speak up. Why are you here?
Temple of Greyvax 86.jpg

Mando: "We're here on behalf of Moff Eitrix. He says he'd like to meet you. Apparently he's interested in your previous service in the old Grand Army."
Temple of Greyvax 87.jpg

Kriff: [Moff Eitrix?! Could they know?]
Rebel Fleet Trooper: "One of Vokal or Xirax's old Clone War buddies?"
Temple of Greyvax 88.jpg

Xirax: "Moff Eitrix? From Brumii?. Heh, it's been years since I spoke to him, not that I care much. Last time I spoke to him he was busy milking his populace for money."
Temple of Greyvax 89.jpg

Comms officer: "Captain, reports of troops moving around Halas proper."
Temple of Greyvax 91.jpg

Lt. Olicia: "Best to get rid of them if the Imp's are stirring Captain."
Temple of Greyvax 92.jpg

Xirax: "Take them to sublevel 3. Put them in one of the detainment rooms until morning. The blaster fight at the Twins Bar has the Imperials on alert. But they won't try and move troops with the poor sensor visibility at night.
Temple of Greyvax 93.jpg

Fleet Trooper: "We'll have the cargo loaded and our ships refueled by tomorrow morning Commander."
Commander Breems: "Good, I'd have you tempt a take off now but with night falling the tundra storms are so fierce it can scamble sensors so bad you'd be flying blind out in it."
Temple of Greyvax 94.jpg

Rebel Trooper: "Come on, move along."
Miika: "I got a bad feeling about this."
Mando: "We'll be fine."
Temple of Greyvax 95.jpg

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(Sub Level 3 storage and detainment)
Rebel Trooper: "Ok love birds get yourself comfy, you're both in there until morning."
Miika: "Pfffff.."
Temple of Greyvax 96.jpg

Mando: "You should go tell the others to be ready in case the Imps attack come morning Trooper."
Rebel Trooper: "Sure will bucket face."
Temple of Greyvax 97.jpg

Rebel Sergeant: "Stay here and watch them for a few hours, I'll try and get someone to relieve you later."
Rebel Trooper: "Ok Sarge."
Temple of Greyvax 98.jpg

Mando: "You should get ready Sergeant... it may be needed."
Temple of Greyvax 99.jpg

*Bzzzzzzmmmmm* (laser detainment field activates)
Temple of Greyvax 100.jpg
-(several hours later as the sun starts to raise over the tundra burning away the night over the ruins)
Temple of Greyvax 101.jpg

Mando: "How'd you sleep?"
Miika: "Like I slept for hours in a pressure suit in a hard chair."
Temple of Greyvax 102.jpg

Mando: "Funny, you remember the plan?"
Miika: "Yep, but you sure you can pull it off?"
Mando: "I'll be able to just sell it convincingly."
Temple of Greyvax 103.jpg

*radio comm crackles on*
Rebel Trooper: "Yes?"
*ksssht* "There's some movement in the west we're going to need a scout mission to the west in a bit."*ksssht*
Rebel Trooper: "I can do it. What about the detainees?"
Temple of Greyvax 104.jpg

*ksssht* "Checking..."*ksssht*"Hold there for now."*ksssht*
Rebel Trooper: "Fine, I'll wait here, call me up if needed."
Temple of Greyvax 105.jpg

Miika: "A-ahem. Excuse me."
Rebel Trooper: "Wha? What is it. Wait.."
Temple of Greyvax 106.jpg

Rebel Trooper: "Where's the other guy? The Mandalorian!"
Miika: "Oh, he stepped out for a bit. Said he had business. But I could use a drink."
Temple of Greyvax 107.jpg

Rebel Trooper: "What do you mean he stepped out?!"
Temple of Greyvax 108.jpg

Rebel Trooper: "Where did he go?"
Miika: "Hmm? Oh Mando?"
Temple of Greyvax 109.jpg

Rebel Trooper: "Where did he go!? Rebel Trooper: "Where?! *clink-tink-skff*
Temple of Greyvax 110.jpg Temple of Greyvax 111.jpg Temple of Greyvax 112.jpg

Rebel Trooper: "What the?" Rebel Trooper: "Isn't that you're---"
Temple of Greyvax 113.jpg - - - - Temple of Greyvax 114.jpg

*thump* Rebel Trooper: "Ahhh"
*crashes* Rebel Trooper: "Hmph"
*lands* Mando: "Umph"
Temple of Greyvax 115.jpg Temple of Greyvax 116.jpg

Rebel Trooper: "Ack... dammit my rifle!"
Mando: "Hmm...
Temple of Greyvax 117.jpg

Mando: "I'd leave that pistol alone trooper."
Temple of Greyvax 118.jpg

Rebel Trooper: "Errrgh!"
Temple of Greyvax 119.jpg

Mando: "He'll be alright. He had his rifle set for stun."
Temple of Greyvax 120.jpg

Miika: "I was worried you were getting too old for stunts like that."
Mando: "Uh-huh... c'mon."
Temple of Greyvax 121.jpg

Miika: "My poor helmet it's got snow in it."
Mando: "Here..."
Temple of Greyvax 122.jpg

Miika: "Oh the troopers pistol? I have my own over there on the crate."
Mando: "Well now you have a spare just in case."
Temple of Greyvax 123.jpg

Miika: "Shouldn't we toss the guy in the cell?"
Mando: "No, we'll be gone before he wakes up. Besides he'll be needed."
Miika: "What do you mean? You don't mean to go blasting out of this place and taking Xirax with us?"
Temple of Greyvax 124.jpg

Mando: "-Sigh-... no. I'm not tangling with the Alliance. I'll go back and tell Jer--errr. .Moff Eitrix that we didn't find his old friend."
Miika: "Sounds reasonable."
Mando: "Besides, in a few minutes the imps are going to trounce this place."
Miika: "What? Really? How do you know?
Temple of Greyvax 125.jpg

Mando: "I'll tell you later,.. we're coming up on the end of the tunnel there's light ahead."
Miika: "We need to get going quick if you're right."
Temple of Greyvax 126.jpg

Mando: "Danc Ferric...."
Miika: "What is .. oh."
Temple of Greyvax 127.jpg

*voice over communicator* -kssshhrrk- "Move units 5 and 6 to the western for a report."
Mando: "He hasn't noticed us...maybe i can stun him from here."
Miika: *whispering* "Oh.. I hate this."
Temple of Greyvax 128.jpg

Miika: "Weather it him or imperials we'll need to blast out of this place if we stay much longer."
Mando: "No argument here..."
Temple of Greyvax 129.jpg

-ksshhhrk- *Unit 5 here- nothing found on the western border*
Rebel guard: -coughs-
Temple of Greyvax 130.jpg

Miika: "What in the... the imperials?
Mando: "Probably. This may work out for us. Rebel guard: *Scuffles down the opposite hall*
Temple of Greyvax 131.jpg Temple of Greyvax 132.jpg

Miika: "Huh that was obliging of him."
Mando: "Not for a reason I'd like."
Temple of Greyvax 133.jpg

Mando: "Drop the rebel pistol."
Miika: "OK but why."
Mando: "They're probably going to need every weapon they have soon, no need to short arm them."
Temple of Greyvax 134.jpg

*snow crunches under their feet*
Miika: "That part of that Mandalorian religion you follow?"
Mando: "Something like that, we need to get going... "
Temple of Greyvax 135.jpg

To be continued....
Titlecard for Siggy.jpg
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Warning... this chapter was supposed to be the chapter before Mando and Miika get put up for a night in the rebel hideout.. but this is such a boring chapter to me I did the other chapter 1st... so... if i had to suffer through it.. others can to. Exposition and 1 or 2 set pieces... almost like an episode of Star Trek... lol.

70's TV action show Narrator: "Last time on the Mandalorian: The Search...."

Mando: "How'd you sleep?"
Miika: "Like I slept for hours in a pressure suit in a hard chair."

Temple of Greyvax 102.jpg

Mando: "-Sigh-... no. I'm not tangling with the Alliance. I'll go back and tell Jer--errr. .Moff Eitrix that we didn't find his old friend."
Miika: "Sounds reasonable."
Mando: "Besides, in a few minutes the imps are going to trounce this place."
Miika: "What? Really? How do you know?

Temple of Greyvax 125.jpg

Mando: "Drop the rebel pistol."
Miika: "OK but why."
Mando: "They're probably going to need every weapon they have soon, no need to short arm them."

Temple of Greyvax 134.jpg

A few hours earlier...
*boot falls on durasteel floors*

Fortress 1.jpg Fortress 2.jpg Fortress 3.jpg Fortress 4.jpg Fortress 5.jpg
Fortress 6.jpg Fortress 7.jpg

*a microphoned cracked voice speaks as the voice of the stormtrooper comes through his helmets speaker*
"The Captain's requested prisoner 2436 for interrogation."
Prison Officer Garig: "Fine she's in cell 3491".
Fortress 8.jpg

Fortress 9.jpg

Fortress 10.jpg

*Door slides open* [Kssssh]
Bartender Gilda: ...?
Stormtrooper Sergeant: "Your coming wit us to see the Captain."
Fortress 11.jpg

Fortress 12.jpg

Fortress 13.jpg

Fortress 14.jpg

Sgt. Atter (Hologram): "Yes Captain, the trek was slow to keep our ground units stealthy but they are in position now... Are we sure the walkers and tanks aren't going to be needed?"
Fortress 15.jpg

Captain Kai: "They may be Sergeant, but we'll wait until closer to daylight to put them on the move. If Rebel spies see us moving armor and equipment en mass this early they may be wise to our plans."
Fortress 16.jpg

Lieutenant Serresh: "Our Aerial forces sir?"
Fortress 17.jpg

Kai: "To be deployed even later then the armor and not before."
Captain Sylvon: "....."
Commander Deleon: "....."
Lieutenant Arrenson: "....."
Fortress 18.jpg

Kai: "Sergeant, you're to hold position as stealthy as possible, at first light you'll have us at your backs to push forward."
Sgt. Atter: "Thank you sir."
Fortress 19.jpg

Kai: "Major, time on scout walker and armor units?"
Major Ventione: "They're almost ready to go now, sir. They need just a moments notice to deploy."
Fortress 20.jpg

Kai: "Excellent, with the city under observation too much activity or movement early will tip our hand Major. Keep the crews alert and ready to go near daybreak."
Major Ventione: "Yessir."
Fortress 21.jpg

Kai: "Sergeant you're to have extra troops geared and ready in case their lair has more then light resistance."
Sgt. Rossic: "Sir, with respects. Won't that leave the garrison undermanned?"
Fortress 22.jpg

Kai: "Yes but if this is Commander Breem's station as we've been led to believe this is an opportunity we cannot pass or go lightly on the helpings. We make a decisive strike now. Is that understood?"
Officers: "Yessir."
Fortress 23.jpg

Kai: "Your dismissed to your stations for preparations."
*officers shuffle out*
Fortress 24.jpg

Kai: "Captain, if you'd stay a moment please."
Fortress 25.jpg

Capt. Sylvon: "Yes Captain?"
Kai: "Captain I need you for a moment for one of the detainees."
Fortress 26.jpg

Capt. Sylvon: "Oh? an interrogation now?"
Kai: "No nothing so intense should be needed, but I'd like your... skills at reading others body language when I ask her a few questions."
Fortress 27.jpg

Capt. Sylvon: "Of course captain. Just tell me when and where."
Kai: "Here and in a moment. The prisoner is on her way here."
Fortress 28.jpg

Capt. Sylvon: "One of the patrons from the tavern incident?"
Fortress 29.jpg

Kai: "Yes, the bartender. She's an acquaintance hence why no hard negotiation should be needed."
Fortress 30.jpg

[Door Chime Sounds]
Kai: "Enter."
Fortress 31.jpg

Stormtrooper: "Sir the prisoner is here when you're ready for her."
Fortress 32.jpg

Kai: "Good, show her in. Take notice Captain Sylvon."
Capt. Sylvon: "Yes sir."
Fortress 33.jpg

Kai: "Gilda, apologies if my troops were a little rough."
Bartender Gilda: "They couldn't be rougher then I've been through Kai. Why am I still here? Where are the others from the bar?"
Fortress 34.jpg

Kai: "The other patrons of your bar? After there interrogation most of them have been released."
Gilda: "We told you what happened. Why are you holding us?"
Fortress 35.jpg

Kai: "Why? The incident left 3 imperials personnel dead. 2 of them from my own command. You'll understand if I am a bit zealous regarding what the customers witnessed."
Gilda: "....."
Kai: "But thats only part of why I've asked you here. There's some information I need from you and since we're familiar with each other I decided to forego the usual imperial interrogation standards."
Capt. Slyvon "...."
Fortress 36.jpg

Gilda: "What is it you want Kai? You've never been one for dressing a demand."
Kai: "You're quite right. I need to know about the 3rd imperial killed at the bar this evening. How long have they been a patron? Who have you seen him conversing with before if any?"
Gilda: "I think his name was... Laizon? Lizon? I knew the other two who came in often but the third fellow only came in on rare occasions."
Kai: "So the pair of my men had been meeting with Commander Lisont Werottae before?"
Gilda: "No not every time. I've seen Lisont before without your men."
Kai: "Was he meeting anyone?"
Gilda: ".... y-yes. I blonde woman who would sometimes come in and speak to the local swoopers. Her name I don't remember if I ever knew it."
Kai: "But you'd recognize her if you saw her again?"
Gilda: "C-certainly."
Kai: "Good."
Capt. Sylvon: "...."
Fortress 37.jpg

Gilda "What else did you wish to know?"
Kai: "This relates to some local trouble. One of the patrons in your bar is suspected to be associated with a Rebel cell.
Gilda: "Oh... I didn't know."
Kai: "I'm sure you didn't. The Rebels are good at stealth and disguise enough to keep themselves hidden in plain sight."
Fortress 39.jpg

Kai: "What interests me more is the location of the Rebel's hidden outpost here on Halasia."
Gilda: "Kai... I wouldn't know where they're at."
Capt. Sylvon: "....."
Kai: "Oh but that's where your mistaken Gilda,... though I doubt you realize it."
Fortress 39.jpg

Gilda: "What do you mean Kai?"
Capt. Sylvon: "....."
Kai: "During the great Clone Wars the separatists controlled much of the Great Tundra. Searching and eventually finding the temple of Greyvax of the Howling Wind."
Gilda: "The Cursewind temple? It's been nothing but collapsed ruins for thousands of years."
Fortress 40.jpg

Capt. Sylvon: "....."
Kai: "So it would seem, however recent information has come to me that the ruins hide a possible secret, a tunnel leading to its small but intact complex beneath the frozen surface."
Gilda: "By the Twins, I wouldn't have known. When I was Zeksworn we'd visit it on occasion when looting as a shelter but we never knew it was there."
Kai: "That's good to know. Good that you're been honest with us. Now I wish to see how much you remember."
Fortress 41.jpg

Gilda: "Eh? I spoke of the officers didn't I?"
Kai: "You did, and while Genero and Pellisch will be missed my question is about the old Fable of Greyvax. How much do you remember from the old story?
Fortress 42.jpg

Gilda: "Ummm not much, s-she.. would have known more.."
Kai: "I know, however she's no long with us. So please enlighten me as much as you can."
Gilda: ... sighs.. *nods*... "In the olden days a Halasian Chieftan lead a migrant race before the cities were built. To stay ahead of the Greyvax else fear to be frozen by the howling wind that would freeze people in their sleep."
Kai: "It was a natural hunter of some kind? That roamed the tundra like the snow bear beasts?"
Fortress 43.jpg

Gilda: "Eh.. more powerful. The Greyvax was called the Cursed wind or a Howling wind that would freeze Halasians solid if they stayed in one area too long to make a permanent settlement. As if a spiritual being was given a monstrous power that fed on the warm bodies of people."
Kai: "I see, odd the old Halasians would create a temple dedicated to such a monstrous being that hunted them."
Fortress 44.jpg

Gilda: "They didn't, the legends say a Halasian chieftain took his best warriors and and faced the Greyvax in a battle of body and wit. Apparently in the end the chieftain somehow tricked the Greyvax into trying to consume him like it had so many others. When the howling wind surrounded his body to consume him the other Halasian shamans cast some sort of ritual and trapped the Cursed Wind inside the frozen body of the chieftain sealing it away for all time. The temple was erected around the the frozen body of the chieftain to insure the frozen statue he had became could never be broken and release the Greyvax once more.

Capt. Sylvon: "Perhaps the statue is what the droid army once searched for."
Fortress 45.jpg

Kai: "Perhaps, like the old GAR the droids may have found the temple in a collapsed ruin and thought the effort wasted."
Capt. Sylvon: "Yessir"
Fortress 46.jpg

Gilda: "It's possible the temple built had lower levels. It would be extremely unusual for old Halasian structures especially that far into the frozen tundra where the ground would be very hard to unearth to build lower levels to."
Kai: "Unusual but not unheard of."
Gilda: "N-no, its extremely rare to have subsurface levels in Halasian buildings this far north, even today. But some warlords did create below ground levels for treasure hoards and such."
Fortress 47.jpg

Kai: "Hmm, more to the point Gilda, the War Chieftain that sealed this.. .spirit of the wind or whichever. He was buried in this tomb correct?.
Gilda: "Y-yes, as in as much his death was ensured to capture the Greyvax. It's myth that he was encased in ice in a statue as he froze to death near instantly if i remember it correctly.
Kai: "And this would be his burial point where this Howling wind froze him. Where he would have his belongings buried with him?"
Gilda: "Yes, his treasures and... gifts.. of his people would give to his memory as grand gifts of other tribal chieftains would be in his tomb. If it is there.
Fortress 48.jpg

Capt. Sylvon: "A set of catacombs or a tomb at the ruins site that the Rebels may have found sir?"
Fortress 49.jpg

Gilda: "Kai, if there is a tomb in or below the ruins and there is something there... it could be more dangerous then you understand."
Fortress 50.jpg

Kai: "Very likely. A well known ruin is small and desolate with nothing to footnote and documented as such belying its secret ability to. A good place to conceal Commander Breem's post. This has been a very productive conversation Gilda I appreciate your cooperation. I am sorry to bring up old memories of Elissia."

Gilda: "I would have preferred to not speak her name Kai.... I would have wished for her to instead to tell you the story in full Kai. But she and all her shaman knowledge are gone."
Fortress 51.jpg

Capt. Sylvon: "....."
Gilda: "She would tell you to avoid that place. That the Greyvax was a horrific spirit not to be stirred. But I..... I don't care at this point Kai. I know what kind of person you are. You've already made your decision to proceed probably before you even summoned me. You're more worried of what treasures you'll find there."
Kai: "....."
Fortress 52.jpg

Gilda: "A warning Kai,.. if you find the gifts and tides of the old Halasians in a crypt there. Be careful of what you gain. Chieftan McGray was a fierce warrior known for his temper and wit. His rivals and his loyalists would gift treasures of great and horrific power."
Fortress 53.jpg

Kai: "Fair enough, Sergeant please escort Gilda to the holding area and have her and the patrons returned to her establishment. You'll have following orders prior to their release."
Stormtrooper: *crackles through a microphoned voice* "Yes sir."
Kai: "Well?"
Fortress 54.jpg

Capt. Sylvon: "She wasn't deceitful, her hatred for you is quite honest."
Kai: "Funny, but known. Continue..."
Fortress 55.jpg

Capt. Sylvon: "Her tone and body language are in earnest she wasn't being deceitful. However her aura changed when you brought up the... sister? I believe you said. I hadn't known Gilda had a family."
Fortress 56.jpg

Kai: "They were lost during the uprising some years earlier."
Capt. Sylvon: "Ah... with respects sir. Are you sure using our... perspectives like this is... safe?"
Fortress 57.jpg

Kai: "No, but being prudent when the chance for decisiveness comes before you can be devastating."
Capt. Sylvon: "I wish I had your stamina. It takes a toll on my muscles and senses."
Kai: "Another secret of yours and mine to keep hidden... now we make ready for the operation."
Fortress 59.jpg

[Door chimes]
Kai: "Enter."
Condace Mindigo: "We were told to seek you out Captain."
Kai: "Ah yes, our informants."
Fortress 60.jpg

Dengar Roth: "Ah at least another person is easy enough on the eyes in this dungeon besides me."
Capt. Sylvon: "....."
Capt. Kai "....."
Mindigo: "....."
Fortress 61.jpg

Dengar: "Sometimes I'm even prettier then most... *chuckles*."
Capt. Sylvon: "If you're done with me sir..."
Kai: "Oh no need to leave you can stay and listen... "
Capt. Sylvon: "...."
Fortress 62.jpg

Kai: "Dengar you and Mindigo are to be rewarded for assisting the Empire of course."
Dengar: "Oh of course..!"
Mindigo: "So the information was accurate?"
Fortress 63.jpg

Kai: "We'll be finding that out in a few hours.
Dengar: "Well someone can stay behind to pay us of course."
Kai: "Of course."
Fortress 64.jpg

Mindigo: "Of course. Also we'd like assurances that one of the older rebellion members be taken alive.
Kai: "An unusual request one I can attempt at but there are no for sure gambles on this venture."
Fortress 65.jpg

Dengar: "It's the bounty on'em. It's heavier if he's brought back alive and the sum has been getting bigger every day."
Kai: "I will try and take back this Rebel alive."
Fortress 66.jpg

Dengar: "I do hope, maybe then me and the young lady can celebrate."
Capt. Sylvon: "....."
Kai: "You can wait for payment until tomorrow, I'll reward you both then."
Fortress 67.jpg

Capt. Sylvon: "I wouldn't come within a 100 meters of you even if I needed help."
Fortress 68.jpg

Kai: "That's the deal as it were. Is there anything else?"
Fortress 69.jpg

Mindigo: "No."
Fortress 70.jpg

Kai: "Just keep around when the operation is over for your splits."
Mindigo: "We will."
Dengar: "....."
Fortress 71.jpg

Kai: "You're dissmissed."
Dengar Roth: "....."
Fortress 72.jpg

Mindigo: "What was that back there speaking to them?"
Dengar: "Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Besides all we have to do is sit back and let the credits roll in."
Fortress 73.jpg

Kai: "....."
Capt. Sylvon: "....."

Fortress 74.jpg

To be continued...
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PS.... action coming.​


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I actually like Dengar here! He’s got a sly kind of personality!