the old show Lost will be back on Netflix in July

Sep 23, 2022
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I checked out vitalthrills earlier this morning and apparently for the July schedule for Netflix, the old show Lost will be added back to Netflix which the show was on Netflix a very long time ago. King of hoping Netflix would put back Fringe, X Files and maybe Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer later on
I never missed an episode of Lost, but the other series you mention are on the Sci-Fi channel.
no they are not.

Buffy, Angel and X Files including Lost they're on Hulu.

Im still surprised Netflix next month is bringing back Lost. its been how many years since that show used to be on Netflix?

if Netflix is starting to bring back old shows first with Lost, then maybe they could at least bring back Buffy and Fringe or X Files. Heck Id even love Netflix more if they would bring back some of the Star Trek shows. I'm already getting tired of Paramountplus anyway since I only subscribed to Paramountplus to binge watch Tosh.0 and watching the old Real World seasons
Many years ago I worked in television programming.
shows & movies have a play time when they are accessible & a blackout period when they are not.

Usually Netflix or other broadcasters will not but a single show but they will buy packages of entertainment that usually contain some popular shows & movies. The package is usually good for X amount of time. This gives less popular shows a chance when the popular shows are on blackout.
Old... show?
Come on, it's not that old!

Is it...?
yes I consider a 2004 show as old since its been a long long time since I saw some episodes of the show when it was on ABC and then later on when it was on Netflix a long time ago.

I'm still surprised Netflix is bringing back that weird show. But its not enought to get me back into Netflix. I want Netflix to bring back at least two Star Trek shows mainly Next Generation and Voyager. that and Buffy, Angel, X-Files