The Mandalorian (TV Show) Want List

Nov 7, 2016
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I imagine we'll get Fennec, as she checks several boxes; it's a no-brainer, really.

What's weird is that Hasbro acts like they're still worried about certain characters (like background aliens and secondaries) being potential pegwarmers--but there aren't any pegs anymore anyway, so what does it matter? Anything they make will be ordered through online by the collectors. It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to make a 3.75" Mandalorian story figure that won't sell out.

They tried to throw the old OT fans several bones in Episode 5, but ultimately just left us wanting more. It's interesting that we've seen both Jawas and Tuskens in the first few hours of the series! Maybe we'll meet an actual familiar old-school named character soon!
Can you imagine if Hasbro does an updated SA Tusken and puts it on a Mandalorian cardback instead of Star Wars? A segment of the fanbase would revolt.