The Legacy Collection Review Index- w/ Pics!

Dec 1, 2006
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This year, Hasbro has 2 lines running: The Clone Wars and now the Legacy Collection. The Legacy will mostly consist of the Star Wars Saga toy lines and even a few from the EU. To make the Legacy Collection even more interesting, Hasbro released it's Build-A-Droid promo for this line. By collecting more figures, the more droids you will be able to create. Here's the index of review that our fellow Rebelscum members had time to create for you to enjoy.

We first got at taste of the Build-A-Droid promo in early 2008 with the Build-A-Droid Factory Sets that Wal-Mart was happy to release as an exclusive. And here they are:

1 of 6- Plo Koon & R4-F5

2 of 6- Darth Vader & K-3PX

3 of 6- Han Solo & R-3PO

4 of 6- Kit Fisto & R4-H5

5 of 6- Watto & R2-T0

6 of 6- Luke Skywalker & R2-D2

Now starting on July 26, we'll finally be able to get the new line's Build-A-Droid figures.

#01- Han Solo (Desert Headscarf)

#02- Luke Skywalker (Desert Headscarf)

#03- Chewbacca (Desert Leg Wraps)

#04- Leektar & Nippet (Ewok 2-pack)

#05- Ak-Rev with ½ Jabba's Band Drum

#06- Yarna d'al Gargan

#07- Bane Malar

#08- Darth Vader (Multi-Piece Helmet)

<font color="red">BAD: R4-D6

BAD: R7-Z0 </font>

#09- General Obi-Wan Kenobi

#10- Clone Scuba Trooper

#11- General Saesee Tiin

#12- Padmé Amidala (Ilum "Snowbunny" Outfit)

#13- IG Lancer Droid

#14- Mon Calamari Warrior

#15- Quarren Soldier

#16- Clone Trooper (with Quad Cannon)

<font color="red"> BAD: R4-J1

BAD: R7-T1 </font>

More Coming Soon...

And again, if you see any reviews floating by the review thread with no place to live, tell me about it.