The Galactic Mafia - FINAL CHAPTER 03/08/2006!

Nov 10, 2005
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In a galaxy, far far away...

Well, let's forget the introduction speeches. This is 100% fan-fiction photonovel that is based on a time before TPM...but still there are some ROTS figures. Lol.

Introduction: The Coruscant Senate was indeed in a need of a new Supreme Chancellor. They had 3 volunteers, but only one is going to be the new Supreme Chancellor.

Meanwhile, a terrorist organization, the Galatic Mafia, had been blackmailing people and breaking some legs in Coruscant.
This was one problem that the new Chancellor had to solve...

Senator Murstio: I promise to bring an end to the criminality in Coruscant and deal with the troubles as soon as possible!
Crowd: Hooray!

Lott Dod: I...umm...I promise to do everything that I...can to solve troubles.
Crowd: Hooray!

Senator Untils: If you choose ME as the Supreme Chancellor, I will to everything to bring balance to the Republic!
Crowd: Hooray!

Later, outside, Lott Dod decides to follow the strange senator Murstio. The senator gets soon an hologram message.
Hologram:My young apprentice, how did that appeal-to-the-senate-thing go?
Murstio:Very well, my master. There were only two other competitors: foolish Lott Dod and that old coot Untils.
Hologram: Very well, my apprentice. I shall arrive tomorrow. You must make sure that Untils and Dodd are feeling very ill when the election is.
Murstio: Yes, my master.
Hologram: Prepare my Galactic Mafia for my arrival.
Murstio: I will, my master.

The holographic transmission ends and Lott Dod, who was spying, is now angrier than ever.
Lott Dod(thinking): So I'm foolish? And Murstio is a mobster? That explains a lot of things...better follow him.

Murstio goes to the lower levels of Coruscant and lifts up a sewer lid, which reveals a very-well hidden elevator. Senator Murstio takes the elevator and disappears quickly.

Aide Deku: Welcome back, sir. Anything new?
Murstio: Well, the boss is coming tomorrow...we'd better prepare our hideout for his arrival.
Aide Deku: As you wish, sir.

Aide Deku: This is one of our projects, the superlaser. It's on a very early stage, though...
Murstio: I see.

Murstio: Now, I'll relax myself by watching a few hours of television.

Comments and feedback are very appriciated.
Jun 7, 2005
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Re: Photonovel: The Galactic Mafia - Part 1

You got to fix the clarity of your pics. The last one looks the best.

You have an interesting story, but why include a Shocktrooper? If your story is pure Fan Fic, then you should have some customs (dare I say) to represent the Mafia.

Is there TV in the SW universe???
Aug 23, 2001
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Re: Photonovel: The Galactic Mafia - Part 1

I totally admire your thought process and creativity here. There are some things I think need to be worked on (clearer pics, maybe not using a Shocktrooper, and taking the date off of the pics) but you have an interesting storyline going here and cool set environments. Looking forward to what you come up with next.

Jul 18, 2005
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Re: Photonovel: The Galactic Mafia - Part 1

S_A_Longhorn said:
Is there TV in the SW universe???
Of course there is. They can watch view screens/ Holograms/globes so why cant they watch Ophra?
Nov 10, 2005
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Re: Photonovel: The Galactic Mafia - Part 1

S_A_Longhorn said:
You got to fix the clarity of your pics. The last one looks the best.

You have an interesting story, but why include a Shocktrooper? If your story is pure Fan Fic, then you should have some customs (dare I say) to represent the Mafia.

Is there TV in the SW universe???
Thanks for your feedback.
I know that there was something wrong with my camera and I'll do as much as I can to fix that. Only the first two scenes of Chapter 2 are somewhat blurry, but I promise there won't be any blurry scenes after that. You can throw me with rotten tomatoes if I allow that.

Senator Murstio is a custom one and there will be more and more customs when the story rolls on.

And yes, there are TVs on SW universe. Or at least in this universe, lol.

CHEWIE: Thanks for your feedback. The Shock Troopers are somewhat like senator's bodyguards and I really wanted some "real" Clones to the story.

And I know that the date is really annoying and it bothers me too, but as far as I know, there is no way to remove it.

But anyway, thank you for all of your feedback. I really appriciate it. The next chapter will be posted maybe on next Wednesday or Thursday.
Aug 23, 2001
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Re: Photonovel: The Galactic Mafia - Part 1

Phoenix, on your digital camera, maybe try playing around with it a bit. You should be able to adjust a setting on it to take the date off (at least on mine you can).

May 23, 2005
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Re: Photonovel: The Galactic Mafia - Part 1

Is that the teenage mutant nija turrtles base I see?Its a preety cool story, cant wait for the rest. Oh and a T.V can be seen in the nightclub from episode two.I think it's some sort of football game on it.
Nov 10, 2005
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The Galactic Mafia - Photonovel

Yes, it's a TMNT base.

And's time for another chapter:
Part 2 - Appearence of the Master

Blue Link: Long
Red Link: Time
Green Link: No
Purple Link: See
Red Link (near the window): Jack!
Jack: *is shocked*

Jack: It's not yet over, my friend! *pulls out a gun*
Red Link (near the window): Don't even try!

Meanwhile, the Mafia was waiting for Murstio's Master to arrive.
Commander Verde: When will he arrive? I'm so tired of standing here.
Clone Pilot: Patience, Commander. I'm sure he'll arrive as soon as possible.

Master: I have arrived.

Senator Murstio: Welcome to the Mafia City, my Master.
Aide Deku: Welcome, sir.

Soon after handshaking and other thing, the boss wants to see The Mafia's current project.
Master: Well, my apprentice?
Senator Murstio: See, we have hacked some files from the Senate and we've gotten something about "Another III" but the files are protected by a password...
Master: little idiot! Crack the password, then! I want Another III completed!
Senator Murstio: Y-yes...

Aide Deku: Sir, this is all we've gotten about Another III. I higly think that this is a prototype...or then, even worse, some of our men have made a mistake or two...
Master: I see.

Clone Pilot: What's boss doing?
Commander Verde: Showing Another III to his so-called "Master"...Ha!
Halloween Trooper: That old man is a weakling! Boss should beat him right away!
Clone Pilot: Hey guys, don't talk like that. They might hear us...
Commander Verde: Oh please, shut up, Pilot! Did somebody ask something from YOU?

Master:'re making progress. Complete Another III and I'll come to pick it up, Murstio.
Senator Murstio: But what about the Senate? I mean, there's the election of Supreme Chancellor and everything...
Master: Don't worry about the Senate. I'll handle them.
Jun 7, 2005
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Re: The Galactic Mafia - Photonovel

Your dialogue lost me in the beginning. I still wonder about your clone troopers.
You have to explina the two scenes with Link. Huh???

I do enjoy the story. However, watch your pacing. You have two parts in the same scene.

Keep the story going by doing a big update next.
Sep 1, 2005
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New York
Re: The Galactic Mafia - Photonovel

Whats up with the clone troopers? This is supposed to be before Phantom Menace right, so the clones weren't even ordered yet. Make the pictures a little bit bigger and little more clearer.
Nov 10, 2005
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HUGE Update! The Mafia Photonovel!

SpecialOpsUnit said:
Whats up with the clone troopers? This is supposed to be before Phantom Menace right, so the clones weren't even ordered yet.
From my first post:
"This is 100% fan-fiction photonovel that is based on a time before TPM...but still there are some ROTS figures. Lol. "

S_A_Longhorn: I forgot the dialogue from that chapter. The guy on the front is Jack Phoenix, the Senator of Alderaan and Link is out for a revenge. We'll see later what happens to Link(s) and Jack.

And still some of the scenes aren't very good, thanks to my poor digital camera (Kodak EasyShare LS443). I might be able to get a better camera sometimes on January/February.

Chapter 3: Troubles, Clone Troopers and Han Solo!
Soon after The Master had left, a pretty woman enters to the Mafia's hideout.

Mariah: I'm home, dear!

Murstio: At last! *hugs Mariah*
Mariah: What happened here when The Master was visiting?

Murstio: Well, he reviewed the Another project and...ummh...
Mariah: So, he yelled at you like this: "COMPLETE THAT DARN PROJECT OR ELSE!!", or am I wrong?
Murstio: You're right...

Meanwhile, on the Senate...

Lott Dod: Umh, Senator Solo, may I have a word with you?
Han Solo: Sure. What's the problem?

Senator Lott Dod explains the situation and what he found about Murstio to Han Solo and asks Solo to help.

Lott Dod: you want to help me?
Han Solo Sure thing! I have here my trustworthy pistol and I'll take one other thing with me. Go ahead, I'll be there as soon as possible.

Lott Dod: Now what? Are you going in there, Solo, and going to shoot them to dead?
Han Solo: No way! Instead, I'm going to use this little toy I took with me...

Lott Dod: A...holocam?
Han Solo: Yes. It's enough small to go down there and spy Murstio a bit. Then it transfers the image data straight to Holonet.
Lott Dod: Well, I guess that works.

Han Solo opens the sewer lid and sends the cam to the sewer but then...

Han Solo: AAH! I'm faaaallllingggg!
Lott Dod: Hang on, buddy! I'm coming!

Lott Dod&Han Solo: Ow, my head!

Shock Trooper (to Han): You're coming with us.
Han Solo: What? I'm not coming anywhere!
Lott Dod: Han, you'd better obey these guys. They really seem to mean it...

Murstio: Well well...what do we have in here? Two foolish senators...Halloween Trooper, lock them up somewhere.

Shock Trooper 1: Sir, I found a holocam of some sort.
Murstio: Whaaat? A HOLOCAM? Shoot it, quickly!

Han Solo: It's not over yet, you slimy, filthy scum! Somebody's going to rescue us!
Shock Trooper 1: Move along, prisoner.
Aug 23, 2001
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Re: HUGE Update! The Mafia Photonovel!

So is this supposed to be turning into a comedy now? - Halloween Trooper?

I'm sorry that I'm a bit confused - I'm trying to follow it. I just thought that since this is supposed to be before TPM... I know you already said the Clones are supposed to just be guards, not actual Clones - but what about Han? Shouldn't he be a toddler at this point? Or not even born yet?

Not trying to bash your story, just asking some questions.

Aug 18, 2005
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Re: The Galactic Mafia - Photonovel

I have no problem with the continuity issues, but you should really be a little more careful with your dialogue. Try to make sure that what the characters say reflects their own age/role/personaility/location and that it effectively explains what is going on in the scene. So far, it is a little confusing.
Nov 10, 2005
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Re: The Galactic Mafia - Photonovel

CHEWIE: No, this is not turning into a comedy, this is already a comedy.

This story is like Star Wars Infinities or Expanded Universe - it doesn't follow the steps of the movies. Instead, it's a bit more...should I say...random.
Okay, things will get more serious within a few chapters.

CaptainJack: Thanks for your comments. I'm trying to make character a bit more unique. Han Solo is, as always, a cunning person who never says "No!" to a good fight, and the Neimoidian senator Lott Dod is a big coward, but still he has a bit of courage in him, too.

Chapter 4: The End? Oh yes!

Jack Phoenix, the Senator of Alderaan, won the fight against the Clone-Link army and now he is asking a few questions from the real Link. Meanwhile, senators Han Solo and Lott Dod are taken away to a prison of some sort.

Jack: Link, please entertain me and tell me why on the earth are you here with your Clone Army?!
Link: was...I mean...I wanted you to help me to buy more clones and take over the whole planet...

Jack: Forget about it! And you'd better take your clones out of my apartment. I don't want to see a clone lying on the floor when I return.
Link: *crying*

Jack: Commander Jagi, we're going to the Senate. Prepare the ship.
Commander Jagi: Yes Sir!

Jack: Now I'll put on my Senate robes...I really wonder why we were called there. Some special session...Bah!

Jack: I'm ready! Commander Jagi, power up the engines!

Soon, in the Senate:

Jack (thinking): Who would have guessed that there was no special session. Instead, a new chancellor is announced in the Balcony of Prinkkala.

Old Chancellor Tem: And now, I have an honour to present you the new Supreme Chancellor...

Old Chancellor Tem:...MURSTIO!
Murstio: I greet you, my people!
Crowd: Hooray for the new Chancellor!

Meanwhile, Han Solo and Lott Dod have been locked in a warehouse.

Han Solo: Do they really think that they can keep us here?
Lott Dod: Umm...I think so.
Han Solo: Well, they're wrong! Let's go find something useful!

Han Solo: This protocol droid has been blasted into pieces. It's not useful for us.
Lott Dod: This datapad does not work. Too bad.

Lott Dod: What are we going to do now, Han?
Han Solo: Hmmh...let me think it for a while.

Han looks around and notices that the warehouse has an upper level.

Lott Dod: Watch out, Han!
Han Solo: Yeah, but don't whine. Instead, help me!

Han Solo: Okay, come on, my green friend.
Lott Dod: Huff...huff...pant...pant...

Han Solo: You're heavy! Maybe you should lose some weight.
Lott Dod: Well, Solo, you weren't so lightweight yourself.

Han Solo: What that sparkling thing?
Lott Dod: Where?

Han Solo: Oh boy! It's a lightsaber! Now we can get out of this dump!
Lott Dod: Wow!

But the Senators didn't think that the floor was very old and it would not be able to carry the weight of two creatures...

Han Solo: Ouch!
Lott Dod: My back...

Han Solo: Okay, let's get out of here!
Lott Dod: I'll have to take my senator robe with me.

Meanwhile on the Mafia City:

Mariah:...and are you absolutely sure about that?
Aide Deku: Yes, my lady.

Murstio: Phew, that was tiring.

Mariah: What is it, my dear?
Murstio: I was elected to be the next Supreme Chancellor!
Aide Deku: Congratulations, boss.

Han Solo: Surprise! We're alive!
Lott Dod: Yeah! Are you surprised yet?
Murstio: What?! How did they...?

Han Solo: Mind if I cut in, old boy?
Mariah: NOOOOO!

Aide Deku: You are under arrest, prisoner.
Commander Verde: Hold it right there, buddy!

Lott Dod: Let us go or else I will shoot the woman!
Mariah: Oh no! Let them go, then.

Han Solo: So long, suckers!
Mariah: It's not over yet!
Nov 10, 2005
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Re: The Galactic Mafia - Photonovel

[Sarcasm]Thank you, fellow Scummers, for the comments.

Well, it's time for a comedy! Err, I mean, for a new update of The Galactic Mafia!

(I got a new digital camera recently, so there _will_ be better photos, these are pretty old photos...)

Chapter 5: The Great Escape

Han Solo and Lott Dod have just killed Murstio, the new Surpreme Chancellor of the Republic, and the leader of the Mafia. Now they're about to escape from clutches of the Mafia...

Lott Dod: Huff...huff...pant...gasp...are they...after us already?
Han Solo: Not yet, but it's unsafe to wander around here anymore.

Han Solo: Hey, look over there! It's a shop!
Lott Dod: Hooray...huff...huff...we can finally get away from this dump!

Dex: Hey there, fellow customers! The name's Dex. How may I help you?
Han Solo: We need some new hide from know, don't you?
Lott Dod: And we also need a transporter.

Dex: Here, try these. They're my finest robes.
Han Solo: Thanks.
Lott Dod: Uhh...thank you.

Dex: So, a transporter, eh? What should it be like?
Han Solo: Very fast and pretty cheap. That's it.
Lott Dod: Hurry, you salesclerk, because we're on a hurry!

Dex: I'll just have the keys. Wait for a second, guys.

Dex: Here! She's a pretty one, right?
Han Solo: How fast is it?
Lott Dod: There's no time! We'll take this one, sir! Han, go make the payment!

Han Solo: Here you are.
Dex: What's that?
Han Solo: It's a light...It's a weapon. More accurate than lousy blasters.
Dex: I see. She's all yours. Thanks!
Lott Dod: Come on, Han!

Lott Dod: Drive! They're soon here!
Han Solo: Oh, for Chancellor's sake, SHUT UP!
Lott Dod: ...

Shock Trooper 1: Nobody's here. Come on, they're not here.
Shock Trooper 2: Not so fast, buddy. This is the only place where they might come and get a vechile of some sort.
Shock Trooper 1: I guess so, too.

Dex: Welcome! How may I help you?
Shock Trooper 1: We want to know if someone bought a vechile from you today.
Dex: I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to tell anybody about my customers or else...

Shock Trooper 2: Or else what? I'm not afraid of you! Come on...tell us...who bought something from you today?
Dex: Grr...go back to your master!
Shock Trooper 2: Hey buddy, pick up that thing on the floor!

Shock Trooper 1: Well?
Shock Trooper 2: You know, me and my buddy...we're not so friendly to those who aren't willing to give us information...
Dex (thinking): Maybe I could use this thing they gave to me...

Dex lights up the lightsaber and one Shock Trooper is immidiately killed.
Shock Trooper 1: Nooooooooo!

Shock Trooper 1: Now you're going to die! The Mafia will not forgive you!
Dex: I don't think so!

But the clone trooper wasn't lying. He threw the knife and it hitted Dex. The shopkeeper is now dead.

Shock Trooper 1: Phew...

Shock Trooper 1: Now, let's see the databases...

Han Solo: Aaaah!
Lott Dod: Pull up! You're going to get us killed!
Jan 11, 2006
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Re: The Galactic Mafia - UPDATED 01/20/2006!

Man, this is a great thread! Lott Dodd peering 'round the corner, mafia guards watching TV from the couch. I hope there's a lot more to come! Great stuff Phoenix!
Nov 10, 2005
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Re: The Galactic Mafia - UPDATED 01/20/2006!

Thank you very much, Count_Dracula! It's always nice to hear some comments.

Chapter 6: A New Friend
The piloting skills of adventurous Senator Han Solo led them into crushing with another ship. Now they think they're in a big trouble, but...

Han Solo: Where are we?
Lott Dod: back...
Voice from distance: Come inside! I won't bite.

Han Solo: Wonder who owns this ship...phew...

Jack: Welcome abroad the Eagle's Eye. I am Jack Phoenix, the Senator of Alderaan.
Han Solo: I see...Han Solo, Senator of Bespin.
Lott Dod: Hello, sir. I'm Lott Dod, the representive of Neimoidia.

Han Solo: This ship is very nice, actually.
Lott Dod: Yes, you're right.
Jack: Pilot, prepare to jump to Hyperspace. We're going home!

Jack: Make yourself comfortable. We'll be soon in Aldreaan.
Han Solo: Sure, no problem.
Lott Dod: Thank you.

And pretty quickly they arrived to Alderaan and Jack wanted to invite them to his mansion. Of course, Han and Lott accepted the invitation.

Jack: Here's my little mansion.
Han Solo: Oh my...
Lott Dod: If that's little mansion, then I'm a Jawa for sure!

Jack: This is the Grand Hall. Here used to be dining table but some fool from the Outer Rims' planet broke it during my last party.
Han Solo: Pretty nice room, eh?
Lott Dod: Wow! I'm impressed!

Jack: And here's the attic. Leave your outer clothes here, because we don't want that my floor get's messy, eh, do we? And besides, they're safe here.
Han Solo: Okay...nice attic, by the way.
Lott Dod: Everything is so...impressive in Alderaan.

Jack: Come on, let's go have a dinner!
Han Solo: Sure thing!
Lott Dod: I'm hungry, too!

Aide Deku: What would you like to eat today? Revenge, perhaps?
Jack: Who are these people and what are they doing in the Great Hall?
Han Solo: ...!
Lott Dod: ...They're the Mafia...
Jack: What do you want?!

Aide Deku: Look carefully, Senator.
Jack: Nina!
Aide Deku: Yes. Unfortunately, we have no other choice than killing her unless you give in the traitors of the Republic.
Jack: Who do you think...

Aide Deku: We're leaving. Remeber, you only have 24 hours to decice, Senator...

Shock Trooper: And remember this: no following us or she'll die!

Jack: You terrorists won this round. But you haven't won the war yet.

Jack: Hey, wait!
Han Solo: Jack, let him go! He's not worth it!
Lott Dod: Han is right, Senator.

Jack: what?
Han Solo: I'm not sure...
Lott Dod: Just wait and see, Senator. Han will always figure out something.
Jack: That's nice. And by the way, just call me Jack.

Meanwhile Mariah, the current leader of the Galactic Mafia, is talking to a strange man in the Mafia City...

Mariah: So, are you going to shut down this place?
???: Yes, this place has now use since somebody knows the location now. Join me and then we can go and discuss about the new headquarter...
Mariah: As you wish, boss.

???: She's gone...let's go, my bodyguard.
Bodyguard: As you wish.

???: The Mafia will return one day...
Nov 10, 2005
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Re: The Galactic Mafia - UPDATED 01/20/2006!

I know, the photos are pretty awful, but htese were taken a long time ago, so, is this story SO awful that nobody can throw in a comment or two? I mean, this topic has over 500 views, but 3/4 of the replies are made by me.
Jan 11, 2006
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Re: The Galactic Mafia - UPDATED 01/20/2006!

For whatever it counts (as I've replied before) I still love the thread. The photos are good, not perfect, but they get the point across and (with the story) are quite funny too. I commend your photonovel and can hardly stand the wait for the next chapter!
Aug 23, 2001
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Re: The Galactic Mafia - UPDATED 01/20/2006!

Sorry I haven't replied more... this just for the most part isn't my type of photonovel... and that's probably just me being too serious. You have a great light-hearted sense of humor and do a good job on the sets, and have definitely put some hard work into it.

Maybe a few suggestions, and these are just from personal experience based on what people have suggested I do on mine.

(1) Try a few more close up shots.

(2) If possible, a few effects would be a nice touch, but not necessary.

(3) Would it be possible to have a consistent format on the picture size?

(4) I know it's fan fiction, but the story arc is still hard to follow at some times, being that there are Clones in an era where they were not supposed to exist and Han's role seems a little off. Also seeing him with an Anakin figure, just seems weird.

(5) Also, some people disagree, but I think a little more description in the pics would help. You did that some and it works well, I'd continue doing that.

So, hopefully none of that sounded harsh, just some suggestions I'd like to offer.

Nov 10, 2005
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Ch. 7 - Betrayed

Count_Dracula: Thanks for the feedback!

Chewie: There are some close up shots coming in the future. Too bad that I don't have a good photo editing program, so I can't do effects. And some good photos (a photo of Dooku, for example) don't look so good, thanks to Microsoft Paint. Bleh.
Consistent format of the photos is coming, but I can't say for sure how long it takes, because if have pictured almost the whole story already.

And soon I'll finish this story and start another photonovel that _is_ canonical i.e there won't be Han or Anakin in some...funny places, like in this story.

But now, it's time for another chapter:

Chapter 7: Betrayed (I honestly didn't remember these photos were this awful...sorry.

The Senator of Alderaan had met up with Senators Han Solo and Lott Dod. But the Mafia found out about Jack and they kidnapped his wife and now they're blackmailing the Senator. Finally, Jack decided that he saves his wife and betrays Han and Lott.

Han Solo: Darn! Who'd thought that Jack would betray us?
Lott Dod: Yeah...

Aide Deku: It's so good to see that the Senator is a reasonable man. Let's go, boys.
Han Solo: ...
Lott Dod: ...

Mariah: Once again, we meet, my dears...
Han Solo: You're behind this!
Lott Dod: You evil being!
Tarkin: You've done well, Deku. Take the prisoners away.
Aide Deku: Yes, sir.

Jack: Now, we'll see who's behind all of this...

Tarkin: Hmh?
Jack: Hey you, where's my wife?

Tarkin: What? I don't care about you. Go away or I'll call the security.
Jack: You'll regret that!

Tarkin: Whoa!
Jack: Now, you're going to suffer...

Nigel: Drop your weapon or I'll shoot!
Jack: What?

Nigel: You wanted this!


Tarkin: Good....very good!

Nigel: Aaah! Mercy!
Tarkin: Well well...

Jack: You can't have mercy!

Jack: Now, tell me...WHERE ARE HAN AND LOTT?
Tarkin: Please don't kill me! They're on a prison cell that's near this place.

Jack: Very well...

Meanwhile, Han and Lott Dod are in a small prison cell. It's guarded by one guard and it's pretty close to the Meeting Room where Tarkin and his companions were.

Lott Dod: We're never gonna get out of this dump!
Han Solo: You're wrong, as always. You know, I'm pretty sure that Jack's got a plan.
Lott Dod: Yeah, like that'd happen...

Some people say that Jack has strange, jedi-like skills. It's not completely true, but at least he knows how to use one of those skills...
Officer: GAG...AH...CHOKE...URF...

Jack: Hey guys, get out of there!
Han Solo: Jack!
Lott Dod: Oh my!
Han Solo: But those gansters chained me...could you give me a helping hand...or a lightsaber, Jack?

Jack: Watch out, Han...

Lott Dod: Well?
Jack: The Eagle's Eye is waiting, so come on!
Han Solo: Wait, there's still one thing I need to do...

Han Solo: And now, you little, stupid, mean idiot...

Jack: Well, he's angry, isn't he?
Lott Dod: Yes...

Han Solo: So good to see the Eagle's Eye!
Lott Dod: You're right, Han! I already forgot how it looks like!

Mariah: We would be honoured if you'd join us.
Aide Deku: Drop your guns or know what will happen.
Jack: This was a trap!
Han Solo: Grr!

Soon enough, in a secret room:
Commander Verde: Don't move or else this will hurt even more!
Jack: AII! AAAH!

Mariah:...What's that noise?
Aide Deku: Oh, that? It's just the Senator Jack in the interrogation room with Commander Verde.

Han Solo: JACK! Are you all right?
Jack: My arm...they..never asked...anything...
Lott Dod: It looks like...oh my god!

???: This is it...

Han Solo: Who are you?
Lott Dod: Yeah, we demand answers!
???: I'll tell you all when it's time. Now, you must escape this place. Follow me and I'll help you.

Han Solo: I don't trust him, altought Jack does...
Lott Dod: What are you gonna do?
Han Solo: Wait and see...


Han Solo: And now, don't raise even an eyebrow unless I tell you to do so!
???: Please, allow me to explain...
Jack: Let him explain, Han. He doesn't seem like a threat.

???: Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Felon Yorker, the new Chancellor of the Repulic.
Han Solo: I punched the Chancellor of the Republic?!
Lott Dod: Ir's an honour to meet you, sir!
Jack: Hey Felon, there one thing we should do together...

Tarkin:...And you're sure about this?
Jack: TARKIN! Don't you dare to think that you'd get away with this!
Han Solo: It's payback time, you beast!
Lott Dod: Yeah!

Gen. Grievous: A warrior with lightsaber, eh? Tarkin, let me handle this one.
Tarkin: As you wish, General.
Han Solo: You wish!
Jack: I'll go and tackle Tarkin. You should help Han.
Lott Dod: We'll do that, right, sir?
Felon: Yes!

Jack: I told you, it's payback time!
Tarkin: GAAH....CHOKE...HUFF...GASP...
Gen. Grievous: Tarkin!

Han Solo: Touché!
Lott Dod: Wow, Han, you're really good!
Jack: Tarkin is dead.

Felon: Now I suppose we're ready to leave, right, Jack?
Jack: Yes, we're ready.

P.S. I'd really appriciate if somebody could tell me if there would be available a better photo editing program than Microsoft Paint. Thanks!
Aug 23, 2001
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Re: Ch. 7 - Betrayed

Another wild, crazy adventure! Still a little confused with the storyline, but nonetheless a fun read.

Nov 10, 2005
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Ch. 8 - Underground Hideout

Chewie, I understand why this is a bit (or a bit more) confusing: because this is a fan-fiction story and it doesn't follow the storylines set by Episodes I-IV. But this is going to be pretty short story after all, and my next photonovel is going to be a lot better (I hope).

Chapter 8: Underground Hideout

After killing Tarkin, the head of Galactic Mafia, Jack, Felon, Lott and Han are going to escape by using Jack's ship, the Eagle's Eye. But Jack's hand seems to be in a pretty bad condition...

Felon: Han! You know ho to fly this thing, right?
Han: Yeah.
Felon: You can fly this ship, then. Lott, I need your help!
Lott: Yes sir!

Soon enough, the ship landed to the coordinates that the Chancellor gave to Han. And Jack got a metallic arm, too.

Felon: Are you all right?
Jack: As right as I can be...

Jack: Why are we here? This leads to Mafia City and to nowhere else!
Han: Explain this, Chancellor!
Lott: Sir, we demand to know what's going on!
Felon: Under this sewer lid is no longer Mafia City, but instead, there's something I want you to see...come on!

Lott: Wow! This place has really changed!
Han: Well, what IS this place, anyway?
Felon: This is the headquarter of CTU, the Counter Terrorist Unit.

Felon: Hey Troika, is Hotaru on her office?
Troika Euler: Yes, she's on her office.
Lott: Han, that's not yours...

Han: But this sofa is too comfortable...

Troika: Ma'am, the Chancellor came to see you.
Hotaru Tomoe: Long time no see, Felon.
Felon: Yeah. Well, I brought a few friends of mine here. Can I show the places?
Hotaru: Be my guest, then.

Felon: The Director of CTU, Ms. Tomoe told me that I can show the places to you.
Jack: Nice.
Felon: So, let's go!

Lott: I wonder what's the point of being here...

Felon: If I remember correctly, behind this door is a weapon warehouse.
Lott: Should we tell him?
Jack: Nah, let's just watch and enjoy of this.

BARC Trooper: What's this? This WC is occupied!
Felon: Whoops...I mean...I'm sorry...
Jack&Lott: Hahahah!

Felon: ...!!

Felon: Ow...
Jack: My back...
BARC Trooper: Yeow...I must see the boss...

Felon: Hotaru, you have a guest.
Hotaru: I see. Speak up, trooper.
BARC Trooper: I have found out where they're keeping Tony Almeida!
Hotaru: Really?! That's great!

Hotaru: Everybody, may I have your attention, please?
Felon: We have just found out where some terrorists are keeping one of our men, Tony Almeida.

Felon: We need your help to find Almeida.
Hotaru: So, go and take some equipment. But one of you must stay here, communicating with our teams and the Division.

Troika: Excuse me, Ms. Tomoe.
Hotaru: Yes?
Troika: Can I go, too?
Hotaru: I'm sorry, but you're the Communications Master, you can't go.

Felon: Hotaru please, give the boy a change!
Hotaru: Excuse me, but which one of us is in charge of CTU?
Felon: How dare you to talk me like that?! I'm the Chancellor of the Republic!
Hotaru: Fine! You can go and take over CTU, then!

Troika: She left...
Felon: Yeah...
Troika: Sir, can I go and join your field team?
Felon: Yes, you can.
Troika: Thank you, sir!

Troika: I'm ready, sir!
Felon: I see. But you need a gun. Go pick one from the gun wall.

Han: Well, what should we do now?
Felon: You can go to the speeder hall and take that only speeder we currently have. Troika know the coordinates.
And now, I really need to go. Good luck.

Felon: I must let the Division to know sbout this...

Han: Come on, guys, or we'll be late!


Han: I wonder what this place is. Keep your eyes open!
Jack: Yeah, whatever.
Troika: Sir, this appears to be a speeder!

Han: Is it Almeida's?
Troika: Yes.
Lott: This means then...that Almeida's not so far away!
Jack: Hmm...

Dooku: What are you doing here? No trespassers allowed!

Han: We're here to arrest you!
Jack: Hands up or else...!
Dooku: Or else what?


Dooku: I warned you before...

Dooku: Do not come any closer to me, boy.
Jack: ACK...GUF...CHOKE..GASP...Can't breathe...

Han: Okay, old man, surrender now and we don't have to hurt you...much.


Han: My guns!
Lott: Please sir, surrender now or else I'm forced to shoot you!

Han: Good job, partner! Keep that gun there!
Lott: As you wish!

Han: Hey old man, tell me where is Tony Almeida.
Dooku: Hohoho...

Dooku: Did you really think I'd tell you that? Fools.
Han&Lott: OUCH!
Jack: A lightsaber, eh?

Dooku: Put that saber away, son.
Jack: No way!


Jack: Lightsabers are really powerful, eh?
Dooku: ...

Jack: We'll have to take him back to CTU.
Han: Can't you see that I'm carrying him?! We'll take him back to CTU with our speeder.
Lott: What about Almeida's speeder?
Han: It's broken.

Han: I'm ready. Jump onto the speeder!

And here's my own dog, Roosa. Her breed is shiba inu. And she's really wonderful dog! ^^
But now, back to Han&co.:

Felon: A new holomessage? Well, let's see...

Hologram: Hello, Director of CTU. I know that a team of yours took my apprentice as a hostage. Tell your men to set him free or else I'll destroy your base and kill all of your men. Have a nice day.

Felon: Well, I'm certain that CTU will not be blackmailed!

Felon: Han! So good to see you! I have...
Han: We have a terrorist as a hostage. Jack's bringing him in.
Felon: I know.
Han: How is...?
Felon: Later.

Han: Well, anyway. Here's the old man that fought against us.
Felon: Where's Troika?
Jack: This grandfather killed Troika with his ligthsaber. So I took a cut his hands...

Felon: You CUT his HANDS?!
Jack: It was self-defense, so stop yelling, Felon.

Felon: Mister terrorist, please tell us where you hid Tony Almeida.
Dooku: ...
Han: Answer to him, NOW!

Han: You don't believe me, eh? Well, we'll see about that!
Felon: HAN! STOP!
Dooku: ...

Han: See, old man? I left you in pieces! Hah!
Felon: HAN! That was so unneccessary! We're going to talk about that later!
Jack: Guys, what's that noice?
Felon: We'll find out...

Bodyguard: Sirs, my master ordered me to end your miserable lives and destroy this place. So, preapre to die.
Felon: ...That man was serious...
Nov 10, 2005
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Ch. 9 - The Battle

Chapter 9: The Battle

Han: These droids are no match to the lightsaber!
Jack: Well well...

Bodyguard: It's time for you to die.
Jack: I don't think so!

Felon: I'll call for help.
Lott: Good idea. And do it fast!

Bodyguard: Prepare to die!
Jack: Ouch...Han...
Han: Jack!

Jack: Hey thanks, Han. You saved my life.
Han: No problem, buddy.

Jack: Well, it's over...
Lott: Behind you!

Han&Jack: Owwww...

Bodyguard: Your turn.
Felon: We surrender!

Pilot: No need to surrender, sir!
Felon: Phew...
Lott: Just in time!

Felon: Pardon me...but what is your code?
Pilot: CTU-956-SP-C34.
Felon: Thank you. Please come to my office.

Pilot: What do you want me to do?
Felon: The body on the floor...I want to know who he is and what he knew.

Lott: Here's the head. Does it look familiar?
Pilot: I think...I might have seen that head somewhere...

Jack: head!
Han: It seems that everyone's gone.

Felon: Listen up, everyone! This is a pilot that saved my life and Lott's life. He knows where Almeida is being held. He'll find Almeida.

Felon: Right?
Pilot: Yes sir!

Felon: While the pilot is gone, we can clean the place!

Jack: A strange staff indeed...
Han: These droids are so heavy...and so useless!

Han: Well, "boss", what should we do now?
Felon: There is something I want you to see...

Felon: Come on, guys!
Lott: HAN!
Han: What? This is a good movie!


Felon: I hope you like your new clothes!
Lott: Yes, this robe is very nice indeed.
Han: Well, I don't know...

Felon: Now all we can do is wait and see.

Pilot: Move along, prisoner!
Halloween Trooper: Ouch!

Felon: ...What's this?
Pilot: They had took Almeida away, but I think that this trooper know the location of Tony Almeida.
Felon: I see. I'll authorize you to use 007.
Pilot: Thank you, sir.

Halloween Trooper: I don't know!


Pilot: Wrong answer!
Halloween Trooper: My leg...

Felon: It's very possible that the pilot will find out where Tony Almeida is.
Jack: I see.

Felon: What...?!
Pilot: Just hang there.
Halloween Trooper: Help!
Felon: Stop, pilot! Let him go!
Pilot: ...As you wish...

Felon: Oh no!
Han: Well, that was a good jump!

Shock Trooper: Sir...
Felon: Yes?

Shock Trooper: I have a good reason to believe that I found the new HQ of the Mafia.
Felon: Hmm...
Pilot: Can I go and destory it, sir?
Felon: Absolutely no! Jack, you might be the right man for this...
Nov 10, 2005
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Ch. 10 - Betrayed...once again

A new chapter: Chapter 10 - Betrayed...once again!

Jack: Han, come on!
Han: What?
Jack: We have a job to do!


Han: So this is the hideout of the Mafia...impressive.
Jack: Yeah.

Aide Deku: What's that noise?
Han: Hold it right there!
Jack: Keep quiet and get down onto the floor, now!

Aide Deku: What are you doing?
Jack: Shut up!

Jack: I got his cyborg unit!
Han: Good. Let's go.

Mariah: Deku?
Han: Well, not exactly. CTU, ma'am.
Jack: Here's a gift for you.

Mariah: Handcuffs! How...cruel!
Jack: It's our protocol: dangerous prisoners have to be chained before we can bring them into CTU.

Han: Welcome to the HQ of CTU. Don't worry, you won't be staying here.
Jack: Yeah, unless Felon wants to talk to you!

Felon: Well?
Jack: She's Mariah, the leader of the Mafia. I have a good reason to believe that she knows the location of Tony Almeida.

Felon: Very well. I'm autorizing you to use this while interrogating her.
Jack: Thank you, chancellor.

Jack: And now, you terrorist will suffer...
Mariah: I don't know anything!

Jack: That's what every single terrorist claims. But don't worry, this won't hurt...much.

After a while:

Jack: Everybody, may I have your attention?

Jack: I think I do know the location of Tony Almeida.
Lott: Yahoo!
Han: Awesome!
Pilot: Well done!

Felon: AAAAH! What has happened?!
Jack: She was too weak to survive from the interrogation and she killed herself.
Felon: Go away...NOW!

Soon enough, Felon called a team to clean his office and get rid of the torture instruments.

Felon: Phew...

Pilot: Umh...Han?

Han: Yeah?
Pilot: There's something you need to see...

Han: What?!
Cmdr. Verde: Drop your gun, now, agent!
Pilot: I'm terribly sorry, Han...
Cmdr. Verde: Chancellor! Come down here!

Felon: What is...oh my!
Cmdr. Verde: Say goodbye to them. Your agents are now my property.

After the three arrived into a secret hideout, Commander Verde decides to kill the pilot.

Pilot: Wha...AAAGH!
Cmrd. Verde: Take that!
Han: ...This isn't a good sign...

Later that day, Commander Verde got an order to beat up Han Solo. And he really did beat up Han.

Han: more...please...
Cmdr. Verde: Shut up, weakling!



Han: Ow...ow...
Cmdr. Verde: I see, boss. As you wish. Of course.

Cmdr. Verde: It will be done...what?
Han: Take that...ouch...!

Han: He's out of this game. And I have my trustworthly blaster with me. Now the only thing I need to find is exit...

Han: A hololink, eh? That's good.

Han: IP where was

Han: It's working!

Felon: There's an incoming holomessage! But the coordinates...they're strange.
Jack: Let's watch it.

Han: Help me! I'm in a terrorist hideout of some sort! Send a BARC or something into these coordinates!

Felon: Han's in trouble!
Jack: Really? Like you didn't get the point of the message...

Meanwhile, in another room of the terrorist hideout, a clone trooper is interrogated.

Officer: Well?
Clone Trooper: I'll tell you nothing!

Officer: Then you will die.
Han: Not if it depends on me!

Clone Trooper: Thank you, sir, for saving my life.
Han: Erm...who are you?
Clone Trooper: I'm 9326 of Tony Almeida's Delta Squad, also know as Clone Trooper Epsilon.

Han: We need to find a way out.
Epsilon: I agree, sir.

Han: Halt! Are you one of the CTU?
BARC Trooper: Yes sir! His highness, Felon Yorker, the Surpreme Chancellor of the Republic sent me to save you, agent Solo!
Han: He definately is one of us.

It didn't take long until they were back in CTU.

Han: Ah...oh boy, it certainly feels nice to be home!

Jack: Hey Han, Felon wants to meet you in his office.
Han: I wonder...why?

Felon: Jack, Han. So good to see you again, both of you.

Felon: And I'm terribly sorry about this.
Han: WHAT?!
Division Trooper: Agent Solo, you are under arrest.

Division Trooper: You have a right to remain silent.
Han: Yes yes, I know.


Felon: Oww! My eye!
Jack: You TRAITOR! You deserve a punishment for that!
Nov 10, 2005
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Re: The Galactic Mafia - UPDATED 01/20/2006!

Yes, it's TMNT Sewer Lair. It has small CTU logos all over it and one big logo in the middle. And yes, it's a TMNT Sewer Slider.
I also repainted a bit the Sewer Lair, like added paint to some places that should have been painted, but they weren't (i.e the carpet, some sewer pipes etc.).
Nov 10, 2005
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Ch. 11 - A new Director

And another chapter - Chapter number 11: A new Director

Felon: Hey, there's no time for this!
Jack: Really?
Felon: Take this lightsaber and hide that clone trooper from Almeida's legion. Hurry, or else the Division will find out!

Epsilon: What is it, sir?
Jack: We need to escape. Come with me.

Jack: Whoops!
Division Sniper: Drop your weapons!
Division Trooper: Surrender now!

Jack: ...I don't think so...
Division Sniper: I'm forced to shoot you, sir!
Epsilom: You're not shooting anybody!

Jack: Good job, trooper.
Epsilon: Thank you, sir. My nickname is Epsilon, if you wanted to know.

Epsilon: Come on, sir.
Jack: Yeah...

Meanwhile, the Troopers of the Division are about to put Han Solo on carbon freeze and Solo doesn't like the idea at all.

Han: You can do this! I'm a Republic agent!
Division Trooper 1: Oh yes, we can.
Division Trooper 2: Shut up, prisoner!

Han: Save me...

Lott: Stop! I came to....WHAAT?! Oh no, Han!
Division Trooper 1: He's in a perfect hibernation.


Lott: You'll die for that!
Division Trooper 1: AAH!
Division Trooper 2: Hey!

Both: Drop your gun!


Lott: What, that's for that, I guess. Now I need to get Han out of this place.

Lott: Let's see how I could free Han from his carbon prison...

Lott: YES! It's working!


Han: eyes...
Lott: Han! Are you all right?

Lott: Han! Answer to me!
Han: ...Take me to Felon's office...

Felon: Yes, yes, I see. Excuse me, sir. Yes?
Lott: Umh...I...err...

Han: It's time for you to meet your destiny!
Felon: Oh no! Han, be reasonable, for once!

Han: You set me up!
Felon: It's not true, Han!



Han: Well, he certainly is dead.
Lott: Is he for real?

Han: Yep, dead like a rock.

Han: You?!
Jack: Yes, me and my buddy. We came back to see if the Division had left and then we saw you know the rest.

Han: Let's see...we need to leave a message to the Division about the new Director of CTU.
Lott: Are you insane or what? THEY wanted you to be frozen in a carbonite block!
Han: Take it easy, buddy. I'll just leave a message. When they're reading it, I'm probably in a cantina drinking something like the Flower of Coruscant or like that.

Han: Ok, I'm ready.
Jack: Power up...starting program "HoloMessage (R) Registered to CTU of Coruscant"...

Han: Ahem...*cough*

Han: Sirs and madames or the Division, I'm Han Solo and I have temporarily taken up the place of the Direcotr of CTU Coruscant, since Chancellor and Director of this unit, Felon Yorker, was shot today. Thank you.

Han: Okay, that's for that. Everybody, may I have your attention?

Han: I'm the temporary Director of this unit and I'm giving each of you a new job.

Han: You! What's your name and position?
Joseph Auda: Joseph Auda, the head of Graphical Unit.
Han: You can continue in your job.

Han: And can go to the "garage" a guard that place.
Royal Guard: As you wish, Director.

Han: You and should take a ship and to to Salecaumi to solve a few problems.
Troopers: Yes, sir!

Han: Jack and Epsilon, come to see me in my office.

Soon in the Director's office:

Joseph: Excuse me, sir?
Han: Yes?
Joseph: The old Director wanted me to make some posters...they're ready now, sir, if you want to review them.
Han: Okay then.

Lott: Han...
Han: Later, I'm busy now!

Joseph: Well?
Han: That's good.

Joseph: And what about this?
Han: I like it! Make copies of these and send a legion to put these on the streets!
Joseph: Yes, sir!

Han: Yes?
Lott: We want to know what's our job and...youäve got a guest waiting.

Han: What's up, droid?
Protocol Droid: Dear sir, I'm here to award you this medallion of...
Epsilon: Hmmh...


Han: Epsilon! What was that?!
Epsilon: That droid...I saw it one the terrorist's hideout...the medallion was empty until it was filled with some nasty poison...

Han: Well, then you've saved my life. Thanks!
Epsilon: No problem, sir.

Han: Cheers! For us!
Jack: For Han!
Lott: I second that!

Soon enough...

Epsilon: Sir, do you have a problem?
Han: Not anymore. This channel, "Coruscant 24H Live", is good enough.
Jack: *snore* Zzzzz....

Han: Epsilon, watch out!
Epsilon: What?
Wookiee: RARRGHH!


Jack: Okay, wookiee, take it easy...
Wookiee: RAWR!


Han: Mercy!
Nov 10, 2005
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FINAL CHAPTER! Ch. 12 - Final Duel

Now atleast you could say that you really didn't like this, because it's time...for the final chapter!

Chapter 12: Final Duel - Good versus Evil!

Somebody sent a wookiee to take out the Director of CTU and the most of the agents - is this the end of CTU?

Epsilon: Take that, you beast!
Wookiee: Raaarraah!

Jack: Well, it's dead.
Han: Phew...that was close. Thanks, Epsilon.
Epsilon: You're welcome, sir.

Han: S-3PO, monitor our units from here.
S-3PO: Of course, sir.

Jack: Hey, where are you going?
Han: I'll find Almeida, no matter what it takes!

Epsilon: Sir...
Jack: I know, but I need to go, too.

Jack: Take care. Go to the Outlander Club for a drink, if you'd like to.

Soon enough, in a secret place:

Jack: Well?
The man with the hood: I'm quite sure that I saw a lady that looked like your wife, agent. Just a few hours ago...


Lott: What this?
Division Trooper 1: Shut up NOW!
Division Trooper 2: You both are coming with us.


Lott: Oh my...!
S-3PO: ...!

Division Trooper 1: The droid is left in pieces. Let's follow the plan.

Lann Tarant: Ho ho ho!

Lann: Lott Dod, we meet at last...but how you dare to wear my brother's robe?
Lott: Excuse me?

Lann: And will pay for your crimes against the Mafia and against my brother!
Lott: You're insane.


Lott: takes a moment or two before they get back into here.

Lott: I'm ready...come on, Mafia!


Lann: Well well, what a luck! We beat him without doing anything!

Jack: ...Failed again...

Division Trooper 1: Hands up!
Division Trooper 2: Do as he says!

Jack: Why not to do what I say, boys?
Division Trooper 1: Oh...
Division Trooper 2: No!


Lann: My troopers! How is this possible?

Jack: Drop your gun, terrorist!
Lann: No, you drop your guns!

Han: I'm back...

Han: Hey Lott, what's going on?
Lott: A terrorist came here with two Division Troopers...Jack killed the troopers and now they're fighting against each other...

Jack: Do it NOW! I won't ask you again!
Lann: Oh please!

Han: Mister Terrorist, drop your gun. We have a visual on you!

Lann: Wha...?


Jack: Take that!

Han: Jack! That was unneccessary! He would've dropped his gun any moment!
Jack: It was self-defence.
Han: We'll talk about that later, Jack.

Han: Yep, the guy's dead.
Jack: Hmmh...


Lott: Yeooow!
Han&Jack: ...!!

Han: We need a medical team here, RIGHT NOW!

Jack: You terrorist! Do you think you will accomplish anything ever?
Lann: I already have...

Epsilon: Sir?
Jack: Yeah, take this fat terrorist to the clinic.
Epsilon: As you wish.

Doctor: Take it easy, Lott.
Lott: Oww...
Lann: Ye-OOW! It hurts! Stop!
Epsilon: Jack told me not to treat you well.

Han: Here's the red bag. You're familiar with it, yes?
Jack: Yep, that's correct.

Han: Use these to interrogate the terrorist and give no mercy.

In the clinic:

Lann: It hurts! Aaaghh!
Doctor: Don't move and it won't much.


Jack: Welcome. No you will enter to the world of pain.


Lann: No way!

Jack: Uh...I can't hold...for too long...
Lann: Good, because now you will die.

Han: Stop, terrorist!
Lann: What the...?
Jack: Han!


Han: Don't worry, Jack, he's dead, for good.
Jack: But at what cost? We lost our chance to find Almeida...

Jack: Listen, I've had enough of you, of CTU and most of all, I've seen more dead bodies now than ever! I quit.

Han: It's the end...


Han Solo's dead body falls into the floor. It is over. Finally. Jack quit the job and became a speeder salesman, Lott Dod died into the doctor's table and Epsilon was shot just moments after he found the location of Tony Almeida.

So, it's over now. Not a good story, but the CTU stories are going to be canonical and they have better images. Please let me know what you think of this story!
Jan 11, 2006
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Re: FINAL CHAPTER! Ch. 12 - Final Duel

I enjoyed this photonovel a great deal. And I loved when you stuck in the picture of your dog. I liked the epilogue too. Well done.